Memorising the periodic table - Work in process

Hi All,

I mentionedin my last blog post that I am memorising the periodic table.

To do this I printed it off in list format and ascending order of atomic number. I have a background in Chemistry to apologies if I gloss over anything. once I have the first 100 elements memorised I will start to add other elemental info such as atomic weight!

I use the major system

So in the table below I list the atomic number peg, the element and my association
This might take me a while to update so I’ll add a few at a time
1 - Hat - Hydrogen - Blimp suspending a giant top hat
2 - Hen - Helium - Hen sucking helium out of a baloon and then speaking in a squeky voice
3 - Ham - Lithium - litigation reminds me of lithium so I imagine a judge hitting a ham with his hammer
4 - Hare - Berrylium - Hare eating berrys
5 - Hill - Boron - drill boring into a hilltop
6 - shoe - carbon - soot on a shoe
7 - cow - nitrogen - sitting on a cow and hitting the nitro button and going really fast
8 - hive - oxygen - bees going in and out of hive wearing little oxygen masks
9 - ape - flourine - ape brushing his teeth
10 - woods - neon - Neon sign pointing into the woods
11 - tide - sodium - salt being poured into the sea
12 - tin - magnesium - magazine sticking out of a tin floating in the sea
13 - team - aluminium - american footballers wrapping aluminium around their heads
14 - tyre - silicon - car tyre coated in silicon
15 - hotel - phospherous - a 5 star prosperous hotel
16 - dish - sulfur - a match striking against a satelite dish
17 - dog - chlorine - a dog swimming in a swimming pool
18 - dove - Argon - argonauts shooting arrows at a dove
19 - tub - potassium - a bathtub with plant pots in it with peoples behinds growing out of them
20 - nose - calcium - someone sniffing up talc

The association seems a bit far fetched from my view. Maybe a journey with the context of the elements? All I am saying is that is nowhere close enough of an association for me between atomic number, abbreviation, and name. Another thing is when you come back to tag on associations, the associations could easily become confused as you tag on stuff. Then, unless you train in these associations, they will become more confuddled. Sorry that I am not of much more help because I can’t think of any better solutions.
Maybe I am wrong about the possibility of your having troubles, you do have a background in chemistry, and maybe these are sticking in your head. Keep posting.

Thanks William,

My 1-100 major system is very well embedded in my mind so the numbers come naturally to me, I just need a little trigger to remind me of the element. I guess it is down to the association that first pops into my mind.

I’ll add a few more over the coming days



Ah, so you are incorporating the major system? Not a bad idea. You might want to consider increasing the numbers in your major system though.

Hi Sea,

Now that I have finally hit my target of memorising a deck of cards in under a minute!! :), I have decided to memorise the periodic table as my next project.

I know that you are using the major system to formulate yours, but I found this link very helpful (and easier) in formulating mine.

Hope it helps!.. :slight_smile:

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thanks Huggy, looks much better,