Maya's Millenium PAO

For the past few months I have worked on my Millenium PAO system, and by lack of time I only got the list of persons so far. But I will keep you updated on the progress in this topic!

You can see the list of persons here:

Not much to see yet, by the end of the weekend I hope to have the image sheet with all 1000 characters ready too, and after that I will explain how I plan to memorize them all, followed by the A’s and the O’s!

Thanks so much for sharing Maya! For your object list, are you planning on following the major system, the ben system, or just assigning the most characteristic object to each of ur characters? I have been working on my millennium PAO for almost a month now and I got kinda stuck when it comes to coming up with specific objects for each of my characters. Would like to get some inspiration from you!!!


Not really sure yet, I am thinking to just go through large collections of possible objects and work with categories.

This is a really impressive undertaking, Mayarra! Thanks for sharing with us.

Would you mind checking over my new 2-digit system and letting me know if you think of any better number-character associations or actions/objects that would be more fitting? I perceive that you have a pretty broad knowledge of pop culture and would value your input!

I can already tell you that I most likely can’t, as your system has to be yours. I can look things I expect to be conflicting, but I can never be sure as there is no better or worse when it comes to what works for you. Half of my millenium system will be people/characters that some may have never heard about, but they appeal to me. I even got Oliver Queen, Arrow and Green Arrow in it despite them all being the same person, which may be confusing to some but to me it makes sense, which is all that matters in PAO systems and similar ^^

I understand. Even if you just check for things that look conflicting that would help. I purposely made this new PAO system very generic using only famous people and logical date/number associations as it is meant to be a ready-to-use system for people who have no background in memory technique and just want to use an existing one right away.

Looked through yours and it looks just fine to me :slight_smile: the more you work with it, the more you find what doesnt work for you

Thanks I appreciate it. Hope progress with your Millennium PAO goes well!

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