Memory League and Art of Memory Software Browser in different colors.

Memory league and Art of Memory software is in majority in white color. Which could be desireable for some. But, it could be less straining for the eyes or tire them out if there were more colors to choose from. Like the internet browser extension that makes it in black and white, white text with black background. Something like that on these two platforms would be amazing.

On top of that! Having the option to create a background for your Art Of Memory Software, Especially around the journeys would give a more exciting feeling for it, like a real journey or a travel through space. ( I will provide a photo on it too.)

f.lux can help against strained eyes, especially with areas (online and offline) that contain a lot of white. The program is freeware, yet invaluable. When I switch it off, my eyes immediately start to ache because standard white is so intense.

Sry for the off topic, but maybe it helps in the meanwhile.

Yea, f.lux is quite great. There is of those kinds of app on phones too.

Well the thing is, it is not only helping with that but it creates an experience which is very enjoyable. It becomes like a story.

It is like listening to one of your favorite soundtracks of a movie. When you hear it you begin to think about the movie, and you begin to feel the feelings associated with the song. Something similar can happen when you use a pictures/backgrounds here.

Just think about it, memorizing while you are out in the space, at Hogwartz or even at a jungle filled with a bunch of exciting stuff. Or for those who like it, at the rainforest.