Lettering System other than Speffz

I tried blind solving a while back and I got as far as to solve all of the edges, but memorization was just too much for me to work out doing a full solve. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was using the speffz system, and coming up with images for letter pairs like ZV or KQ was very difficult.

I’m thinking of using a new system since I already have a PAO set up for 2-digit numbers. Any ideas? Has anyone done anything like this that they could share their system? One option would be to simply number them 1-24 and use a person-object system in order to keep track of parity.

EDIT: I miscounted the number of locations as 20 instead of 24 and it made my post confusing

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I started out with my existing PAO system before later upgrading to double letter speffz; however, you want to keep the A-X logic that speffz provides, so that you don’t have to relearn if and when you decide to go back to speffz. Have a look here:

Using braille to transform letters into numbers has the advantage that a) you learn a new skill along the way; b) you keep the speffz naming intact; and c) you can practice the system by turning on braille input on your phone and just write some text.

Also, like you mentioned, do PA or PO in each location so that it’s similar to double letter pairs. By the way, I’d start with corners instead of edges, so if you want to go from Old Pochmann for both to OP for corners and M2 for edges, you just have to rework the part after the parity fix.

For just learning the memorization part you can also have a look at this app:


Thank you, this has been very helpful. Yesterday after posting I went ahead and tried using the numbering system. I just replaced every letter with its number (A=1, B=2, etc.) and I achieved my first ever blind solve! I really like the braille post and I will definitely learn Braille when I have more time. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult at all, I’m just very busy with exams and other assignments right now.

Do I need to have any peg system for letters (like the animal example you mentioned in the post) in order to learn Braille? I like your system but I don’t have anything like that set up already. Then again, animals are familiar to everyone so maybe I could just use a list from the forum/wiki?

Well, you kind of want to know which letter your image stand for… but that could be any association. Say you use the major system:

A in braille = 10 with major code TS

If in your PAO you got Tony Stark (Iron Man) for 10, then you can simply say that he’s part of the Avengers and you got your link.

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Thank you, this helps a lot. I also needed a new idea for 10 in my PAO since I was using a performer I’ve only seen once, so the example was very nice. I appreciate the help!

I use a lettering scheme which is quite different from speffz. It is not used that much by top blindsolvers.

That seems really interesting! I like how consecutive letters have to be right next to each other, and can often refer to the same piece. Seems like it makes things pretty straightforward.

Since this post, I’ve actually gotten comfortable enough with Speffz (and my own modifications to it) in order to use it in blind solves! So I’ve just been using that.

Thanks for sharing!


Speffz is universally followed and it also has letters consecutively on one face,

My notation is called spiral notation, the alphabets go spirally around the cube, M2 F’ U2 M’ U M2 U M’ F M2.