Memory palace

how to use memory palace in all cheptar?

Could you be more specific about what you’re trying to memorize?

7 subject books in 10 days…

First devide each subject in bullet points. You want things down to their most basic shape so you can turn them into images. Since you have only 10 days, you will have trouble with the more complex stuff, better spend your time to quantity over quality. If you spot a connection between some things, use it. Connections make for powerful memories. I’d say that 50% of the memorizing is done here already.

Secondly you want to create those images. Get a written list down, which can be on paper or digital like in Excel. You want the focus to be on the images, and hope that during the test you will recognize the image, because you will not have a lot of time to learn where your images are.

Next you still want to put them in a memory palace, because it might help you find a few images regardless. Take places you know very well, so you can easily turn them into memory palaces. By looking at how many bullet points you have, you should be able to see how many loci each palace should have.

To aid in that, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Eat well, drink well, and sleep well.

At the time of the test, which I assume this is for, make what you can make first. If you can’t answer something, move on to the next question. When at the last question, move back to the ones you left unanswered. Use your images and memory palace to answer as many as you can.

That being said, 10 days is a short time. You have been here for some time, so you might be a bit more experienced than most, but if you are not too familiar with memory palaces, learning something will not go much faster than normal drilling/rote learning.

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