Lullian Wheels

Can anyone explain to me how memory wheels work? Particularly this one?

I would be interested in a translation if any one can direct me to one.

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Looks interesting! I hope someone knows

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I know these types of wheels are used for memory and visualization. I may have to translate the thing myself.

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There are descriptions of related diagrams in Frances Yates’ Lull and Bruno. Part of it can be read here. There is also some information here.

This looks like a translation:

B: Goodness / Good
C: Greatness / Great
D: Duration / Durable
E: Power / Powerful
F: Wisdom / Wise
G: Will / Willing
H: Virtue / Virtuous
I: Truth / True
K: Glory / Glorious

(As far as I know, there isn’t a letter J in Latin.)

The few words I checked seem to match the definitions here:

Josh, thank you so much. I have this wheel as my screen saver as a reminder to practice memonics but really wanted to get deeper into it. I have read Frances Yates before and I might have to purchase Lull and Bruno.

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After reading more i find it amazing. There is an entire cosmology built into that image.

If you read Lull and Bruno, let us know how it is. I’d get a copy, but it looks like it’s selling for almost USD $250.

Okay, found a great resource on Llull
What was Llull Up To?
So his system is unrelated to Memory Art in the method of loci type sense. It is a series of combinatory philosphical questions about the nature of God that can then be used to systematically question other areas of knowledge. He used his applied his logic to missionary work, navigation and voting theories. It isn’t until Giordano Bruno that Lull’s system of thought is applied to memory palaces. I have Four Works on Llull by Giordano Bruno translated by Scott Gosnell which may provide me with some interesting applications of this type of combinatory logic. Or it could lead nowhere lol

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I’m new to these, but I wrote an article on these Lullian wheels, using the explanation of them found in the appendix to J.M.Greer’s translation of Giordano Bruno’s “De Umbris Idearum.”

I included my thoughts & experiences trying these “combinatorial systems” out as well, hope it is of interest to you.


Here’s a link to a site that has translations of Lull’s work.