Memo palaces without any preparation?

As a long time lurker in this forum I’m sure my question has already been answered somewhere but I can’t find any discussions…

My question is - how do you build or choose a memory palace on the hoof when you are faced with information you want to retain? For example let’s say I’m listening to a podcast and there is some really interesting information being given. Is it best to choose a location that has a connection to the subject and start using it? Is it better to use the link method without using a memory palace?

Would you just make some notes and create a palace later?

Any thoughts on what you do in practice would be welcome as it’s something that happens to me a lot.



Personally i use The Vaughn Cube for on the fly MPs. Johnny Briones has a nice idea about keeping a couple of videos of rooms, say a journey round a friend’s house, in the cloud that you can watch and turn into an Insta-MP.


The easiest way I found to create A Memory Palace On The Fly is to use The Body System.

It can be used without notes to memorise any kind of data such as the main points of the podcast, phone number, definitions etc.

How it works is that you choose the body of the person you are talking to and use that as the memory palace for attaching the information. You can of course choose any person that you know well also.

When you think of a body of a person, starting with the Head & Hair, Face with Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Neck, Shoulder Left and Shoulder Right, Chest, Stomach, Hip, Torso, Leg left, Leg right, Foot left & Foot right, all could be the locations and the Trigger items for the data you attach. Total of 17 locations here. You can shorten to 10 locations or create more locations by adding more items to it such Left eye, Right eye, etc.

Attach the info to the locations using the link-action. So if your first info was let’s say Milk, then you simply Pour Milk over the Head-Hair of the Person. And so on with the rest of the body parts.

I have explained how I use it here on this link;

Hope this helps.


That’s a great idea, thanks. I’ve never used body parts before :grinning: but I will try it

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I will try that - the Vaughan cube is a new technique to me but it looks worth trying.

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The way I do it is to,
flash create a few imaginary locations, Re-flash them placing images along the trails.

on the edge of the volcano, to the left there is a forest in the darkness of the night, onward from there is a glistering pond with a statue mystically floating on top of it, diving inside it there is a clear gateway to the front of a temple in a seeming desert plane, the slide from the entrance takes you directly to the ruins of the temple, instead of going to the next few sets of slides you go down the left of the temple (the stairs) , and proceed along the bottom of the desert, through the straight path held up by the pillars.

To generate this in visualisation took me around 4 seconds, looking at my stopwatch. Typing it up took a lot longer comparatively, then I would place images in groups across this location as I review it.

Another way would be to create a location and place images along it. Creating a single location surely doesn’t take long. Instead of placing more objects in this location you can then create the next.

There are countless of methods though.


Thanks a lot.

I’ve had limited success with imaginary locations so far but I’m always keen to keep trying.

Do you find that this works for long term recall too (with space repetition)?

Yes, I found it works for long term recall too.

There are a lot more tricks to imaginary locations that make them work better. They aren’t as simple as normal locations because you can make them better or worse than normal locations. Some of these tricks dive into how memory works too, the most common issue I see people having with imaginary memory palaces is interference and linking.

These issues appear because normal memory palaces do not really deal with interference because they have been remembered for a while and do not have effective linking so you will not know about efficient linking when making your own locations.

I made it a habit to use palaces on the Fly, and it’s always just the first place that comes to mind in the moment.

Sometimes I use like @Erol the body Palace, sometimes it’s the body of someone with me also, and it sometimes extends to the place I am at or the other persons home or place heshe makes me think of.

But, more often than not I choose a random place I know.

It’s pretty intuitive but I guess what I subconsciously do is ask myself a series of simple questions, like:

what does the info make me think of ?

where am I ?

what place I recently thought of ?

is there a past Palace ready to be reused?

Where am I going?

Oh! sometimes I use the place where I was earlier on that day…

Earlier today a few addresses to remember and the first one being 2 3 4 9 and just the two three four made me think of steps so I took my old gym. Sometimes I use the place where I’m at and when it’s a new place it also helps me be more aware of where I am, I mean in details and it also becomes a more useful Palace for later on, whether it’s because I don’t need the info that’s there anymore and I can just Let It Fade or because there’s enough space left to fill it up and Link it to another Palace if necessary.

As silly as that may sound, really just whatever comes up first.

Quite simply, it never really matters, the results are always as expected, and I’ve never seen any difference in efficiency, simplicity or speed. Whether it’s as simple as an address or as complicated as live conversation or courses…


Body part will increase soon, it will be not only for human
Maybe superman body part, spiderman, catwoman, joker etc, include their accesories


Thanks @Nagime, I will persevere!