Memory Systems Module Discussion

Here is a thread to discuss questions and feedback about the Memory Systems module.

I am wondering if there is a way to view items of a group together? In other words, for PAO, I only see how to view each dimension as a separate sheet. It would be super helpful if I could see P, A, and O on screen at the same time.

Sorry, there’s no way to do that in the software at the moment. You could export the system to a spreadsheet and rearrange the data there to see the P, A, and O all together.

Thanks for the feedback and we’ll keep that in mind for the future.

Similar to the question of ptken, but a bit different. I would like to add more representations to one image. For example darth sidious could be, 01, ace of spades and 000001. In combination with ptken this would mean that there would be more colums per row. Perhaps custom columns could help with these preferences.

The quizzing would than change. For example what card belongs to action x?

At the moment I do not see the difference between this app and other flascard apps. I think it should become more distinct from for example Anki. Linking it with memory league would help. If there would be a record of the mistakes I make during practice and that would link to my own system that would give really usefull information.

Thanks again for the feedback - it’s very useful. The next major update should allow you to add custom columns and define the relationships to be tested. This will also allow you to see P, A and O on the same page.