Memorize ASCII codes


I just tried to recite ASCII, it was a nightmare.
I used about an hour to recite the first 127 codes despite I made it. So does anyone can give me some advice since the advance ASCII has 256 codes? My experience was that there was too many symbols mixed up together.
I am struggling about how to deal with the remainings? Your s sincerely!


(Josh Cohen) #3

What kind of memory system are you using?


For the symbols, I merged five of them in a group and then make a stupid story. At last, link it with my plaza.
Say 58to62,
A hex face, I see his eye then eyebrows and his frame.

(Josh Cohen) #5

I like the idea. I haven’t tried it though. What part are you stuck on? Are the symbols too similar?


As you see there are too many a , i also dollar signs. So is there any way to distinguish between similar a? Since they are new to me.

(Josh Cohen) #7

I wonder if you could make separate images for the diacritic marks.

À – points right – an arrow stuck in the top
Á – points left – someone falling over
 – a cap
à – a tilde – a wave of water
Ä – two dots – two eyes peeking over the top
Å – a circle – a lightbulb

It’s similar here too:

ò – points right
ó – points left
ô – a cap
õ – a tilde
ö – two dots

You could take images for letters and apply image modifiers to indicate the diacritic marks.

For me, an “A” is an ox. So  might be an ox wearing a cap. I use an image of Oscar the Grouch for “o”, so “ô” would be Oscar wearing a cap. If I needed to keep track of uppercase vs. lowercase, I would add another modifier, or group them by location.


Wonderful, I Will use your idea.
Best gradtitude to you.