Memorising conversations


I wonder if you guys have any tips on how to memorise what people say in conversations that you have?

For example, I try to remember keywords and place them in my short term memory. This works reasonably well but I might miss something or some nuance. Then I type them down when I get home.

Any tips most welcome.

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I never try to memorize a conversation word by word.

I usually try to store the main points of a conversation(if it is an important one. For example, office meeting).

I convert the main points of a conversation into images. And then,I put those images in a memory palace or other pegs for long term retention. For example, using an alphabet peg,we can store around 26 points of a conversation! Very interesting!

Hi, Troglodite. This is a very interesting challenge. It makes me think of Plato’s dialogues, where a whole dialog is often presented as a recitation from memory of a very long conversation. I think this was a well-developed skill in ancient Greece. How did they do it?
Often, a dialog is named for a person. Perhaps they would picture the key speaker and attach loci to them or place them in a building or other context where loci could link to different sections of the conversation.
I would be very interested to hear what other people in the forum have to say about this!


I am also interested in memorizing chunks of conversation and expanding my short term memory. This is very important to me in my work as an interpreter.

Hi. I tend either use a shape peg system to remember todo’s from conversations. For example, if I’m talking to someone and they asked me to do something specific like send an email I would associate the todo (email) to my first peg which is a pencil.

If it’s a conversation with someone that I’m trying to remember, then I try to use the person’s body as my memory palace and put key ideas/words on each loci on the body. The top of the head being number 1 location, forehead number 2, eyes number three etc. I then review my loci’s later that day. Just trying to convert key words to pictures has helped me remember much more of the conversation then I use to be able.

One more thought, I tend to review my day right before I go to bed. Walking through everything I have done during the day and replaying the conversations in my head. When I say I walk through my day, I mean that I mentally see myself getting out of bed, putting on a pair of short and walking to the bathroom, then peeing, then shower, brush teeth, what I had for breakfast, which way I drove to work, etc. I would mentally redo my day. It takes about 5 to 10 mins. The first couple of weeks I was terrible at recalling my day. Try this for 30 days and you will be surprised how much more you can recall. I think you mind starts to try and remember more because it knows you will want to recall the day. Hope that helps.


I usually use the body of the people I’m speaking with or the room around me to store information (this is only for short term memory), if I want to store mainpoints of that conversation long term I dedicate a memory palace and then start to study it afterwards.