Memorize a professional book


I’m looking for a way to memorize the headings, sub headings and the subtle details of a textbook I’m studying for a professional exams…

I would like to store them in my long-term memory as they are vital for the success of my career.

There are 6 parts of the book

( unit IA part 1&2)

(unit IB part 1&2)

(unit IC part 1&2)

I have attached screenshots of the contents for the first part of Unit IA (it has 5 topics- IA1 to IA5) to show how it is structured.

Please kindly advise… Thank you very much for your help!

(Silvio B.) #2

Are you familiar with the memory palace technique?
If not, you might want to take a look at this:

For the information you described I would definitely use a memory palace. It basically works in the same way as I memorize laws, here’s how I do it:
For the titles, subtitles etc. I find an image that represents that level (so I can have a structure and don’t confuse titles with the detail information).
For me when I memorize laws the main-titles are always represented by a Dr. Pepper can (that doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to you, but it makes sense in german (sort of) since a doctorate is called a Doktortitel)
then I just add the keyword of the actual title.

So for example:
On the first location of the memory palace, I’d have a giant Dr. Pepper, a heart (image for “Health”) and someone with a yellow safety vest (image for Safety). You could make it more detailed (maybe add a “manager”), but for me that would be enough to remember the title “Principles of Health and Safety Management” and that it’s a main title. Then on the next location of the memory palace, the first subtitle is placed (with the image for the subtitle level and the keywords) etc.

Location 1: Main title (image for level of title and image for keyword)
Location 2: subtitle 1 (image for level of title and image for keyword
Location 3: detailed information (just image for keywords that represent the information)
Location 4: detailed information
Location 5: detailed information
Location 6: subtitle 2
Location 7: detailed information
… etc.

So if you just want to go through the subtitles, you can look for the image that represents subtitles (Locations 2 and 6 here) without having to go through all locations.

You don’t necessarily have to use one big memory palace for everything, you could also make a lot of small ones, each for their specific subject.

Please let me know if my explanation wasn’t clear :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Silvio. This to me is very brilliant and well explained. My only question is : with relation to the titles and subtitles, does it mean I have to use one key image for all main titles and another for all subtitles… Can u suggest to me an appropriate subtitle example( I seem to like the Dr. Pepper image for the main titles)…
How about the details…Will one key image be enough for the dept of information I may need to remember?

(Silvio B.) #4

Yes, you’d use one image that represents the main-titles (along with the additional image that tells you what’s inside that main-title) and one image that represents the subtitles. If there are subtitles within a subtitle, you’d have to use yet another image for that.

For the subtitles you could for example use a submarine as image.

In laws, the subtitles are often numbered with roman numerals so I use a roman (like one of the Asterix comics) as an image for these kinds of subtitles:

There can be a lot of sub-sub-subtitles (and even more sub than that) in laws.
So what I do before starting to memorize, is to check how many levels of subtitles there are in that law in order to plan on how many images I need that represent the different subtitles.

Also: I’d take notes of what you put in the memory palace, which is very useful when you need to review the information. Spaced repetition is very important.
(I put appointments in my calendar to remind me of the reviews, with an estimated time that I need for the review).

How many images for the detail information you use, is up to you. It just needs to remind you of the information and doesn’t need to be word-by-word. I usually try to use as few keywords as possible because that makes it easier to memorize (and for recall later on) and doesn’t use too much space in the memory palace. There are some things that I have memorized where one keyword was not enough, but you’ll have to see for yourself how detailed your images have to be, based on the specific information because everyone thinks and memorizes a bit differently. If a heart and a yellow safety vest is not enough to remind you of “Principles of Health and Safety Management” then you can certainly add more to the image that helps you with recalling the information. Just don’t get too perfectionistic (I made that mistake in the beginning), it can get crowded and exhausting quickly. My advice is to keep the images simple even if they’re not 100% accurate, because you still get the meaning, even if you didn’t memorize the information word-by-word.

The more you practice with these memory techniques, the more efficient you get and you’ll see what works best for you :slight_smile:


Great advice and tips Silvio :+1:… There are also times I am to remember details but struggle to remember what title or subtitle it comes under… Pls how can I deal with this too?

(Silvio B.) #6

I sometimes had that, too. I’ve managed to get used to it more by going just through the titles sometimes. So bascially when I do a full review of the palace, I’d first go from the 1st main title to the 2nd main title and so on. Then from the first subtitle to the second subtitle etc.

If you recognize the images that represent the titles (Dr. Pepper can etc.) you should be able to go back and forth in your palace if you’re unsure. When you reach such an image, you know that there’s the title and then you move back to the detail information which comes after the title-image.

Another approach would be to just have the palace arranged in a way that makes sense to you in terms of the different sections of the information. You could leave a bigger gap between the information and a new main title for example. The best way to find out what works for you, is to just try it :slight_smile:


Great👍… I will try this out and hope it works… You have been very helpful😊… Thank you🙏