(MEMORY THEORY) Remembering every single day of your life

As you probably saw from the title, this is a memory theory regarding the topic of whether or not it is possible to remember every single day of your life. This is a theory I have though of for a long time and I thought it would be a good idea to share my ideas and views and to also listen to other’s input theory. With that being said I would like to move on to my theory right away. NOTE: i might not have been the first person to come with this theory so I am not by any way saying that I have developed this theory on my own. I am simply saying that I have been thinking about it for quite a while.

Theory logic:
Based on the amount of thinking and thought put into this theory so far, the only possible way for someone to actually remember every single day of their life is to create memory palaces. Multiple of them. One memory palace per day. Then you would have to divide your day into multiple sections and seperate them into hours. What i mean by this is, since there are 24 hours in a day, you could divide the day into 24 parts, each part holding the value of 1 hour. then you could list everything you have done in that specifc hour in that specific part. Repeat this until every hour and minute of your day is all written down and catagorized by parts. this step will be easy if you are the sort of person that schedules their day beforehand and actually stick to the schedule cause then you wouldn’t have to write down what you did in that specific hour. You would already have it in your schedule. Note that you don’t have to divide 24 hours into 24 parts. You can divide the 24 hours however many times you like. For example, if you have a three hour class, and assuming that we divide the day by 24parts, you wouldn’t have to waste 3 parts of your memory palace just for the three hour class. You can just have one part of your memory palace that just has the value of 3 hours. So effectively manage your day and divide the day into parts that you deem reasonable to effectively use test this theory out. you can repeat this process for each day, assuming that each memory palace= one day. Now after a few days, maybe a couple of weeks you find yourself with about 7+ memory palaces which will be very complicated to manage and you might easily forget some of the details in your palace. i think that this problem can be solve if you just write down the contents of each palace in a diary to keep track of all the palaces you have created for each day, then you could review these palaces from your diary and kind of refresh your memory. eventually if this becomes a habit, you will realize that these memory palaces become more and more familiar and it might be forever be in your memory. Do this day by day, week by week, and you might find yourself in the future remembering every day of your life!

please note that this is a THEORY. I am not actually saying that this would actually be possible for everyone. I am just simply disscussing THEORETICALLY whether or not my theory would work. I do understand that this theory is not completely stable and has a lot of issues but please make sure to comment on this post and write down your opinions on whether or not this would be THEORETICALLY possible and such.

I feel like the purpose of me writing this and telling you about this theory isn’t to sort of inform you or try to teach you something about memory. In fact, I am probably very inexperienced and bad at using memory palaces than most of you reading this. The reason why i posted this is because it is something that is very fun to think about and disscuss. I hope that you can take a break from this busy day to talk about this theory and share your ideas!

I know i wrote a lot so if you are still here reading this, i want to thank you for giving your time for me. God bless you and be safe!


Very Nice Theory. Now, the thing about theories is that they get better when you try them out in the real world…I suggest you try it and see how you get on. BTW, it is possible to remember things from years of your life. It has been done :wink: Also, there are great ways that you can use ‘memory palaces’ again, for more than one year. Also, you need to make sure you have dates in there (and perhaps even days). Have you thought about how you might do that? I suggest you out your theory into practice and I am sure that you will find a way to make it happen. The mind is powerful!

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I believe it is possible, indeed, to remember every hour of our lives. The problem is the cost-benefit ratio.

I think the best way to approach the enhancement of episodic memory (which is the encompassing subject here) is optimizing the review process, which can be easily achieved with SRS. However, in the extreme, it would become terribly costly (one can imagine that, in order to remember every hour of the previous year, one would have to review the memories for most of the time of the day). So, it comes to deciding how much is really valuable to be remembered (i. e., the benefits surpass the costs).

Personally, I tried last year storing (and maintaining access to) 12 important experiences, including the day and month they took place in, using a simple 12 locations memory palace. I’ve decided I want to preserve more memories than that, so this year I want to try with 36 experiences, 12 for each year quarter. My plan is to write the tentative memories as they happen in a dedicated diary, with some detail. Then, every quarter, decide the 12 ones I want to store permanently in my memory. My plan is to augment the number the next year, in case I find that valuable. I don’t think hourly is nearly the right amount for me, nor daily. Not everyday seems relevant enough, and I think the selection process is valuable in itself.

What do you think?

The author of the following blog has been doing the memorisation of everyday of his life for around nine years! An amazing feat! He’s also a member of this forum>>>>> http://lembransation.blogspot.com/


Yes. I agree that every hour would certainly be a feat that would take a great deal of effort for most of us. I do track a single image or idea for each day and have been doing so for some time. I use Feinaigle Cubes (10 images per wall) for each month of the year and turn them into a Yantra. Recall is by using SR and after a complete run through of the Super Memo Algorithm I find that things stick very well. The individual image of the day gives not only insight into that event, but strong recall of the other major events of the day, including the weather etc in most cases.

I think that a CRITICAL part in all of this is to make sure that the image is encoded strongly IN SITU. I hold the memory for a moment as an EXTRAORDINARY MOMENT, before I let it settle in the box for that day.


That’s interesting, @MalcolmHyndman. Would you elaborate on the Yantra idea? I’d never heard of it. The Feinaigle Cube seems straightforward, like the grid technique, right? I really can’t work with undifferentiated loci even if geometrically arranged. They work for a bit, but become to difficult for me to recall with time.

What is “a complete run through of the Super Memo Algorithm”? I use Anki, so I’m not sure what you mean. In Anki, there is never “a complete run through”, to my knowledge.

Would you give an example?

Thanks, mate.