Memorize Phone Book

What is the best way to memorize a page of a phone book?
This would be a list of First and Last names (or company) and a 10 digit number for each such as:
William Thompson

How many images? What’s the best method for learning lots of 10 digit phone numbers?

I’ve never tried it. With my system I would have four images per number: 3-3-2-2, and attach those to the name. Maybe one person/company per locus?

Generally, one phone book will have only a couple different area codes. If you are using a PAO from 00-99, then I would combine the area code with the first digit and make that one image.

404-1, 404-2, 404-3, etc. are all different images. Then you are left with 6 digits that will fit perfectly with a PAO from 00-99.

I’m not sure that you could use locations for a decent sized city. Your choices are to turn the numbers into locations which creates 10,000,000 + [number of area codes] different locations; or you could turn the people into locations, which for me in Dallas would be 2,412,827 different locations. One number looks slightly better than the other, but neither is even approachable. It seems to me that you would need to turn the name into an image and create an association between the name image and the number image.

William Thompson could be an a thumb with a halo around it poking out of an apple. William -> William Tell -> apple. Thom§son -> Thom -> Tom Thumb -> Thumb -> son -> sun -> sun-like halo.

Now when you are quizzed: What is William Thompson’s phone number? you should conjure up the image and–somehow–associate that with the PAO. I’ll leave it for you to figure out the association step until I ever decide to memorize a phone book, which I doubt will be any time soon.

I would suggest that you memorize a dictionary. The process is a bit easier. There is a clip on this forum somewhere of a Chinese man explaining the process.

Here’s the video of the dictionary memorization:

Thanks for the great ideas. I really don’t HAVE to memorize a phone book… more like just my own contact list which may be only 25 - 50 numbers. I just knew I didn’t want to memorize a whole string of images for each name though, and I like your idea of how you break it up. thanks :slight_smile:

Of all the things to memorize I would definitely not pick a phonebook - although I suppose it could be useful in an emergency! I think memorizing the phone numbers of family and friends, as well as things like local police, AA call-out etc. would be pretty useful.

Hi Everyone,

I recently memorized the Yellow Pages Phonebook. Here is how I did it



Welcome to the site!

Thanks for posting the writeup. It’s interesting that you memorized it without a journey. That would have been a lot of locations.

Thanks Josh, really like the site. Well done on a great job!

I did come close to using a journey, but thankfully I didn’t. I would have had to remember 2200 locations which would have taken me some time.

Hopefully no more phone book memorization requests :slight_smile:

Very interesting but if you didn’t use a journey method then would my assumption be correct that you are unable to repeat the order they are in or page number? Would your capability of recalling the Yellow Pages only go as far as being able to hear a name of a certain shop(ad) then recall the phone number or vice versa?

Very well done mate, I hope my skills will be on par with yours one day

Hi Otengam,

You are spot on. My recall brief was to only recall the number when a business name was called. If I had to memorize in order, then most likely I would have used a journey.

I wouldn’t call the memory skills I used advanced in any way as the approach was simply applying the linking method with the major system. Anyone that can do this will be able to memorize a phonebook. This means your skills in fact may even be better than mine.