Memory Palace - 30 day Challenge

HI All,
I was following Anthony Metivier’s channel on memory palaces - practises for a while now. Absolutely inspiring content, gets me jump out of couch every time I view a clip :stuck_out_tongue:

In one of his videos, he suggests to create memory palaces each day for 30 days and have data stored at locations every day.

I have just started it from today. Just curious, if anyone has already finished the challenge and how they feel.



I think that’s a good challenge. Never thought of doing it. I think it’s good to force yourself to create many palaces. Good luck!

Hi there, I also just started with the Magnetic Memory Palace technique.
I draw my current apartment as a first Memory Palace using guidelines provided by Dr. Anthony Metivier. Furthermore, I am planing to use it to memorise English Grammar though I am advance user of language but I do silly mistakes.

Let’s challenge our-self and we will monitor our progress.
Yours sincerely,

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Alright, Challenge accepted. :grinning:

I’ve moved out of my house, bus route to hospitals I’ve been to. Too bad now I cannot travel around due to the curfew imposed for Covid in our area.

Basically, visualise every place that you have visited and try to have it at least 10-12 places for each palace.

His channel has allot of techniques for the Loci method.
I watched the 9 tips for a better Memory Palace.
Very well explained. Thanks.

Completed my yesterday’s memory palace as well as today’s.
It’s okay to have 10 to 12 stations as a beginner, just make sure that you you start from last most corner of your house or any memory palace and exit to add more stations. Furthermore, do not cross the station sometimes its better to leave one or two station to maintain the continuity.
I highly recommend to have 26 memory palace as per alphabetical order.
Now, I am doing " Welcome to How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language" from Udemy.
3 Challenges completed/ 27 remaining.

Yours sincerly,
Omkar P. Bankar


Do you consider each letter as one loci?

You may or you may not, that absolutely depend upon your practice. I am a beginner, so I am not overthinking on Loci and other stuff. My strategy is 1st master what I understood then apply 2 times and as much as possible. Then think of adding further.

Keep it simple and imagine vivid and bizarre with actions.

Yours sincerely,
Omkar P. Bankar

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Hi All, just try with any of the mem tech and observe them first few days. Then decide which men tech is better option.

Sure, I was sceptical about it and still I am, but worse thing is that I am not trying not making efforts.

Today I completed seven Memory Palaces, but I haven’t used any one as to store information. Soon I’ll start practising.

It’s not useful if you draw only memory palace and unable to use it. Moreover, I made a list of actor, actresses, Politicians and Cartoon in Excel and sorted it by First Name and Last Name Alphabetically.
I will share the Excel once it is worth to share.

Yours sincerely,
Omkar P. Bankar

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Dude I complete my today’s challenge. In addition, I started to apply the magnetic memory method on those. Lets see how I will perform on that test.

Till then keep yourself magnetic.
Omkar P. Bankar

That is awesome!
Please do, I’m on to my 8th palace now. And watched a Sherlock Holmes movie to create a palace, but requires a bit of practice in order to remember the flow.

Completed 2 palaces today.
16 to go.
Applied memorization technic and memorised 60 idioms. Now real challenge begins.

Till then keep yourself magnetic.

How is that going to be used in memory place? Sorry I am a beginner in art of memory.

You can do a course from Dr. Anthony on Udemy.
Which is available at under Rs. 400/-.
You will get an idea from Dr. himself, or you can read his book on Kindle which is free for premium member or pay for the one again which is under Rs. 300.

Every brain is different, and do meditation.

Till then keep yourself megnetic.

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Completed my today’s challenge.

I’ve completed my 10th Palace by now. All, including palaces from Sherlock Holmes and the hindi movie Kahani helped along the way.




Has anyone created a memory journey out of the memory palaces yet?