Memory training (mental math) structure - exercises, frequency and technique

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Hello guys

I am new here and i am very interested in mental mathematics. I have a question - how do you train yourself? I mean, how do you structure your training schedule, exercises, frequency? Just randomly calculating (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) or do you have specific exercises which progresses with difficulty, load and exercise quantity? How many times per week? How much time a day? Separate day for multiplication, division and ect? I need some clarification and input.

Thank you.


Hi @Greddy,

that depends a bit on your goals… are you planning on competing? If so then you’d make sure you are working on things that improve your score in the disciplines… either Memoriad or the Mental Calculation World Cup.

If you just have a general interest in Vedic Math for example, you’d probably look into those techniques. If you want to “appreciate” mental math on a meta level, you’d compare Vedic Math approaches to Trachtenberg techniques and maybe come up with your own derivatives of algorithms.

As far as splitting the days, check google or in the forum for “interleaving” and “spaced repetition” for effective learning. Having just one day for addition and then another for multiplication, etc. is probably the least effective approach.

Maybe have a look at this post… I’ve posted a few different approaches to calculating squares of 2 digit numbers. Part of training is also to know when to pick which algorithm to accomplish a given task… there is not one standard approach that you have to drill over and over.

Same for memory, where you can just spend 15 minutes one day going over your memory palaces just to practice speed without actually storing anything there or spending another day just going through a deck of cards a few times and decoding them into images for speed without actually storing them in a memory palace. Kind of how people who 100m don’t just do that all day long when training.

So… are you planning on competing? There are a few people in here that have been to competitions and can give you tips on individual disciplines.

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Thank you so much for your very informative answer!! Sorry it took some time to reply!

No, i am not planning to compete. I am in process of changing careers (from medical field to IT(programming) and i am relearning mathematics from scratch, so i want to improve my mental capabilities as much as possible.