Lance's Training Records

  1. 360, 3/Locus, 50/50 (48BPM) Ok, this was the best yet. Got 331/360, BUT there were really only 5 images missing altogether…The other errors were 2 Switched-order errors and one where I put 326 instead of 784. Actually I put 784 first and then CHANGED it. It was BOUND to happen eventually - make these distinct, seriously!

Ok, now 326 is boarded up, while 784 is open as always, dripping and cold…

December 10, 2013


  1. 360 3/loci 50/50:
    Fail. Did well for 150 or so, then lost my place, and it was all over. Had a hard time bringing some things to mind quickly, even 034. So far, I’ve done best with the “leave it be” philosophy of encoding/review. I need more experience to know exactly the importance of linking and visualization in the first run-thru. If I vis everything without linking, is it inneficient because I can’t reuse the SAME imagery when I go back and link?g


360 used to be an insanity drill. Now, when I get 280 in order, I’ll be attempting 400 each time…Made a lot of quick work with the digits. Cards are still soo much slower, and I’m less confident with them. It can only be because of recognition speed. That really needs to be a priority right now, as well as words and tea party. I only have THREE months to master the Tea Party.

2)338/360. Awesome. Score was 280 at the 9:00 recall mark. So now, all digit attempts will be for 400. Had 6 errors accounted for by two switched objects. When the second acts upon the first, how are you supposed to remember the order of the two? Need a system for high speeds? Maybe experience alone will account for this, or do I need to be more clear on every object’s action?

Overall, this was an excellent run!! The digits that were forgotten were from a string of only a few loci, where things didn’t get properly encoded the first time around…or the second. Still, it was a huge gap (probably about 80 digits) that were poorly encoded, or not at all, and I patched up that gap really well.

Cards: Why on earth are these so hard for you? Just got 37/39 because I couldn’t remember what Minsh meant, because I don’t review enough, so I missed that one and the one before it. It’s so important to know your images otherwise linking just goes down the drain. What if in March I get dealt chains of weak links? It’d be a nightmare, so I need to make sure there are no more weak links, and that’s it. Don’t need to be better OR faster, just need to make sure there are no weak links…And I don’t have enough time left to do much more than that if I’m going to take the other events seriously anyway.

Dec 13:
Cards: Reviewed about 1000 images and it took forever. Really have to do this once in a while or else it just gets slow, slow.
1)78 cards in 1:56: Missed 18…Yeah. Remembered some of the missed ones, but not quite in order on those last loci because an image or two were forgotten so those were counted wrong. Goodness Gracious. Really, I should be using an alarm here, not a metronome. Take a step back and rework this strategy. That should be easy to get, so obviously the strategy here is way, way off. It just isn’t the same as 5 minute speed numbers in this short time frame.

Dec 14:

  1. Insanity drill: 2 Decks/2 mins: (This is the only goal you have set for this Championship Year that you have not achieved, and this is actually the first attempt.)
    ~2:1, 66cards, review, 38 remaining cards = 170 cards = 85 BPM. Go with 42, take a few extra seconds.
    Note: If you wanted to go 1:1. you could use 39 BPM.

Ok…Remembered about half. But notice that I didn’t sleep last night, got three hours the night before, and did not sleep the night before that. My brain is really, really exhausted. I wouldn’t have done really well anyway, but I was pretty surprised at some that I couldn’t remember. They were encoded fairly well and just slipped. After all, that was like 1:35 just for the encoding and review of the first 66 cards. So…Not happenin’ today, basically.

Also - This drill isn’t representative of the strategy anyway. At this speed, this is more like a 50/50 review of 78 cards or so. So it doesn’t tell me anything useful about optimal strategy.

Let’s try something different…
My brain is mush, but just for kicks, do 26 BPM, 2 decks/2 mins straight thru. I can at least compare it to that horrible display from moments ago.

  1. 2Decks/2Mins, straight thru, 26BPM: remembered 74 cards…forgot 30. But again, I’m just so exhausted - there were so many cases where I could remember one or 2 in a loci and just couldnt remember the other. You know that almost never happens. You’re just brain-mush man right now.

