Learning programming language

I am interested in learning java script. What is the best way to learn a programing language using memory tools and techniques.

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There is no “one right way”, but to get this started:

What is your background with memory techniques? Which techniques have you already practiced, and for how long? Take a look at the Resources tab if you haven’t already.

Have you read the other threads about using memory techniques for programming? There are quite a few of them. https://forum.artofmemory.com/search?q=programming


It depends a great deal on where you are in your studies.

Do you already have a grasp of programming constructs from another language or are you starting here?

People often tackle languages both natural and computer by learning the rules. IMO there is some value to that but it’s often more useful to learn examples of the language in use. It’s more useful to memorize an example of a for loop in action and then take up all the fiddly syntax later as needed.

Some people encode syntax verbatim as a string of characters. I draw sketches. I use sketches also to capture abstract concepts.

Here’s a sketch I did for the Object oibject in Javascript.

That thread is very rich in ideas for memory structures.


I notice you use an unusual spelling. What other programming languages do you know?

BTW: I think JavaScript is referred to as a “scripting language”, rather than a “programming language”.

I’m not a techie, but I think JavaScript is an absolute pesky beast of a language. I don’t think I’m alone:

Of course, if you’re knowledgeable about languages, then this forum is an excellent place to learn mnemonics.