Learning Koine Greek

Koine Greek,
I want to read, Koine Greek, it’s no longer spoken, but to be able to read it “fluently”. I ahve been told mondern Greek (todays) has changed so far it would be more time consuming to go between the two.

My mother tongue is English and I live in Germany and speak German at a B2 level.

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May I suggest you start your own topic then, because @luisquedas was originally asking about “new vocabulary of a second language” which basically implies a #modern-language rather than a #classical-language.

Only the fewest of Netflix shows have Sankrit, Latin, and Greek soundtracks or Egyptian hieroglyphs for subtitles, so this might require a slightly different approach. :wink:

It’s not that black and white actually… Koine Greek followed Ancient Greek and early forms are still close to Attic Greek, whereas later forms are closer to Medieval Greek. I wouldn’t recommend Modern English to anyone though if they wanted to read Beowulf; Shakespeare maybe. So yeah, not much of a point learning Modern Greek.

Are we talking NT Greek or what made you choose Koine as a dialect? Most people start with Classical Greek.

Do you actually know anybody who can read it fluently? These texts are still roughly 2,000 years old… just in terms of pop cultural references, etc. I mean…

@Josh would it be possible to add the above hashtags to make it easier for others to navigate the #language-learning category


I split this into a new topic and added the tags.

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