You really should be studying… :wink: but just a little more -
Try doing some speed drills. Since your memory sucks so much right now it may be easier.

22 cards free.
3)16s Forgot 2.
Too hard… :slight_smile:
18 Cards free.
4)10s - partial success…encoded Soobs as Subs. It’s just cuz I haven’t gone thru a total list review in forever. Still, I did remember them all with 28.88888888s deck time.

Note: To get a 20 second deck time, I need to do 18 in 6.92s

Dec 16:
You just haven’t been training because the exam is taking all of your time - but memorizing all that info with loci is like training, and you’ll get back into the swing of it later.
1)just tried a single 72 card run without a timer (none available). It was nice to be able to stop a moment when I couldn’t remember an image. I probably spent about 90 seconds on it or so, and forgot 4 imgs along the way. Recon was super super fast tho. Just read thru starting with the card that’s already on the back of the deck to save some time. 72 cards feels good. It’s a stretch, but if done with a timer, I’ll succeed with 100% pretty soon at a moderate-fast speed and get a baseline.

The Insanity drill as you call it is where I have gotten most of my improvements and speed. It’s amazing that the brain can even handle a lot of practice like that.

“A lot of practice”? What do you mean exactly – practice that is way above your level, or a lot of practice as in number of minutes/hours spent practicing? Do you spend a lot of time practicing? One other thing that has taken my skills to the next level is increasing the number of events that I practice and trying to practice them more or less evenly. I can’t say exactly why, maybe you specifically develop different little sub-skills in the different events that carry over and help with the other events, but all other factors equal, I improved at the same speed at numbers or cards even with 1/2 the practice because I was practicing other things, and got better at those things (N&F, random words, poetry) simultaneously. It takes a lot of self-control to work on the events that aren’t as interesting, but as is usually the case, discipline and self-control pay off.

10 minute random words from USAMC website: time limit, ten minutes. Waited fifteen minutes before the following recall attempt. Spent the time doing one mental review in which I got them all (I think, unless synonym or plurality errors) which took 2 or 3 minutes I guess, and the next 15 minutes reading posts and responding. First fifty words took 2:00 to place. Next 50 took 2:19. Used 5/locus imagery method; complete emphasis on imagery and visual linking, with no use of sub-loci. Straight memorization the same as numbers/cards, picking a very concrete image even if imperfect (“young” was a baby). Words were super, super simple. 90% nouns, many of which are already in my object list! Is the real USAMC event this simple??

1.Fairy (Noav)
3.Jam (Jam)
5.Noodle (Foamf)
6.Lamp (Lamp)
10.Raft (Raft)
17.Tree (Figch)
18.Snail (Snayl)
21.Vase (Vase)
26.Arcade (Pib)
28.Igloo (Pib)
30.Dwarf (Leeg)
31.Meat (Roast)
33.Kite (Kait)
31.Alarm (Larm)
33.Pity (pit)
34.Cactus (cact)
36.Tongue (Tung)
38.Hammer (Hamr)
40.Bean (Laimb)
41.Jaguar (Kroat)
42.Wreath (Reeth)
43.Gallery (Bumd)
46.Duck (Duk)
47.Umbrella (Rayn)
48.Earth (World+Mulch)
49.Swell (Booct growing)
50.Key (Key)
51.Magic (Jish vanishing key)
55.Yard (Met + Nol)
56.Octopus (coof)
58.Beetle (Moop)
60.Reptile (Keel)
64.Tomato (Toa)
66.Castle (sul)
67.Poor (Vag)
68.Fiber (Rope + 661) That saved me from synonyms in mental review!
69.Wig (Toop)
70.Empire (Storm In formation)
71.Lump (At first just used a lump of hair. During passive review, added in Stump)
73.Tarantula (Foab)
74.Rail (Rayl) Uh oh, was this handrail or railing? I am pretty sure I knew during 1st mental review…
77.Wagon (Cairj) probably should have chosen Chaylk. Clearly not familiar enough with shadows.
78.Angel (Aynj)
79.Jacket (Jak)
82.Knock (Nok)
83.Patio (Aunt Patty on a patio)
85.Image (ulcer +image = spoken association method)
86.Venom (Ven)

WTF?! Where are the last ten??? Oh, Misnumbered :slight_smile: Whew.
100% in 10 minutes. Seriously, this was WAY too easy. On a good run, could definitely get 150 of these types of words in 15 minutes. Probably 100% on 130 under pressure TODAY.

