Methods for Mandarin Chinese vocabulary???

Hey All!,

I’d like to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese with “Native Fluency”. However, all of the methods I’ve come across for memorising large amounts of vocabulary are for languages with a roman alphabet. The articles I’ve read will either make images based off of the sound of the word (Gato= cat in spanish- image of myself handing a giant cat to my friend and saying “you gat-to hold my cat”), or alphabetize the words (aa, ab, ac, etc), and put them in a huge memory palace. Does anyone have any idea how I can organize a pictoral language that sound NOTHING like English like Chinese in a memory palace? If that’s impossible, how can I memorise large amounts of Chinese vocabulary?



no one knows

Honestly you are correct that the current documentation of memory techniques applied to language learning are incredibly deficient given their potentially huge power and widespread application. I’m becoming a little skeptical of their usefulness. Maybe you can experiment with some ideas and help us out here?

Hey R.M. Dott! I have something for you to consider. I’m using the book called, “Remembering Simplified Hanzi”. You can order off Amazon. There are two books, each containing about 1,400 words each. Great for learning mandarin characters and meaning for English speakers. That leaves pronunciation and tone, which to my practice requires an additional system. Using Person-Place-Location technique. Keep digging in the active forums under Mandarin; I’ll see if I can find the link to the chat thread where I learned all this. Good luck in your journey of capturing this complex and beautiful language!