Lists of "good" attributes for extended PAO


I’m creating a system for memorizing chess games.
In the simplest form, every move can be coded as a square from and square to which a piece is moved.
So, every ply consists of 2 elements (or 1, if I had 64*64 pegs :>). Though I know there are systems of even 10000 pegs, anything more than a few hundred is already too much for me to handle.

That leaves me with a bit clumsy coding - I can code 3 squares, but for a single ply I need 2, and the whole move (both by white and black) I need 4.

Because of that, I am trying to extend PAO to PAOF by adding features of the objects.
So I came up with things like flaming, frozen, trippy, slimy, dressed as a burrito… but quickly ran out of good ones, and by “good” I mean “completely different from the other ones”. I found a lot of good peg lists on this forum already, perhaps someone can suggest an attribute/feature list? Or a different type of PAO extension?

Kind regards


That’s cool. Extending pao is not a new idea, somebody had did it before. Just be aware that pao’x’ currently does not have strong findings it’s quicker than pao. But in terms of storage i think it’s better. PAOO is a common approach for expansion, another way to that is PAPO/PAPR. Talking about features based you might consider weather, environment, sensation, emotion, patterns and shapes etc.