Need to focus with hella intensity on Tea Party and Cards at this point, but still must do 15 minute words AT least twice a week, is that so much to ask…? How about 5 min words every other day and 15 min words on the rehearsal days? Ok, deal. Starting after the exam. And come on, at least 5 min N&F on the alternate ‘non-word’ days and 15 mins on rehearsal. Your training schedule has become a joke, really. It should be apparent that you are the best competitor all around, and right now, it isn’t, because you’re not. And every day, do Tea Party run or AT LEAST full review of Tea Party Images/single letter/single digit, and loci, and car model study.

And what of poetry? Imagine botching poetry and being left out of the finals. Jayzums, how bout that nightmare? Imagine fearing botching poetry and so deciding to shoot for 50 points. Non-options. You are freaking great at poetry sometimes. Find out why that’s only true sometimes. Learn the poetic devices and how to recognize them on the fly.

But for real, some of these people have been doing tea party for 6 years. Assume Johnny has already taken a slot. So it’s being either 1st or 2nd out of the remaining 4. Shouldn’t be too hard, but bad-luck and poor time management could remove me from the gene pool at this time. Also, assuming a 15% drop in digit scores, I need to be a pretty confident 360 if I plan on setting a record.

Cards: 2Decks in 2:00, 26 BPM, straight thrru, no review.
Recalled 47. Well how about that !?
Without Metronome - took 2:06 and I made many more errors than that. MUST practice without metronome more often than with it. Must practice keeping the pace + lightning spreads.

  1. 72 cards free.
    2:03, forgot 1 image. Score:36 I knew it was a being (was Hump) but forgot who. He was the only card I didn’t link with the previous loci. ‘Deck+’ runs need to be exercises in linking between loci above all.

Dec 29
You sir are badly out of practice. Need to do some full system reviews, images are fading!! You thought this would never happen and it’s only taken a few short weeks. For shame
0:34 decks 45 BPM final glance:

  1. remembered 16. Uhoh. Really all recog problems tho, practice like this is basically a waste of time until next full review. Still, I’ll do a few free runs.
    Freeruns: Mostly Safeish runs:
    1)0:50, forgot 3 recon was super duper easy, but in spite of that, encoded meez as mes, uhh and mosh as jish, tho that was forgotten and reconned. But seriously what kinds of mistakes are those?? You are losing it sir, get on those full reviews at least shadowface review tonight, that’s a start. Still if these are relatively safe runs then 0:50 w easy recon is really not that bad…but I guess this one doesn’t count…decent job linking between loci tho.
  2. Even safer. Keep the pace: shoulders relaxed, breathe…
    Took 1:00 and forgot 4 right after I lost the pace. Do not do that! Recon super easy but encoded Hoomv as Hoomn!!! Unbelievable! Sure these types of errors will vanish after review tho…
    3)If you must go slower, fine but keep the freakin pace!:
    Kept the pace slightly better but really not good enough. But surely that’s why I shaved off a few seconds even tho it felt slow. 0:55 with one forgotten. Obviously recall was simple.
  3. Time is not a factor. Go at whatever speed is comfortable as long as you keep the pace: 0:54. Did a BETTER job keeping the pace but still assumed at a few parts that I would recognize an image before I did and lost some time that way. Forgot 4 recon supah easy, really the reason the images were forgotten was poor to nonexistent linking between loci. That wasn’t the focus of the run but it should always be present, so one final run,
  4. Keep the pace and ALWAYS link between loci. Again don’t worry about time at all. I have to make these techniques automatic.
    1:09. And didn’t take my time visualizing last 2 objects and forgot them second time around. That error is too common. It will ruin a perfectly good run, so always take the time! Took forever to remember reelsh like 5+ seconds whoa, and once again encoding error, encoded Hun as hoon!!! That does it- no more cards until two full reviews and an extra Face review. Incorrect encoding is the WORST error you can make because it may not be fixable in recon and will totally destroy verbal recall scores. These reviews are NOTHING - I’m going easy on myself with this homework.

