Memory problem about languages?

Hello all of you guys. I have been searching memory techniques for 2-3 months and thanks god ı found your forum. First of all my native language is Turkish. Also I know very well but “not the best” English. I am searching a method for English words. I made some researches and I think if I know about most using words in English (200-300 words) I can speak very well. So which method do you suggest me for learning English words? Also should I prepare a technique according to the Turkish language or English?


Turkish you can just visualise the words meaning in Turkish and then take the English word and take parts of the word that sound Turkish and add it to the image.

For example when I was learning Spanish the word shrimp was hard to remember so I visualized shrimp. The Spanish word for shrimp is “gamba” it sounds a bit like like gum so I visualize shrimp covered in gum to remember gamba


Well, in my Spanish (AR) “gamba” is slang for “leg.”
The word for “shrimp” we use is “camarón.”
Could be also “langostino”
If you check here you have those two mentioned and some more I’ve never heard (must be from central america :grin: )

I don’t see “gamba” but yes, it’s used in Spain.

Edit: don’t pay attention to the words showing up here in the snippet.

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If you haven’t seen them yet, you might find some ideas in these areas of the forum:

Also ı wonder for example in Major system how will I think? In turkish or english? Like 0-s and z so ı will search a word with turkish language 02=sen(means you in english) or english word 02=soon?

in brazilian portuguese we say “Camarão”
“Gamba” is a skunk for us

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You can use any language, as long as you can remember the associations between the numbers and the images.