Memory The League SEASON 7!?

I bet that most of you readers know what The League is; an online Memory League championship which over a course of weeks ( from 12 weeks - to 5 weeks at the last season). It has been a fun competition, with a great chance of encountering new opponents and challenge each other - like a live event. Based upon a couple of division, which served as a mean of placing similar skilled athletes in a group. Initially it was based upon your rating. Further performance in the league, decided whether you would go later on. It served as a good platform to play with similar skilled players.

I see The League as a mean of bringing not only more activity on Memory League but a way of making Memory Sports more popular in general. Isn’t it much more fun to share your talents with others on the same page, together than statistics on the screen?
The League will perhaps not be the one and only thing that brings this, as a matter of a fact Memory Techniques have rapidly been spread throughout the world this latest decade, and these latest years it has been on Fire! A more and more common feat in talent shows.
The Live events is just perfect for that! You get to meet these champions in real life and also sharing an amazing moment together, memorable moments for life!

-So the thing is, The League can come back, stronger than ever before and granting
some joy in the memory community in general. It is fun, easy and interesting.
So, I would LOVE to hear your feedback on what suggestions and changes that
should be made to make this alive once again and standing tall.

So, what we need to do is to look how it has been run before.
Here are some statistics over the course of The League:

  • There are some interesting things you can point out here. One of them that there is
    more activity than inactivity in general.
  • Some athletes have been more
  • It will bring suggestions for future runs of The League

SEASON: 1 ~ 55Signups
Division 1: 12/12
Division 2: 12/12
Division 3: 10/12
Division 4: 7/9
Division 5: 10/10

SEASON: 2 ~66 Signups
Division 1: 8/10 2Withd -12 in total
Division 2: 10/13 3Withd -16 in total
Division 3: 9/11 3 withd -14 in total

Division 4A: 6/8 4 withd -12 in total
Division 4B: 6/8 4Withd [4b] -12 in total

Division 5A: Around half participating 2 not playing Withd
Division 5B: 6/10 comp 4 non playing

SEASON: 3 ~72Signups
Division 1: 7/9 1 nonplaying
Division 2: 10/10 A total of 10
Division 3: 10/10 2withd -12 in total

Division 4A: 9/9 1withd 4A -10 in total
Division 4B: 7 played most 3 withd (4b) -10 in total

Division 5A: 5/8 comp 2Withd -10 in total
Division 5B: 6 played most 4 withd -10 in total

SEASON:4 ~46Participating
Division 1: 8/8
Division 2: 10/10
Division 3: 7 almost all

Division 4A: 6/6
Division 4B: 5/5

Division 5A: 5/5
Division 5B: 5/5

SEASON: 5 ~43 Participating
Division 1A: 5/5 A
Division 1B: 5/5 B

Division 2A: 6 almost all
Division 2B: 5 many games done

Division 3A: 6 almost all games
Division 3B: 6 many games done

Division 4A: 6 Many games done
Division 4B: 6 just a few games done

Division 5A: many games done A
Division 5B: a few games done
Division 5C: a couple of games done

SEASON: 6 ~46 Participating
Division 1A: 5/5
Division 1B: 4 many games done

Division 2A: 5/5 all
Division 2B: 6/6 all

Division 3A: 5/5 many games
Division 3B: 4/4 many games done

Division 4A: 2/2 all done
Division 4B: 6/6 Many games done

Division 5A: 5/5 more than half away from done
Division 5C: 4 5c many games done

(*Later season withdrawns were not shown, therefore the amount of signups were
higher in later ones. Season ~4+)

  • More activity in general with Memory Challenges will make a good chance of people
    participating in time

  • Giving Recognition to players.
    Such as ribbons; Gold,Silver and Bronze medals for 1st-2nd-3rd place in each
    Division. Each looking unique in each Division and, different for every new season.
    Which will be found at the Leaderboard next to someones name. So, it will not only be the placing itself that will be the eye-catcher but the different Achievement from the athlete.
    You can find recognition system in many different areas, in many sports where prefered behavior/performance is well rewarded ( can be in many different forms doesn’t just have to be monetary/materialistic in nature.)

  • Another thing is that people want to participate, but life-situations makes it hard for them to participate so they leave; so giving those who stays a medal of honor is interesting in it self. It has been the minority of the athletes who have found Reasons WHY They Can and stayed in rather than letting situations gets in their way; and completed it all. That itself is an amazing trait to have, not just in League but in Life itself. I believe rewarding rather than punishing -gives greater results in general.
    This is by no means a way of segregation; this is a mean of highlighting those who makes The League all more interesting. Version 2 of the Leaderboard it could be called.

  • A match searching function which will search for random players, but, will prioritize
    those who are in the same Division with each other, which will connect players
    spontaneously, since we might play at random times too.

I also want to point out some good things that have been made in The League:

  • The way of writing notes have been good. Schedule-ling matches have been great
    too. Showing up at the front page, makes it even easier to make matches connect .
  • At the screen before a game have started with each other, the function to make it a
    League match; not only makes it easier to find, but the admin of the league have all
    an easier time to note it down.
  • Art of Memory forum being connected in the notes section, a forum page where you
    can schedule things.

(*Photo from XMT 2015)


Thanks @BurningDesire, great analysis of the league seasons!

One major problem seems to be the difficulty of arranging matches across time zones. For season 7 I am hoping to add a table to the League pages where each player can tick the times they are available over the next week. All dates and times will appear in the time zone of the person viewing the page. So it should be easy to see when you and your opponent are both available, and you can book in a match time.


@Simon Yeah! That would be really helpful, especially since scheduling can be challenging having no idea of time zones and whatnot. Maybe add notifications on Memory League/other to remind players of a match? (There was a time I thought the match was at 11 AM but was actually at 10 AM – time zones are a blast.)


What do you say about the Recognition system?
-Also, what is your thought about adding bonus Events on an occasional basis to The
League, is that an easy process which can be used in other Online Competitions as


Yeah, time zone is a challenge.
Putting people with similar time zones might be an alternative too.
I might be wrong, but isn’t right now something like this, most players have an European/GMT-GMT+2 time zones. Differing about ~2h
2ndly from America, Differing about ~3h EST-PST
Then we have Asian/Austrailian time zones ~roughly GMT+8-11
So there we have a difference.

Something else too, would be the option to see who is online and who is not.
-The chat box at the front page have done somewhat that fortunately, and also
convenient at other topics too!

Was thinking about, something like 3/4, 75%, in the same time zones in one Division
Don’t really know the numbers right now, but this could be a help.

Or, even before the season starts, the players schedule in advance, based on their time zone.

After all, only time will tell what is the best choices.