Part I—
Real Estate Principles and Practices

  1. b. The state becomes owner of a deceased person’s property in the absence of a will or natural heirs, through the power of escheat.
  2. b. Points are paid on the amount borrowed, not the selling price. The buyers are borrowing 90% of the sale price, or $162,000. Each point is one percent of that
    figure, so three points are .03 $162,000 = $4,860.
  3. c. An oil and gas lease is used for exploration and production of natural resources. A percentage lease is used by many commercial retail businesses. A ground
    lease is used for temporary use of land with the addition of removable improvements. In a variable lease, the terms are changed in reaction to a change in a common
    index or at a specific date.
  4. d. Any party who fails to take care of their responsibilities in a timely manner is subject to being held in default of the contract.
  5. c. A buffer zone is often used to soften the transition between residential and other uses.
  6. a. Although consumers engage brokers to assist in their real estate activities, there is no requirement that the client heed the agent’s advice or counsel.
  7. c. The difference between value and debt is equity.
  8. d. NOI ÷ cap rate = value: $5,500 12 ÷ .11 = $600,000.
  9. b. As customers, the Martins are entitled merely to fair and honest treatment. Chris does not owe them confidentiality or obedience to instructions.
  10. c. One of the purposes of RESPA is to limit rebates paid to providers of real estate services. Kickbacks are specifically prohibited. Referral fees to licensed
    brokers and processing fees for home warranties are specifically authorized.
  11. d. An estate for years automatically terminates and requires no notice from either party.
  12. d. The bundle of legal rights is included in the definition of real property, not of land.
  13. a. The satisfaction piece is sometimes known as a mortgage discharge or release of mortgage.
  14. a. The customer, while not entitled to fiduciary service, must nevertheless be treated with fairness and honesty.
  15. a. A license is a privilege to use the land of another for a specific purpose. It may not be assigned, and ends upon expiration, revocation, or withdrawal.
  16. d. The subdivision map, which shows lots, blocks, streets, and the like, is known as a plat. It is filed in a plat book, open to the public, and sometimes designated
    as a libber.
  17. b. Typical zones permit residential, multi­family, or commercial buildings within a given zone.
  18. d. $250,000 .80 ÷ 1,000 = $200 7.34 = $1,468 + $250 escrow = $1,718 monthly payment.
  19. b. Jessie is entitled to honest treatment, so Sam should explain that he owes her no confidentiality and that he does owe a duty of notice to Sam.
  20. a. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act provides that the buyer is entitled to a copy of the appraisal if the buyer paid for it.
  21. c. A five percent vacancy rate is considered normal; anything lower means rents are too low.
  22. b. If the Fed charges a higher rate of interest to its member banks, they must add their margin to that rate, thus increasing the cost to the borrower and slowing
    down business loans.
  23. d. Under the police powers given by the state, local jurisdictions regulate and control the use of the land through enacting and enforcing zoning laws. These laws
    also address issues such as building heights and setbacks.
  24. a. The buyer may take possession of the property, but legal title remains with the owner until the terms of the purchase are completed.
  25. c. Only the trust represents the owner’s own decision; the other transfers would be involuntary.
  26. a. Buyer and seller can make whatever arrangements they are comfortable with as to rate, size, frequency of payment, and other details of the loan.
  27. b. The new landlord is responsible for the return of the security deposits, which should have been credited to her when the sale was settled.
  28. a. It is the note that creates the debt in an agreement between the borrower and lender.
  29. c. To compare the two houses, the appraiser subtracts the value of the fireplace from the comparable house and adds the value of the garage that is found in the
    subject property. $128,500 – $5,000 + $8,000 = $131,500.
  30. a. Restrictive covenants cannot be used for illegal purposes. If they are, the courts will not enforce them.
