Memory Palace to memorise vocabulary

Hi Everyone!
I’m trying to memorise with memory palace technique english and spanish vocabulary.
I have ordered alphabetically my memory palaces,but when i tried to use memory palace to memorise words I realized that I did not know the mechanism !
I realized that i didn’t know how to link the sound of the word with the meaning…
Can you explain me in details how to it??
I have already used this technique for some exams but not for vocabulary so my mind is completely blurred!


To link the sound to the meaning, you have to create images for the word based off how the word sounds. So “comer” sounds like “comb hair.” “Comer” means “to eat” So I would picture someone eating “hair” from a bowl with a “comb.” Does this make sense?


More or less yes,but can you do more examples in details please?

“Cansar” - to tire, get tired : sounds like “cancer”, imagine someone with cancer getting tired all the time because of all the chemotherapy.
“Mirar” - to see: sounds like “mirror”, imagine a magic mirror in which you can SEE everying
“Lobo” - wolf: imagine a wolf with huge, dangling human earLOBEs which drag along the ground as he runs.

… like that.