List of memory feats


Hi All,

This post is a list of memory feats for the mnemonist or the mnemotechnician. I am not including pseudo memory feats or ‘magic’ tricks that rely on mnemonics.

Here is a list of the classical memory feats:

Day for any date
Knights tour
Saying the alphabet backwards
memorising lists of objects
Memorising serial numbers on bank notes
Memorising a deck of cards

Feel free to add more as you think of them,



(Josh Cohen) #2

Good ideas.

I like pi memorization. I only have 400 digits indexed, but it’s a fun trick that people like.

“What is the 231st digit of pi?”

I have 10 journeys of 40 digits each. So 231 is going to be on journey #6 (231/40 is greater than 5 and less than 6).
It’s going to be the 32nd digit of the journey, because a decimal point in the first journey shifts things by one digit.
32/4=8, so it will be the final digit in location eight, which is a 3. If people have a mobile phone they can check it on Wolfram Alpha.

There are also some related lists on the memorization goals and memory challenges pages.


Using binary number techniques you can memorice the colour order of half a deck in an instant. If you translate the colour of 24 cards to 4 words you don´t even need to inmediatly place them in a memory palace, you can do it with short term memory and place them in the palace after you close the extension. And if you close the extension from start to finish you can read the last words while you are already closing the extension to win some extra time.

(in fact it´s not half a deck with 24 cards, I lie when I do it)


Random rock-paper-scisor. You can memorice a string of random moves and do them, becoming totally unpredictable and invulnerable to psichological manipulation. Of course, your chances of winning are %50, but maybe you can play in a different way and fall back to your random string of moves each time you feel your opponent is ahead of you.


Memorize the suits of a shuffled deck of cards and then order the suits in 4 equal groups/piles.

Memorize a criptocurrency account ( 32 characters mixing numbers, Uppercase and lowercase letters . )


If not, just memorize the colors of any cube in order.

Solved sudokus. ( and variants )
bank accounts.
credit cards numbers.
vehicle registration plate numbers ( and the color of the vehicle )