  31. b. Tenants must receive lead paint information before a lease is signed, if the house was built before 1978.
  32. d. Penalties for usury in some states prohibit the lender from collecting even the original loan amount.
  33. c. The agent must be able to account for and produce anything of value entrusted to their care. This includes advances of marketing fees, earnest money deposits,
    and escrows.
  34. a. A condominium is owned in fee simple just as a single house would be. By contrast, the owner of a cooperative apartment receives shares in a corporation that
    owns the whole building and pays property taxes on it.
  35. d. Each point is one percent of the amount being borrowed and serves as extra interest income to the lender.
  36. b. The objective of the appraiser is to estimate market value. All other responses are the result of agreement between the parties.
  37. a. Contracts made under fraud are subject to being rescinded at the option of the innocent party.
  38. b. The store will pay as additional rent a percentage of its receipts each month.
  39. b. Taking title to property subject to an existing mortgage acknowledges the existence of the debt but does not incur personal liability.
  40. d. While zoning tends to control the corporate use of land, the principle of supply and demand controls values.
  41. c. Each front foot along the lake costs $250, so the total value is $75,000 ($250 300 feet).
  42. c. $250,000 ÷ 100 6 = $15,000.1 point = 1/8%. 6 points = 3/4% increase in yield.
  43. a. Under FIRREA, appraisers need to licensed by the state.
  44. b. Commingling, prohibited by state license laws, refers to the mixing of other people’s money (earnest deposits, for example) with the broker’s own funds
  45. b. The person who retains an agent is known as the client.
  46. b. A year’s interest on the present debt would be $7,358.96 ($86,576 .085). A month’s interest is $613.25 ($7,358.96 ÷ 12). The principal portion of her
    payment is $239.31 ($852.56 – 613.25).
  47. d. A variance, if granted, allows a use that will violate present zoning ordinances.
  48. b. Contracts brought about by fraud or misrepresentation are voidable at the option of the injured party.
  49. a. A property manager may not solicit or accept gratuities from suppliers of goods or services.
  50. a. 850 feet 850 feet ÷ 9 = 80,278 square yards.
  51. c. A point is one percent of the amount borrowed, not of the full sale price.
  52. d. Choice a defines the appraisal principle of anticipation, choice b the principle of contribution, and choice c the principle of conformity.
  53. a. The agent is only required to provide the other party all the pertinent facts about the condition of the property and to make honest statements about the
  54. b. Testers are individuals or organizations who pose as buyers and record and report the treatment they receive.
  55. b. $295,000 .7 = $206,500 Loan. $206.5 7.34 = $1,515.71 PI. ($3,000 + $600) ÷ 12 = $300 IT. $1,515.71 + $300 = $1,815.71.
  56. c. Under normal circumstances, land is not depreciated.
  57. d. The sales contract should contain a provision allowing the buyer a walk­through within 24 hours before closing.
  58. a. The agent’s obligation to exercise due diligence comes from the fiduciary duty of care.
  59. c. Only fees and expenses paid by or on behalf of the owner are included in the calculations.
  60. d. Maintenance, depreciation, and repair can only be deducted in commercial real estate.
  61. a. The law does not require elevators or power lifts in residential real estate.
  62. c. The one­time exclusion of $125,000 at age 55 was changed to the ability to sell a principal residence every two years and exclude up to $250,000 per person
    from tax.
  63. c. The only allowable deduction on the tax return for the homeowner is for taxes and mortgage interest actually paid.
  64. c. A blanket loan covers more than one property. Sold lots are released by payment of a portion of the principal.
  65. b. A trust deed scenario involves three persons: the borrower, the lender, and a trustee who holds title for the benefit of the lender. The trustee also will reconvey
    ownership after the borrower has satisfied the debt.
  66. c. The seller provides proof that the taxes have been paid, a proper deed, and any required inspections. A deed of trust or mortgage would only be required if the
    seller was providing the loan.
