Memory Palace + Mind Map = ?

After listening to some opinions, being a visual learner, memory palace is indeed a useful tools to strengthen the retention of knowledge and information in my brain.
Recently, I am reading the Tony Buzan’s Mind Map Book, learning to do mind map and find it very fascinating too because it is very thought stimulating, as the book stated, a simple mind map is enough for you to learn and remember a large amount of information! Is stated there our brain is an Associating Machine ya? ~
So I suddenly got this idea, if we link a mind map to the loci using some specific image or something, then when we review our memory palace, we are actually doing mental revision and also stimulating our thoughts ya? As when we review our memory palace, we will find that mind map then it will take us down the “journey” of that particular knowledge, ya?
I not quite sure if this is a good idea~~
What are you guys’s opinion?
TQ :smiley: ~

Well, there’s still a lot room for experiments so feel free mix all the technics in innovative and creative ways. Test them and if they work for u don’t forget to let us know :smiley:

Of someone has some sort of giant labyrinth memory palace, this could work really well.

Something I did, with reasonable success, was to make a memory palace for a concept. Make each loci a branch of that, and remember everything that stemmed from that a list. If something from one list connects to another, then I make a portal from the portal games, that brings me to the appropriate image.

So let’s say my living room is devoted to body language. The couch can be focused on shoulders, then using a list method or chain method I would memorize the shoulder signs. A chair can be focused on arm signs, I memorize those using a link system or a chain. Let’s say 4 items down on the shoulder list goes along with number 3 for arms, I make a portal, go back and forth a few times to stablize the connection in my mind, and then it works.

Hope that makes sense

I had this thought of branching out a palace the way a mind map works, but it felt like a maze and got too complicated, (the walls looked the same and it was mentally dizzying) so I stopped. I still have trouble forming mind maps on their own. Does any one have any useful links?

I used it like this on time, not so long ago. I had to learn some rules about verb conjugation in dutch, but as usual there are always plenty rules. So I made a made a mind map on paper and later on transformed it into stuff I would see in a book in my mind palace’s library. When opening the book, everything on one page will have an interaction with the next, or makes me remember the mind map in order to recall everything.