Making a Major PAO? Here is my google doc of multiple people for each number 00-99

Hi everyone.

I found it time consuming to construct your man Major PAO. I wanted to share my list in case it is of use. If you are starting with people, here is a compiled list from many different websites. You will find multiple options for each person.

It includes both single digit 0-9 and double digit 00-99.

I hope it is a helpful starting point for someone.

Here is the Person List:

Beginners, here is an infographic of using the human skeletal system to create a loci learn the major system as a beginner:

Here is a printable sheet that will help learn the Major System. There are both methods of using Association system, and using a Body Loci.



Very nice resources! I found others’ examples so helpful when I was learning my PAO, so I will also post mine here. It contains person, action, and object. With a few exceptions, there is only one example of each— the one I actually use— and many of the people are from my life, so may not work for you, but I hope someone finds the actions and objects useful.


Thank you Julie!

this looks great!

I wonder, what are the methods that you guys use to retain the info? Do you use an excel sheet? or Anki?

Here’s what I use, but I feel I can find a better way of organizing things together.

I did this for few books I’ve read over the past few months. let me know your thoughts.

I use Google Docs and Sheets to keep track of creating my PAO, like many others I’ve noticed and where I drew inspiration from.

Or are you asking how to go about memorizing it?

sorry couldnt be of more help

I am reorganizing my google drive, I will have new links up for those files as I believe those links are corrupt.