  67. d. Recent sales prices are a part of the data the appraiser will collect later.
  68. d. The word severalty comes from “sever,” and implies that all other persons are severed, or cut off, from any share of ownership.
  69. d. The agent still must disclose pertinent facts to the third party, just as before the contract was ratified.
  70. b. $185,500 .085 ÷ 12 = $1,313.95 interest for month; $1,426.50 – $1,313.95 = $112.55.
    Part II—
    Texas Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  71. d. The legislature has given TREC the power to enact and enforce rules governing the professional acts of real estate licensees.
  72. c. Fiduciary duties of obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, reasonable care, and personal performance are owed to the licensee’s client. All
    other parties must be treated with honesty, fairness, and disclosure.
  73. a. Only a judge can compel mediation. A party may request a judge to refer to mediation but only the judge can compel. Neither TREC nor a broker has the
    authority to insist that parties go to mediation.
  74. b. All proposed rules must be posted for public comment prior to adoption. The legislature has the power to strike down any rule or regulation proposed by
    agencies created and authorized by the legislature.
  75. a. The license must be returned immediately, and the salesperson is on inactive status until duly sponsored by another broker.
  76. c. TREC has not published a contract for deed. There are 2 forms for 1–4 family resale, 2 forms for condominium resale, 2 forms for new construction, 1 form for
    farm and ranch, 1 form for unimproved residential lot, 14 addenda, 2 resale certificates, 1 consumer information form, and several forms published for voluntary use.
  77. d. 200 acres are protected.
  78. b. A commission may be pursued even though the transaction did not close. In addition to meeting the requirements of Section 20 of TRELA, a broker must be
    able to convince the court that he produced a ready, willing, and able buyer.
  79. c. All contractual agreements to provide service for which a real estate license is required must have a termination date and time not subject to prior notice, with
    the exception of a contract to furnish management services.
  80. c. The legislature has designated TREC as the court of first hearing for matters addressed by TRELA. To fulfill its function, TREC has been granted subpoena
  81. b. All salespersons are licensed under a sponsoring broker. When the broker’s license ceases to be active and valid, the salespersons licensed under the broker
    are automatically placed on inactive status.
  82. d. An application expires six months from the date it is issued. Any new requirements that have gone into effect during that time must be met in order to file a new
  83. d. All forms of advertisement offering real property for lease or sale by a licensee must reveal that the property is being offered through a broker. The name of the
    company, the broker, or the word agent must be as large as the largest telephone number.
  84. c. Unlicensed activity is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a minimum fine of $100 and a maximum fine of $500 plus up to one year in the county jail for each
  85. b. The broker’s duty is to advise the buyer in writing to have the abstract examined by an attorney of his or her choice or to obtain an owner’s title policy.
  86. d. The intermediary must take care to make certain that neither salesperson conveys the confidential, personal information of the other party without first obtaining
    their express, written consent
  87. a. Licensees have the duty to present every offer to the client as well as to give the client the benefit of their expertise.
  88. c. Before a disciplinary action can be taken against a licensee, TREC must hold a hearing and allow for due process.
  89. c. A licensee can face probation, suspension, or revocation of license or an administrative penalty for any violation of TRELA or a TREC rule.
  90. c. Buyers must be given an opportunity to decide whether they want representation or not. If they choose to decline the opportunity to become represented clients
    and are being shown property by a licensee in a firm other than the listing firm, they become customers, and the licensee is a subagent representing the best interests of
    the seller.

