Memorizing the law

What’s up folks!

As you can see on my presentation, i’m from Brazil. :slight_smile:

Here, in my country, there is some community that discusses about memory, but comparing with what is going on here… there is no comparison whatsoever.

But, coming back to the topic’s theme, as a law student i’m really interested on memoring the law. Just like you, guys, here we have many govermental rules (i don’t know if it’s said like this)

For example:

314(law’s number/address in the Code). None has the permission to create random boring topics on this forum. In case of anyone doing, the penalty is 30 days in jail (law)

It’s just a example to show you how they are used to appear in our legal codes here. I’ve tried to create a memory palace for each one of the codes, but i gave up.

So, i’d like to hear yours advices on how can i associate a number with a law. Any tip is welcome.
Thank you, guys.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you ever heard of the Dominic System? I find it very useful for linking numbers to bits of information. If you Google it you’ll find lots of information but here is a quick link :

For me, the number 314 would be made up of 03 = Oliver Cromwell (object = musket) and 14 = Amanda Donohoe (object = giant white worm).

I would imagine Oliver Cromwell riding on the giant worm (this part gives us the law’s number of 314). Then picture the worm boring into the ground for a while before resurfacing on a football pitch just in time to take a penalty. However, the goal has become a gaol (jail) in the shape of a 30 - and, of course, because of all the bars in the gaol the worm can’t score from his penalty! Hopefully that image would be a sufficient prompt to help me recall the law.

Yeah! I’ve heard about it. Actually, i’ve memorized some laws with that, but i don’t know if it’s because i didn’t keep revising, i forgot.

Even though, i believe that this is the most effective way of memorizing. I’ve read about Pietro de Ravena, a law professor who had a LOT OF content memorized that used a kind of Loci Method too.

My question is:

If you have a specific object/character for each number, how do you memorize laws from different codes that have the same numbers. For example:

The law 314 can means one thing on Code X and other different thing to Code Y.

What are you, guys, used to do when you have to use the same sequence again (without losing the previous memorized information)?

Thank you so much, Richie Uk, for your attention and helpness.

How many laws do you have to memorize in total? One idea is to make a memory journey for each code. If there are 500 codes in Code X, you would need 500 loci in that journey.

The 314th locus in Code X would have images for the law: “None has the permission to create random boring topics on this forum. In case of anyone doing, the penalty is 30 days in jail.”

Since you have the number 30 in there, you could place an image for number 30 (for me, #30 is an Amazon warrior) in that locus. It could be a classroom in a Roman forum where all the students are Amazon warriors, and each table is a jail cell. Everyone is sleeping because the class is boring: being boring in a forum is 30 days in jail.

Natã, I’m a law student in brazil and I am having the very same problem. When you start building up a palace to host all articles from a certain code, and then go for the next, you get a little lost how to maintain all the journey together without mixing palaces, or forgeting them.

for this, a palace por palaces has come in handy, but I as well have forgotten preety much of what a stored. in fact i can remember most of the pictures, their sequences, and numbers, but their meaning in law is not always clear enough.

i think we gotta practice more.

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