Microbes and Alzheimer's

I saw this article today:

“Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s”

A worldwide team of senior scientists and clinicians have come together to produce an editorial which indicates that certain microbes – a specific virus and two specific types of bacteria – are major causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Their paper, which has been published online in the highly regarded peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease , stresses the urgent need for further research – and more importantly, for clinical trials of anti-microbial and related agents to treat the disease.

Opposition to the microbial concepts resembles the fierce resistance to studies some years ago which showed that viruses cause certain types of cancer, and that a bacterium causes stomach ulcers. Those concepts were ultimately proved valid, leading to successful clinical trials and the subsequent development of appropriate treatments.

More information:
Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s


Thank you Josh, this was a very interesting and a very educational article.
I’ve also read the comments about how coconut oil helps prevents this disease, but it doesn’t seem to show a solid evidence, however it does make a lot of sense.
It mentions about Iron dysregulation, and removing this iron will slow down or prevent cognitive degeneration, not exactly sure what it means, I am guessing it’s the iron deficiency in blood or perhaps too much iron.

It makes sense that it is a disease caused by bacterials. So hopefully they’ll find the exact causes and then find a way to stop the causes if they already have not. People who suffers from these diseases creates thousands jobs for the medical industry all over the world. So I sometimes think they may have the correct medication to stop the causes altogether, but then it would mean a huge amount of job losses all over the world. I remember a movie by Robert De Niro “Awakening” where the doctor cured him overnight as if he never had the illness, so it makes you wonder as if they still have the cures but not risking the job losses that provides a good living for millions of people in the medical industry.

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I just looked it up and found an article that suggests caution:

There is some evidence to suggest that fats like coconut oil could indirectly result in higher levels of a protein called acetylcholinesterase.

Researchers have found that the level of acetylcholinesterase is higher in people with Alzheimer’s disease and current treatments aim to lower the level of this protein.

This could mean that coconut oil may actually be detrimental to people with Alzheimer’s disease.

There was also some recent controversy about coconut oil in general. I still have some coconut in my diet though and might make something with coconut milk for dinner tonight. :slight_smile:


I guess it’s time to read something like

Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain for Life Unabridged Edition
by David Perlmutter MD (Author)