Jan 1:



860 - Big Bertha!!

K♦Q♥ - Hern - Musician from dr. seuss (find photo)

K♠8♥ - Hyooj - this should obviously be Bonkers jumping up with that boxing glove coming out of the mallet!

2♥ J♦ - Tayn - Single Stocking
3♥ A♦ - Tah - Oversized Green apple with the hungry caterpillar sticking out of it
6♥ 5♦ - Daik - The little blue sudsy scrubber in the sink
7♥ 3♦ - Taco Man - Took was like my worst image. This from South Park.
7♥ 7♦ - Toax - Double spires with Green fumes
9♥ A♦ - Taps - One Bugler and One Shotgunner
Q♥ 3♦ - Reed - Blue men Banging on pvc pipe

116 - As 6c - Odsh - Casts poison spores

10♥ 5♠ - Chaiz - Pulled in by 2 motorcycles connected by yolk
A♥ A♠ - Jad - The bookends hold books between them
A♥ 4♠ - Shood - The blinds are blown by wind
A♥ 5♠ - Shoot - The chute pushes a tuber
2♥ 8♠ - Chaynf - Leaks/Holds in stuffing and staggers/limps
3♥ 6♠ - Drips strawberry jam
3♥ 7♠ - Jaik - High pitch ROFL
4♥ 7♠ - Shork - (Shark fin sticking up thru floor)
5♥ 3♠ - Jeelm - Tin held by heavy black woman with apron and mitts.
5♥ 6♠ - Jeelsh - I lift and throw
6♥ 6♠ - Deev - Ashes cigarette
6♥ 8♠ - Juf - they rain down from horizontal rainbow
6♥ 9♠ - Jeh - UFO plant
6♥ J♠ - Chorch - Kneelers behind them
7♥ 6♠ - Joak - Sneezes
7♥ 7♠ - Coak - Spits out cans
8♥ K♠ - Chayf - Crops lay down into a circle
9♥ 10♠ - Jep - One buzzes in
9♥ 4♠ - Choap - springs STRAIGHT up unlike Jelsh
9♥ 5♠ - Jub - Plants sproud from garden rows
9♥ 7♠ - Choop - Collapses and cards blow around
J♥ A♠ - Faisht - Red tenctacles and water spill over sides
J♥ 4♠ - Faishr - Kid beeps horn
J♥ 7♠ - Faishk - Thrashes
Q♥ 4♠ - Roaj - Kicks over the blue barrel of yellow dip
Q♥ J♠ - Rayj - Oscillates
K♥ 10♠ - Hoosh - Shirtless and in towel
K♥ 4♠ - Haich - “OOOOOOO”
K♥ 6♠ - Hayj - is smoking
K♥ 9♠ - Haysh - make contact and smoke
K♥ Q♠ - Horch - Unwraps

7♦ 10♠ - Paig - “That’s all folks”

10♥ 8♥ - Saif - Weird Al chased/flattened by boulder
2♥ 10♥ - Saynt - Takes off or lands; glowing nose visible
4♥ 3♥ - Sorm - Brent Mckinney, extra long hair, goatee visible, ejects tongue and eats fly.
7♥ K♥ - Sayk - The green wind-up jumper from Mario 3.
8♥ 2♥ - Seev - “seven stars” = The big dipper
8♥ 6♥ - Sayv - Combs hair
9♥ J♥ - Spih - focuses sun
J♥ 5♥ - Foas - Megalodon tooth necklace
J♥ K♥ - Vis - just license plate
Q♥ 5♥ - Ars - Hanging tree air freshener
K♥ Q♥ - Hurs - Ghostbuster’s car

Jc Qc - Fork - plasticware bundle wrapped in plastic with napkin.
Kc 2c - Hoag - clothesline; sprung off the wires
Hc4c - Hak - Building windows “snake” down

10♦ 6♦ - Gaych - Living person rolled quickly into the furnace, thick black smoke spewing through the front vents, accompanied by sadness, disgust, fear and anger.
2♦ 7♦ - Conk - the kind with BIG spikes
2♦ J♦ - Caynp - Casts TP
2♦ Q♦ - Goonr - drops from sky
3♦ 2♦ - Gi - ties belt around waste. Black Gi
3♦ 3♦ - Coom - Ochu from FFX
3♦ 5♦ - Keel - changing color
3♦ 6♦ - Gooj - Making the little ripples like on the edges of a cake
5♦ 6♦ - Coolch - Phil and Lem looking thru microscopes side by side at a counter
5♦ 8♦ - Coalf - Fro grows
7♦ 6♦ - Doughboy rolling cookie dough
7♦ 7♦ - Kay - just one is easier to visualize, holding reigns with one hand and burning cross with the other.
8♦ 8♦ - Kaif - pulling down skirt in front to cover hanging dong
9♦ 6♦ - Kaij - Peeing into the air.
J♦ 5♦ - Fock - Explodes
J♦ Q♦ - Frog - “Hello, my honey…”
K♦ A♦ - Hoact - jumps in and out of his own lasso
K♦ 2♦ - Hog - Bodyslam from the post
K♦ 3♦ - Huux - Revellie rolls over
K♦ 4♦ - Hayk - Girl before wall of blue-screen TV’s
K♦ Q♦ - Horc - Conjures twisting “water flare”

