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Hi everybody.

I’ve recently download Memoriad Software for training Memory, but the level of the software is so HUGE, that I can’t use it.

So I want to learn and improve my brain through trainig.

The problem is, I could not find on the internet which methods are required for a novice/beginner level like me.

I don’t know what mental tricks/training methods I need to start with for achieving that goal in the far future.

So I need help and advice.

And if your know any other software (with not so hard initial level) I will thank you.

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The training scripts on this site will be updated soon. It is just taking a bit longer than expected due to technical issues.

You don’t need software though. Just go to that link (“Training” in the menu at the top of the site) and print out some sheets of random numbers and words. Use a stopwatch or online timer to track the time.

Also, search the forum for the keyword “software”, since there are several iPhone and Android apps available. For Android, there is Memory Ladder. is one for desktop computers.


I want to bu memory training software. Where can find one. I tried to google on Amazon but most of them are brain games and something like that. But I was looking for training on numbers, names and faces, binary, etc

Please advice



Numbers and binary can be found here on the site. There are some free apps as well. When you google for a bit you can find free stuff for that.

Names and Faces are harder. I wouldn’t know how you could get those.


Just gonna leave this here and back out slowly…


They won’t let me access my account though, or send me a new password.



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Sorry abut that. A few manual spammers slip through. I just deleted it.


Anyone know how to get Memoriad software on a Mac? I have no idea how to run “Virtual Windows”.

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I’ve never tried it on a Mac, but you could probably use software like VirtualBox. There’s a list of methods over here:


Hi folks,

For anyone still interested, the free Memoriad downloads are now located here:

On a sidenote, I tried today to check the Memoriad wikipedia article, but apparently some moderators decided to delete the whole article and all its translations, for no logical reasons.

However, thankfully you cannot delete serious information once it’s uploaded in the internet; so here are some snapshots of the the Memoriad article which will indefinitely remain here and here: (February 2017 snapshot)

I hope such a snapshot can be safely transferred here: because the Artofmemory wiki is obviously a more reliable source for mind sports, because it’s edited by folks who know much more about memory, than a random Wikipedia moderator.

It is obvious that some moderators of Wikipedia dislike mind sports. Therefore I will personally boycott editing anything in that site from now on, and I plan to abstain from supporting any further Wikipedia projects.

During my M.Sc. Thesis, we were not really allowed to mention any “Wikipedia links” as a serious scholar reference after the end of the project. Such ‘no Wikipedia reference’ policy applies in most universities.

I think, the Wikipedia project is going down the drain lately anyway, with so much vulgar stuff allowed in there. It’s probably going to follow the total downfall of Twitter in lost share revenues (mentioned in a Forbes article, last month).

I have the impression that Wikipedia and Twitter are nowadays mostly used for fun and not for serious communication or unbiased information. I mean, anyone can edit Wikipedia, even elementary school students. If they want such kind of expertise, then I’m done with it. Also check the various biases in wikipedia. Nowadays, I only check Wikipedia for some sports statistics. Even there, it’s neither extremely reliable nor totally accurate.

Nodas, Greece

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Thanks for the update. I’ll import that Wikipedia content.

Wikipedia’s editing community is pretty toxic, and the site is full of a lot of incorrect information. Watch out for conservapedia too though. :slight_smile: