Memory Palace and Aphantasia

Hello i’m new in this forum and i need discussion about the inability to make mental images, and not only that, i can’t make smell or feel physical, in other words my visualization is bad(and my english too, i’m from Brazil, sorry).
So i want to talk about the efficiency of memory palace without visualization, and any mnemonic technique.

I consider myself as very bad at visualizing in my head as well.
I don’t know how “bad” you are at it but I’d like to hear more!
One of my natural tendencies when I place images in my mind is to say it to myself, but not visualize it.
I tend to correct this behaviour of mine when I see I’m doing it, but when I don’t realize I’m doing it, I usually forget my “image” when I try to recall it.

If you want, I can try to make that mistake on purpose and report to you whether I still remember things or not?
(I’m a good enough test-case I guess, I got ok at remembering numbers, even tho I’m not on a competitive level like some people here…)

It’s not quite a good answer, but still better then nothing, right?

Yeah I have this as well

I’ve never ever seen a “visual image” when I try to “imagine” something the best I can hope for is simply to get some kind of sense of it

but even that must work because I can still break millers law although obviously not anywhere near as effectively as anyone who can visualize so yeah we are at a massive disadvantage & since if you’re imagination is basically as none existent as mine you wouldn’t be able to get a sense of a place you’ve never been to or are not incredibly familiar with in some way or other

First thanks very much for a report of both, Darkshade and Dargonesti.

Dargonesti about of my visualization level, it’s like Darkshade say, “kind of sense of it”, i can’t visualize(until I find out about this syndrome) nothing, no appears image in my mind, but when i trying looks like have in my mind the thing that i try imagine, but i can see, even i feeling a sensation of this thing(for example one apple) and through this intuitive feeling i can get some informations like the apple is red and on top that thing that i do not know the name.

Now about the visualization, before now about the Aphantasia and that exist more peoples can visualize than the persons how can’t do this. I thought that is possible can visualize but would be very much training trying visualize, i’m talking about years training. So when i found the information of Aphantasia and all these things i keep thinking that is possible can get it with train but maybe the way more easy because our brain should do it naturally and i the aphantasic that have dream with image. Because of this i initially(after discover about Aphantasia) i become a one train very basic that consists in view one thing and closed eyes and try visualize(no words on mind) until i can view this objetc, as i can visualize i think maybe is better try with a thing more basic like a one cube, so i go on google and with one image of cube i become try do this. After do this for 3 days(not often), i started can see one cube very much weak on image that fades away easy but so far i can view this cube, remembering that is a visualization very much weak and instable.

Darkshade what did you mean exactly with “I can still break millers law”?

That is it, sorry about the English again and thanks(both) to reply my post.

It’s my turn to have a question for you!

So, I tought back at what you both said, this morning, in the shower…
(Nothing weird, it’s relevant to the question :stuck_out_tongue: )

And I realized I had my eyes closed the whole time I was in the shower.
Yet I’d put my hand right on my soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.
I figured I did that because I could see my shower in my mind because I knew it very well.
It’s the same that happends when I walk in my apartment in the dark, the night, or in the morning when I won’t open my eyes because the sun hurts…

What about you?
Can’t you do these type of blinded activities, even in the rooms you know best?

So, about your question, when i try with close eyes locate one thing trying imagine the place to help, no one image appears, but a kind of sense(intuitive) makes me now a little of locate(object), but the problem that this isnt’t precise, not like you i suppose. This intuitive thing is like you now that the horse have four paws even without you see one(in real life or visualizing). In other words, i not get this information about the horse visualizing and analyze the image and think “she has four paws”, in my case(with aphantasia), this simply comes to me like nothing, but with things complex(huge amount of feature) not so good this way of brain.

Not sure if this is related, but there is a secondary visual circuit commonly referred to as “blindsight”. It is a brain circuit where visual information is processed, but the conscious mind seems not to be aware.

It is often referred to in the context of people who are blind, yet show evidence of blindsight. My understanding is that non-blind people have it, too, but it doesn’t get noticed.

Wow, i thought the same when i read the notice. Maybe is really this, because when i try visualize one Apple for example, seem’s that are in my mind the image but(i feeling) i can really view.

When i knew about the Aphantasia i started for three days a training that consisted in try imagine one cube using after-image and remembering the cube of the image that i see on internet,and works, until now i can see this cube but not soo strong the image, is very week but is one image, and that this means: is possible i can visualize with train?! And now i founded this:, it is now, my hope to become a visualization person, i really animate with this. I will train with this techniques for months like the person of article, he trained for 2-3 months, seven years ago like he said and works. :slight_smile:

@Tarnation wow, it’s a very interresting article indeed!

My step mother is blind from one eye, and she didn’t notice it until she was about 12.
I’ll let her know of this to see, maybe that’s what she has!

I think there’s a huge misunderstanding about mnemonics. You don’t necessarily have to visualize anything. You can also simply conceive of things happening - particularly at locations.

For example, yesterday I learned the word for “Asia” in Chinese. I stuck this in a cafe by just thinking about a Russian guy smashing G.I. Joe’s and screaming “Ja ja ja ja.” But I didn’t “see” it as a such. It’s just a concept taking place.

Later, I made a sketch of it, but that was just for fun. And since I’ve made a big deal out of using the word again and again today in different Chinese sentences and will continue doing so over the next few days, it’s more or less guaranteed to stick. I’ll probably even forget all about the Russian with his G.I. Joe and won’t be able to explain how I remembered the word.

In sum, I recommend not getting hung up on the visualization stuff. With practice, verbal conception should be more than enough. :slight_smile:

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Hello Lucasfr,

Perhaps you might see if my post on the Register Method may help you?

The key is to just build artificial associations based on the sound of words rather than using images.