List of the main topics of the world (ie. science, politics, history, etc.)

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I am working on a table of content for my memory palaces and am thinking of using an old library or something as my table of content (If you have ideas for library locations for this, suggestions are greatly appreciated). In this table of content, my main topics will be for example Mathematics, Science, Politics, History, Religion, etc. Does anyone know of a somewhat complete list for this? I have already filled out some but I know I have forgotten some main topics. Thanks!


You could use the Dewey Decimal System as a template.–_Computer_science,information&_general_works


Thank you so much!


The Library of Congress uses its own system which may or may not be helpful.

You can also give more emphasis to certain topics over others. If you know a lot about iguanas (don’t ask why) but nothing about birds, maybe iguanas could be their own category and birds are grouped with the other animals sort of like a footnote in your system. It’s flexible. Just do whatever makes sense to your brain.


Colon Classification (it’s for libraries) looks quite interesting, I think. The section on Classes is mainly what you’re looking for. Bliss Classification is similar (Classifications section is what you want on that one).