Looking for a "set" of memory palaces

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Does anybody here have a suggestion for a set of memory palaces that comes to 16? The states of Germany are pretty obvious. Another option, but I already have pi stored there, would be the first 16 quarters spanning the first 4 arrondissements of Paris:

Any suggestions? Could be 4x4 like the above, 8+8, etc… but should be somewhat interrelated to form a set of memory palaces. By the way, structurally/geographically I like the Paris setup better…

Thanks in advance!

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Just so I am sure that I understand you correctly, you want a palace with 16 loci?

Not quite… I’m looking for 16 different palaces that will have anywhere from 10-50 loci. Have a look at the original post for more details. It’s to store my entire 3-digit major system.

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Over in my topic on the fallout palaces, is that a bit what you are looking for?

I got most of the remaining palaces in that set in queue, so if you would like to use those I can see what I can put on my website tonight


Maybe you can try the latest Thief game https://store.steampowered.com/app/239160/Thief/ (just pointing at the game, do whatever you fancy), in the game you already have to memorize the paths between zones, and the rooms/houses are full of details and very well delimited.

Well and of course the history is a plus.

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Have you used up your restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias? Maybe just going thematically? I’d still have at least 16 restaurants from my past, even though I dont go anymore. They are naturally entertwined yet distinct enough in my memory. 16 places from childhood, 16 friends/familys house.

Perhaps it would also help to know why 16.

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Thanks for that @Mayarra but I was looking for something that’d naturally come to 16… hence the states of Germany. Also, I’m zero familiar with Fallout… the last game like that I’ve played was either Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders or Maniac Mansion. :wink:

I think I might go with this one… has 16 just like Germany does, but is pre-numbered just like Paris is:

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It’s not that I’ve run out of options… there are more than enough loci that I can create. The point is that I’m looking for something that would naturally come to 16 and best be called that. This is a set of memory palaces, so that you can memorize the prime numbers up to 10,000 by placing them in 500 loci across these 16 palaces.

Have a look here or the same link at the very top of this post for details as to why that number is 16…


I just read it, sounds like a great project. I am excited to see what you find for this. I would still use anything naturally connected, as long as I have at least 16 of them.

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I’m favoring Marseille at the moment. The nice thing about numbered city districts is that you don’t have to create an artificial order like I’d have to do with the 16 German states. This way you see the number, turn it into an image, and recall it’s location… done.

Just can’t believe I can’t find anything else it’s 16 for crying out loud… that’s 4*4 … that’s 2^4 …there’s gotta be more things available.

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I’d go for Marseille, it seems like an interesting place to discover. I think Manila also has 16 districts. Have you googled “composed of 16” ? I bet there are more 16s geography. If absolutely necessary to be 16, not 17-1 or 25-9, etc, id do a 16 search in as many fields as I could, biology, anatomy, ecology, sociology… And use whatever kind comes up and if its not space id try to make it space.

P.s you know its season 16 of Greys Anatomy ? :joy:

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Also 16 subway lines in Paris

Make your own palace, you have many more options then.

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Not a set of palaces but hexadecimal comes to mind for no good reason.

This does seem like a perfect candidate for an artificial palace, no?

…yeah, really no.

…more options compared to what?

Perhaps choose a structure that holds only 4 things and put 4 of them on a credit card.

I don’t follow… what is it you want to put on a credit card?