Memorise literature history


I will soon have test in school about literature history, and for that I have to first memorise about the epoch and what is typical for it and what happened. I’ve done that by applying images in my loci for history using the GMS-method.

Now I have to memorise about the literature and what is typical for it, but I don’t have any space left on the pitcures about the epoch. I don’t know what picture to use instead that relates to the epoch but doesn’t confuse me with it.

I was thinking if adding a picture on my picture about the epoch, that I could deploy my pictures about the literature on. But is it too complicated?

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It’s easy You will have to do a few things

You can combine images if you want to add more information to them. What are some examples of the epoch names you’re trying to add?

For example I’m memorising the enlightenment, and for that I have a lightbulb and I have applied pictures such as colonianism, science, philosophy, monarchy and newspapers. My lightbulb is therefore pretty suffed.

Now I want to add pictures for the litterature, such as the enlightenment ideal, allegorical stories, travelouge and french classicism. I want the these images seperate, so I know it’s abut the litterature

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Do you have room on another part of the lamp or whatever the light bulb is attached to? Is there a lampshade?

Another idea is to add one image of a book to the light bulb (to represent literature), and then attach images for enlightenment ideals, allegorical stories, travelogues, and French classicism to the book.

Example: after you recall all the images on the light bulb, picture the light bulb fallout out and smashing on a book. That would remind you to review the extra locations on the book. If you need even more locations than you can fit on a book, you could imagine that the book is hollowed out inside. You could put anything you can think of in there — even a whole building.

It’s actually a christmas light on a pine tree. Yeah that’s a good idea. Thanks!

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