Memory Palaces in Medical school

Anyone interested in memory techniques as they specifically apply to medical school (and law school) should definitely check out world memory champion Alex Mullen’s web site. I’ve lost track of how many degrees Mullen has earned (or is working toward), including medicine, but he is a stellar memory athlete as well as a highly successful student.

Find him at or go straight to his tips for medical students at:



It is worth it every one! have gone through every one of his videos and it’s definitely worth it , andwhether a medical student or not; for example, they helped me practice making journey’s on the fly and also boosted my courage to try new approaches like building palaces on the fly and using own body as loci. He also has good stuff made by him and wife that helped in ways of partnering up with mine which is also a game changer for me.

Could you help me? Any current medical students willing to give advice? I’ve been failing my courses and struggling. I don’t know what else to do.

Have you practiced with Alex Mullen s videos?

He has more videos with examples

I would focus on those and start developing the skills he shows has helped him through medical school.

If you havent any experience building memory palaces just start and at every trial you will get better. The progress can be faster than one can imagine as long as you dont stop trying to get into the habit of transforming what you need to remember into a memorable image to associate to a familiar location


I’m struggling to make connections and apply what I’m learning. Besides memory, I’m struggling with learning so quickly.

Ive updated my post above.

Keep in mind it will always be slow at first, but by plunging into these techniques it will eventually become faster and easier.

Unfortunately, under pressure and stress even the best techniques and skills dont do well for me so I would try to get rid of that first.

It can actually be very fun to use memory palaces to help learn anything, and I argue it actually needs to be.