Memory palace without imagery

Hey guys, this interesting question has been on my mind for a few days that is If one creates a memory palace by directly putting the information in a specific loci will one be able to memorise it better compared to random forced or repeated memorisation.

Although I know this Idea is not quite efficient but there are thing to memorise which are hard to make images of or one is actually short of time to create a image for each data.

For example in the given link the person memorised 200 equations without making images so I just want to know it works or not.

Memorising 180+ physics equations

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I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant by ‘compared to random forced or repeated memorization’.

After seeing the link as an example I have an idea of what you mean though.

Firstly, yes this works, it is actually better when it works but there is a downside.

It is more memorable with than without it, but not as memorable as you may want it. It also works better in small chunks as oppose to larger structures in a go.

For example if you did this with chemical equations it would still require a lot of reviewing. It would not require as much reviewing as if you had done it without the memory palace.
If you tried to store 3 equations using this method you would likely need 2-3 separate loci, this method is less memorable the larger the chunk per loci.

So you can use it and see if it is satisfactory for you, its not as memorable as using images but it is somewhat memorable.

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But isn’t it one of the similar ways flashcards work, One memorises through flashcards through repetition and revising thus if one given a choice between flashcards or an non imagery memory palace, which one is better?

Also is there any alternative method (not types like software,paper etc. ) for flashcards which takes the advantage of spaced repetition in the same way?

It is similar to how flashcards work. It’s not really going to be ‘different’ , at most it will be better (less repetition).

A non-imagery memory palace is better but only slightly so. All you are really doing is replacing the card with a loci when using a non-imagery memory palace. The fact that you already remember the loci and that it is different for all the information you are placing inside of it helps make it stick better. You can also recall the loci at will to practice more easily.

All methods take advantage of spaced repetition in the same way. The difference is generally time

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