Memory Techniques for Intelligent Conversations

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum but fairly well read on the commonly used memory techniques. That being said, I’m struggling to find the right approach if my goals are as follows:

  • Remember key points from the various articles and journals I read
  • Remember key points from a long conversation or meeting - on the fly
  • Recall these points on the fly during conversations

Any words of wisdom will be much appreciated! And stay safe you guys!


Hi Rish.

The basic idea is to;

  • Convert each Keypoint into an Image
  • and then place each image at each spot in your premade memory palace.

You can also use the Body method for a Palace on The Fly. Meaning, you can use the person in front of you, and place those Keypoint-Images onto the person’s body such his/her Hair, hand, arms, chest, legs, left side, right side etc.

Also do a search on the forum, you’ll find many posts about this.


Hi, welcome to the forum.

So as @Erol has said, you need to make use of the memory palace technique, I would also recommend that, if possible, you summarize what you just read, and then create a memory palace for you summary.


Thanks. Hopefully the time it’s taking me to summarize and to place in memory palace gets shorter with practice.

I’m still not sure how to recall the relevant memory palace at the time of the conversation however.

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Thanks, I did more research on the body method and found it interesting. Will work on it

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For that, u will have to make a few small memory palaces,one’s with few loci.

Here’s a suggestion.Try using Music Videos as a memory palace.
Music videos usually dont last longer than 5 minutes & u can watch it anytime/anywhere.

U can assign a Pop star for a general topic and the songs for subtopics.
For example:
Michael Jackson for articles & journals
Katy perry for conversations etc.

Give it a try and If it works, do let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, will try to experiment with some of these and report back