Memory, Dreams and Consciouness

Hi everyone,

Somewhat recently I’ve been looking into the correlation between consciousness/awareness, the different states of consciousness/awareness and dreams in relationship to memory.

For example, the other night, I had 2 dreams which I remembered, as we all do to whatever degree.

I was also actually thinking about the brain waves patterns during different types of consciousness/awareness and how memory “fits:”
Can remembering the dream content place ones brain waves in the dream brain wave state?

In spiritual literature, dreams and understanding, particularly metaphysical understand, are remembered in the waking state allowing for the recall of the information conveyed.

What do you think about this?

What an intriguing thought! I would love to know

I don’t think,that happens. But I could be wrong. My reasoning is,dream state is quite different than waking state. And during dream,brain activates some specific areas of the brain,which are not active during waking state. We can recall the dream and how we felt during that dream. But experiencing the dream in realtime and recalling it during waking hours are two different thing,I think…

There are not much scientific literatures available on this issue.

What I am very eager to know is: does our brain activate the dream state just when we are dying?

It seems,it does. Well,at least,the Buddhist Meditators claim so………!

I do not know if this is directly related to the topic. In periods in which I train memory more intensely, my dreams become more vivid, detailed, and I am able to remember longer dreams.
In my case, I think, remembering the dreams or not depends on the quality of the sleep.

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No. Remembering a dream is not the same as dreaming, because in remembering the dream you are in the awake state, whereas having a dream you are usually in REM state which is a stage of sleep, not one of wakefulness.


I don’t think I was clear enough:

If the dream was remembered clearly enough and emotions remembered/engaged enough, would this induce or be conducive to getting back into the dream state?


I would say it does, I have often ‘returned’ to a dream doing this.

Similarly I have at other times visualised to myself in order to wake up without feeling any particular euphoria rush, this delayed my need to sleep for a good few minutes to hours. I have noticed that visualising to wake up doesn’t happen with all forms. Namely if I visualise random things I rather fall asleep over staying up.

I don’t think there is enough research on this to find anything concrete.