Memo Sets


Just wanted to say that this software is amazing. It has literally changed my life, well, now it is much easier to create journeys and Store Information On Your Journeys yeeey! How cool aint that!
Also, it easy to create new journeys and you can review them quite fast.

I have been using memrise and it is a good software. For us memo athletes who use memo techniques it can get a little bit too much repetitive, which is why i am making this suggestion. Copying over documents such as those used in Anki or to Memrise, and through that being able to paste them here and have them at Memo Sets. This would save alot of time to create new memo sets ( especially if you are learning a new language or Thousands of Chinese signs!)

Well, of course in this case we should have some sort of agreement with Anki, Memrise but the time saving would be incredible, especially since there is many great courses at Memrise ( just too much repetition for memory athletes who uses memo techniques)

Another reason for this is that there is already a bunch of good vocabulary lists and such on different places also, by making it easy and fast to copy it over here and being able to use it quickly on the Memory Palaces would really give an huge edge when it comes to learning things efficiently and quickly, which you love to do once you have heard about these techniques and it’s POWER.

Thanks for the continues upgrading on this software.

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