Mental imagery might depend on how "excitable" your neurons are

Summary: The strength of a person’s mental imagery is associated with excitability in the prefrontal cortex and visual cortex. Highly excitable neurons in the visual cortex may reduce a person’s ability to imagine mental images. The findings shed light on how aphantasia, a condition where a person can not imaging mental images, may occur.

Full article: How strong is your mental imagery? It might depend on how ‘excitable’ your neurons are


Important to add :

An excitable prefrontal cortex made a person more likely to visualise strong images, while the opposite was true in the visual cortex.

This is pretty interesting.

Manipulating brain excitability levels caused the image strength to change, suggesting that the link isn’t just correlative, but causative,


@Nagime here’s the original paper…


That’s a very interesting article, thanks. Sounds pretty contraintuitive at first that a less active visual cortex gives clearer mental images and vice versa. I would have expected the opposite :slight_smile: