Memorizing Colors and chess pieces

Hey everyone.

Forgive me if these topics have been touched on in previous posts

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on:
-Memorizing color sequences (like in the game “Simon”)
-Memorizing chess specific pieces

I have memory palaces set up and I know how to memorize grids. Where I’m having a hard time is coming up with images for colors and when it comes to chess pieces I figure I can assign each a person or object as to not confuse specific pieces on the board (ie: one black knight for the other one, one pawn for any of the other pawns of the same color).

Would any of you be able to point me in the “right” direction? (I know there is no “right” way. What works for one person may not work for another.)

Thanks everyone in advance. -WR

Just use your 00…99 system for the colors by turning each color into a digit between 0 and 9. Maybe 0 = black and 9 = white at the ends; then RGB for 123; CMY for 456; leaves 78 for maybe orange and brown or what ever else you want to put there… silver/gold, no idea…

Either way, this way you’ll have black/white, primary, and secondary colors and two empty slots. If you got a PAO system, you’ll be able to place 6 colors per location:

10 92 31 - red, black, white, green, blue, red

…I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve in your second question.

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I was wondering what one might do to remember each specific piece (white pawn number 1, white pawn number 2, etc) opposed to just one image for all white pawns.

What do you consider pawn number 1 and pawn number 2… how do they differ?

If I were to play a game that I was trying to memorize move for move, for instance, I’d want to recall if a pawn on a certain spot was a pawn moving forward or one that crossed over (after attacking)…

A better example would be if the two knights we’re in positions where they could both move to the same square, I would like to be able to recall which one moved to said spot.

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