Memorizing characteristics of minerals with the loci technique?

First of all, I´m a newbie so feel free to correct me.
For a upcoming test I have to memorize characteristics of some minerals want to implement the loci technique thought palaces into my learning routine, so why not connect both things?
So here is how I would do it:

For example I want to memorize the following information for each mineral:
Mineral x
hardness: number from 1-10
color: any color
glance: specific word to explain the glance
density: number like 2,55 (g/cm^3)
etc. (maybe 8-9 characteristics for each mineral, maybe less but at least 5)

I´ll propably try to do something like gavino explained in the post I linked, but that does not matter now.


Say pic related is a location (for Mineral "x) with 10 loci, I want to connect “locus 1” with hardness and a number from 1-10, “locus 2” with color and a color fitting the mineral and so on.
Then repeat this with different locations for each mineral/rock, but “locus” 1 of each location will always be hardness, “locus 2” will always be color and so on.

This is basically what I´m planning to do, do you find any flaws or have some tips for me, do you think that can work at all?

Thank you for your help, I hope you get what I´m trying to say!

That sounds like it would work.

Another idea would be to put all the information for one mineral in a single location, and link them together with a story method.


  1. Mineral: quartz
  2. Hardness: 7
  3. Color: colorless or various colors
  4. Etc.

Then make an image for each item:

  1. quartz -- either a quartz or a "quarter" or whatever reminds you of quartz
  2. 7 -- use the major system or a number shape system. For me that would be a boomerang.
  3. I would picture something like a prism or oil slick to represent "various colors".

Then make a story (always with the fields in the same order), and place the story in a location. I would picture an anthropomorphic quartz creature throwing a boomerang (7) at a prism, chaining additional images onto the story as needed.

You could do it either way, but adding stories would reduce the size of the memory palace.

Thank you for taking time to answer my question, ill try both ways and see what works best for me.

Short follow up question:
Once you created a location with several loci and successfully connected (in my case) characteristics of minerals with the fitting locus, how do you memorize location+loci+characteristics for a longer amount of time.
I read using “Anki” (the software/app) is a good way to memorize them long term, is this true?
If so could you give me an example on how you would add your example to Anki?

Again: Thank you for taking time!

You will probably still need to review the memory journey if you want to keep the information in long-term storage. (See also spaced repetition and recall.)

Your recall system could be as simple as marking some review dates in your calendar, or you could use a dedicated spaced repetition program like Anki. With Anki, you might put the name and/or photo of a mineral on the front of the cards, and its attributes on the back of the card. That would simulate the kinds of tests you might be likely to see: “what is the hardness of calcite?” and things like that.

Thanks, this is how I do it now.
Just wanted to add that it works very well, at first it took some time to set up a location and add images, but with every new location it gets easier.
Very rewarding.