Major Beniowski was a Contemporary of Aime Paris

As stated here by Josh, Aime Paris created the modern version of the Major System, even though such systems have existed in some form centuries before. While reading one of the Major’s books called Major Beniowski’s Phrenotypics, I found a passage that confirms that the Major knew and personally learned from Paris himself.

In 1832 , we followed a course of lectures delivered at Paris , by Mr. Aimé Paris , to whom we gratefully acknowledge to be indebted for many a mnemonic contrivance ; but more so , for having encouraged us , by his example and precepts , to pursue this kind of study , which , although we had the good fortune to hit upon by chance , and follow from our early infancy , we had not boldness enough to rely upon with sufficient confidence ; being diverted , but too often , by the observations of those for whom everything new appears ridiculous , impossible , or injurious .

Though it was always obvious that the Major was influenced by Paris in some form, it’s nice to see some confirmation of this fact on the Major’s part.


How is Major Beniowski’s Phrenotypics? Are there any good memorization tips?

I’ve linked to your post from the Major Beniowski wiki page.



No, it’s pretty basic stuff. The book I linked isn’t really a “book” it’s more like an advertisement for his memory course. I did learn that Aristotle apparently wrote a book on memory.


I read it a couple of times years ago. I don’t think there was anything in it about memory techniques, but it has been a long time.