Memorizing sentences and paragraphs

(Silent Avenger) #1

Hello so i am realativley new to the world of memory. I read moon walking with einstein and then i memorized a deck of cards using only memory palace. As for memeorzing the cards i memorized the literal card in eqch loki. Then i memorized the periodic table of elements the same way. I was wondering how do people use memory palaces to memorize sentecnes or paragraphs because i will need to start doing that for school 2. Do they just put chunks of a sentence at each loki? Also is it bad that i always use the same memory palacae every time i havnt had any issues with it.


Since you are asking about school, I suggest you to not memorize paragraphs (unless you really must do that). Try to get facts out of these paragraphs and memorize only them. It would be a lot faster and more convenient in a long run.

However, if you absolutely must I suggest splitting it into smaller chunks (ideally around 7 words each chunk) that make sense and then try to picture each chunk as something that would be possible to add to your memory palace. This method works, when you need to get the idea of the paragraph, but might have a few flaws, if you need to recall everything word by word. For that I suggest combining memory palace with simple memorization:
Look at the sentence, create a picture, repeat picture a few times, read the chunk, look away, read it from your memory.
I suggest combining simple memorization with palace because it would help you to get the idea of what the chunk should be and when you state it in your head, you would have an idea of what the original text was.
Sounds like a lot of work, but when you get used to it it shouldn’t be all that hard. :wink:

As for repeating the same palace:
If you don’t have a problem with that, then you are good to go and learn some more!


In short you want to memorize what you wish to remember, when its long like sentences, what you want to memorize is the idea rather than the sentence. And that’s were the work is, encoding the idea into images.