Link time to an action to remember to attend a meeting

At the weekend I sometimes put my phone away just to relax so I miss my calendar reminders. Even though I have the same event every week I forget because I’m relaxed. What else can I do to remember to attend the online meeting? Times of the week don’t have much significance to me.

I found I can link locations to actions quite well. For example, I can link my toothbrush to tooth floss or I can link my keys to a door handle etc. Then when I see that situation, I get reminded to do the action. But for times, I’m lost with what to do.


Use an alarm clock maybe?


It’s a issue about habit, people without scheduling habit are likely no alarm clock habits as well. :joy:
Umm, try to mark schedule once you firmed a meeting, or request other participants call you that day.

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I thought this was a memory forum?

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it is, which means we are also aware of its limitations. Our memory is basically one big book, and the art of memory focusses on how to most effectively write in that book. One thing that it is limited in, is reminders. You can’t write things in a book and expect it to remind you of it, you have to open the book itself.

However, Antelex is also onto something with his comment on habits. You might forget a few times at first, but down the road you will be able to better remember that you had to do something that day. Something that can help with that is actually visualization.

Let’s say you have a meeting on saturday, at 13:00. You can already visualize taking a walk during the morning, no phone, but you do bring a watch. You then maybe go out for a meal at 12:00, so visualize that. After the meal, you head to your meeting. Visualizing all that turns it into a plan. Walk until 12:00, eat until maybe 12:45, then meeting from 13:00. Or mind is pretty decent at those.

In the extend of that, it helps to plan things after certain rituals in your life, hence I put it into my example to be after lunch. Maybe you have a weekend morning routine where you wake up, eat, brush your teath, go for a run, shower, and maybe some other things. Generally, at the end of the routine it will be around the same time. You might always start your routine between 7:30 and 8:00, and it ends between 9:30 and 10:00. That means you could plan a meeting at 10:00 and visualize it as a part of your routine that day beforehand.

It might not be waht you expected, but I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Yup habits.

Make like a “timeline-palace”, where every time is a memory spot. But in order to not forget your timeline-palace, you’ll have to make a habit of scanning that palace, like, every 10 minutes at least. So it could be a habit of “checking your routines palace”.

Without any habit of checking your appointments-memory-palace, you run the risk of forgetting.

So you could just have one habit, and that is the habit of remembering a memory palace. If diligent enough, you might never forget things.

There are some limitations on this habit though. For one is the frequency/time spacing. A habit where you check the memory palace every 1 minute might be interrupting. But I could see a 10-minute habitual scan. You’d have to limit the number of memory spots in this palace to probably less than one minute, or else it might again become interrupting or burdensome.

I could really see a 100-loci memory palace that you review every 10 minutes. I’d think of it like your human computer RAM, keeping awareness as much as possible beyond the CPU/short-term.

To train this habit, I think that I will set an alarm for every 10 minutes and review my memory palace, for maybe 1 week/month until hopefully I will not need any alarm and spontaneously do it every 10 minutes. It might partly be based on circadian rhythms.

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I think what you might mean is, for example, having an image for each day of the week. Example, Moonday for Monday.

Times are numbers, so you can use the major system.

So, meeting on Monday at 4 with the executive committee.

Moon tearing into a big chunk of meat (meating, on Moonday) that it skewered on a golden arrow (arrow in the major system is 4), that it is using to roast the meat. Since the meating is with the executive committee (exec), then the moon grabs an egg from many marked with an “X” on them, and cracks it over the meat for each bite.

To remember, you start with Moonday to review what you have coming up.

Hope that helps somewhat.


Please let me know how you fare with that!

My solution would be to plan a day in great detail in google calendars, then have a watch (I have to check whether that’s possible with my Casio) beep at the times a new event starts as planned in google calendar.

Remembering the tasks should be easy with the method of loci- I‘ll see whether another link to the time will be necessary. I will try that out tomorrow and will give an update. I imagine that to be pretty cool though, I‘ll be like the guy from the Sherlock TV-series. He basically did that. His watch would beep and he knew what task would come next.

EDIT: Right… I work in the hospital on the covid station so no watches. A habitual scan seems a bit exhausting- I‘ll try to use my PAO-number system to stand for times and connect to the tasks I have planned and put that in a memory palace. Asking myself whenever I happen to look at a watch what and when is next on my list will hopefully be enough.