Memorize 88 Constellations

(Josh Cohen) #1

I saw a blog post on Brain Sports Academy [use Google Translate] about memorizing the constellations and thought it would make a nice memorization exercise. I think that kids might also like it. If you want to try it, leave a comment below! :slight_smile:

NASA has a list of 88 constellations along with images, which I’ve posted below:

# Latin Name English Name or Description
1 Andromeda Princess of Ethiopia
2 Antlia Air pump
3 Apus Bird of Paradise
4 Aquarius Water bearer
5 Aquila Eagle
6 Ara Altar
7 Aries Ram
8 Auriga Charioteer
9 Bootes Herdsman
10 Caelum Graving tool
11 Camelopardus / Camelopardalis Giraffe
12 Cancer Crab
13 Canes Venatici Hunting dogs
14 Canis Major Big dog
15 Canis Minor Little dog
16 Capricornus Sea goat
17 Carina Keel of Argonauts’ ship
18 Cassiopeia Queen of Ethiopia
19 Centaurus Centaur
20 Cephus King of Ethiopia
21 Cetus Sea monster (whale)
22 Chamaeleon Chameleon
23 Circinus Compasses
24 Columba Dove
25 Coma Berenices Berenice’s hair
26 Corona Australis Southern crown
27 Corona Borealis Northern crown
28 Corvus Crow
29 Crater Cup
30 Crux Cross (southern)
31 Cygnus Swan
32 Delphinus Porpoise
33 Dorado Swordfish
34 Draco Dragon
35 Equuleus Little horse
36 Eridanus River
37 Fornax Furnace
38 Gemini Twins
39 Grus Crane
40 Hercules Hercules, son of Zeus
41 Horologium Clock
42 Hydra Sea serpent
43 Hydrus Water snake
44 Indus Indian
45 Lacerta Lizard
46 Leo Lion
47 Leo Minor Little lion
48 Lepus Hare
49 Libra Balance
50 Lupus Wolf
51 Lynx Lynx
52 Lyra Lyre or harp
53 Mensa Table mountain
54 Microscopium Microscope
55 Monoceros Unicorn
56 Musca Fly
57 Norma Carpenter’s Level
58 Octans Octant
59 Ophiuchus Holder of serpent
60 Orion Orion, the hunter
61 Pavo Peacock
62 Pegasus Pegasus, the winged horse
63 Perseus Perseus, hero who saved Andromeda
64 Phoenix Phoenix
65 Pictor Easel
66 Pisces Fishes
67 Piscis Austrinis Southern fish
68 Puppis Stern of the Argonauts’ ship
69 Pyxis (=Malus) Compass on the Argonauts’ ship
70 Reticulum Net
71 Sagitta Arrow
72 Sagittarius Archer
73 Scorpius Scorpion
74 Sculptor Sculptor’s tools
75 Scutum Shield
76 Serpens Serpent
77 Sextans Sextant
78 Taurus Bull
79 Telescopium Telescope
80 Triangulum Triangle
81 Triangulum Australe Southern triangle
82 Tucana Toucan
83 Ursa Major Big bear
84 Ursa Minor Little bear
85 Vela Sail of the Argonauts’ ship
86 Virgo Virgin
87 Volans Flying fish
88 Vulpecula Fox

There is more information on them here:

with star charts:

with pictures, and roughly grouped by when you can see them (depending on your location):


I wanna try it! :smiley:


Are you saying you have an exercise to learn to memorize the name of the constellations by their pictures?

(Josh Cohen) #4

I was first going to memorize them in order using a peg list. A memory journey would also work.

I figure that I should start with a smaller task before going out to look up the star charts and pictures, but it should be easy enough to add them by using Wikipedia (example page).

I’m creating images like this:

Peg Latin Name Description Mnemonic
001 Andromeda Princess of Ethiopia Andromeda Galaxy
002 Antlia Air pump 'ant + Leah
003 Apus Bird of Paradise apes
004 Aquarius Water bearer Aquarius
005 Aquila Eagle 'a quill


My pegs are based on my 3-digit number system. After I have all the mnemonics created, I’ll link everything together. (I didn’t have time to finish the list yet.)


I’d like to try this!