Memory Capacity and TV consumption

Do you find Tv eats away at your memory retention capabilities? I want to be sure before I give up the tube.

I do. I hardly ever watch TV. Watched a lot as a kid though.
I find that since I stopped my creativity exploded. I get much more work done.
Think of all the time you can spend on this forum instead! :wink:

I mean think of all the time you can spend learning stuff!

I just feel I should mention that I watch quite a lot of TV. Cartoons help with memory techniques! :slight_smile:

For myself, I find when studying math and abstract concepts the tv kills the development of your understanding due to the distraction. I just wanted to know if their were people had who the same experience and how they manage. Cause tv is… Well amazing

If I remember correctly, former US champ Scott Hagwood mentions in his book, Memory Power, that he too likes to watch TV.
I hardly watch TV. I’d rather have a poor memory than watch TV.


I have the same experience.
I don’t even understand why one would watch TV and try to study maths at the same time. They seem mutually exclusive to me.
Better to first study or watch TV, then do the other thing when done. Just not both at the same time.

I disagree, somewhat. As a tool, it can be occasionally useful.

I found when studying, that I’d get mentally tired(?), or at least . . .diminishing returns. Something wasn’t quite connecting. Watching TV, or listening to music while studying, gave me a ‘timeout’ . . . Usually something would fall into place, or I realized I hadn’t gotten a concept. It allowed a certain amount of distancing, to subconsciously reflect and assess as I worked. In past generations, the same thing would be done looking out a window.

I wouldn’t overdo the thing, but it certainly helped me.

When I watch a movie, I imagine each scene (total change in scenery) appearing in a loci. Usually this happens about 30-40 times in a movie. I try to put it in the loci without losing track of the dialogue that is happening at the moment, so it must be done quickly and while multitasking. Then after the movie, I go through the palace and try to remember every event worth remembering that happened in the entire movie. It’s cool, you see that usually you would have just forgotten so many of these parts the moment the movie was over and you went on with your life. TV can be a training tool if you use it.