Looking for a Mental Math Training App


are there any good training apps for mental math?
I am looking for an app, that gives you exercises, that you have to solve (ideally with a progress tracker, timer …).


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Any particular kind of exercise?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division …
The more, the better.

In no particular order. Try them out and let us know which one you like best:




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I tend to like for raw practice:


That said you are going to want to build skills with them.

  1. memorization
  2. facts the more things you know the faster you can pivot.
  3. algorithms - tricks, the difference of squares, distributivity
  4. other techniques - Anzan, major system, journey.

To be really fast you need facts and you need to be able to compute with patterns or inherently trusted algorithms (
if you are thinking about 67-9 is 67-10 + 1 then it is too slow
you have to believe
6-1 = 5
7+1 8

so that you can look at 29 * 17 and say to yourself 510-20+3=493 without much thought to get to around 1 second.

or possibly faster depending on your strengths
340 + 153 = 493 ( 17 doubled and 9 * 17 = 1 [7-1-1] 3 ) which

although recognizing that 23^2 = 529 - 36 = 493 could even be faster if you can just trust it.

fastest yet is simply committing 29 * 17 = 493 to memory and the leveraging the fact in larger calculations

addition and subtraction by Anzan, mental visualization of abacus are far faster than rational thought as well.

a strong grasp of a major system and a small journey should provide the ability to hold more than 7 sub-totals while simultaneously calculating.

being able to estimate and cross-check your work trivially; logarithms.

Applications - use it for something other than its own benefit.

Practice - there is no substitution for practice, your brain needs to become efficient in recognizing and calculating. You need to become proficient, efficient and confident.

Learn some new mathematics; play with calculus, linear algebra, stats, and probabilities.

Play with numbers, sequences, and logarithms

… Start young 3 or 4 would be nice and have talent.

Those of us without gifts can become reasonably proficient with sustained practice. The gifted are really, really annoying but us “normals” can appear to be pretty smart until someone gifted comes along. On the plus side, IQ is fairly normally distributed and if you score +175 or so ( 1 in a million) then you can probably figure it out yourself. If you are merely around 150 ( 1 in 1000 ) then you probably need to work on it.

Just a couple of thoughts. I’ve been practicing a bit lately and have been looking in occasionally.


Excellent post, Robert!
Great to see you back!

Quick Brain is nice for becoming fast at mental arithmetic with a shot of elementary algebra.

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