512 - A♣ 2♥ - Oald - Now it is the White House being destroyed by ID4 beam. It’s just way too similar to 535.
2♣ 9♥ - Laince - Defensive and offensive line grappling
6♣ 6♥ - Now chalkboard with skull-shirt beanie Simpson’s kid writing something a hundred times


2♥ 9♣ - Lince - Single football player charging to tackle
4♥ 9♣ - Loobs - Now Kakuna using Harden (Dotted line square and sheen) too close to 2562
5♥ 2♣ - Laind - is pantless and bow-legged (heart boxers)
6♥ 6♣ - Loosh - Now dry erase board with an eraser erasing itself
6♥ 8♣ - Los - Now the “Icy frost-blowing chesspiece” from Ocarina of Time
7♥ 2♣ - Loog - Now Dr. Robotnik Sonic 1 Level 1
7♥ 4♣ - Loak - Now the “free animal capsule” from Sonic
8♥ 7♣ - Layg - Box breaks and they spill out and become a hazard
9♥ 6♣ - Laipsh - Now girl with HUGE eyes and eyelashes using the mascara
9♥ 9♣ - Laip - Oversized tube that she squirts
J♥ 3♣ - Veelm - windows down, billows smoke
J♥ 7♣ - Flayg - Comnplete with mario
Q♥ 5♣ - Rahlp - Green face and cucumber eyes
Q♥ 6♣ - Reelsh - Now the 'pickle girl from Scare tactics dressed as a pickle throwing from basket of pickles.

QsQs = Welm = Oprah Tripping

9♦ 10♣ = Mayp = Dad’s spinning globe

6♦ 5♠ = Boal = Empty concrete pool with BMXers
8♦ 10♠ = Bes = Dies and head is chewed off by rats.
8♦ 2♠ = Bah = In a crowd, “moo”
8♦ 9♠ = Bep = Breaks free of Chris Tucker’s hand
8♦ J♠ = Peep = Larger; busts out of plastic box
8♦ K♠ = Poof = Brain active, but tongue drooling
9♦ 9♠ = Removes hat and reaches into it
9♦ Q♠ = Baybr = Babe Ruth
J♦ 2♠ = Vapn = Jolteon Tackles
J♦ 5♠ = Fabl = HouseOfSkulltula
J♦ 6♠ = Foabch = Arachne’s Swing-weavers.
J♦ 7♠ = Voolp = Ponyta stomps and produces fire trail

Reviewed my RED/RED’s today Ben style (down the list) and OMG the couple of hours I spent on these were some of the best hours I have ever spent on practice. Even better than I expected. Running thru a red/red deck they are popping to mind better than my BLACK/BLACKS ever did when I used to deck them together early on. Think what I’ll do is 3S/5S/6S/9S tomorrow and back and forth for a few days and then I’ll be really fast and will be able to efficiently drill 3/5/6/9/0S/1S/2S/7S on one day and alternate with 3S/5S/6S/9S/0/1/2/7 for the next day. Then starting perhaps February, I’ll do a full review every day. By March, I’ll probably be able to get that sub-0:30 PB.

Could also benefit from alphabetizing in Excel. Lateral review = Grid knowledge.

Tried a 5-minute words today. Shot for 80 and got 69. Couple plurality errors but mostly forgotten words. Felt like I had no time so put the images in there super fast. Seems like an improvement. What’s with all this improvement in the areas I don’t practice enough? Still have to start doing tea party a bunch. Perhaps I should place the states and cars in loci, 1/loci, and run thru them lightning just like this?

In a couple tries, got 50 digits in just a hair over 19s a few mins ago. Could tell sometimes that I was hesitant to visualize an object not because I couldn’t recognize its code, but because I had never fleshed out the details of its appearance - like 963 for instance. Others I didn’t recognize as quickly as I would like. Really, I should do the same Ben-style review with digits, too. I could gain a whole lot of speed this way.

15 Minute N&F:

I found out how to produce a whole bunch of names and faces, so attempted a score of 170 (PB:104-108). That counts as an insanity run, which is a good thing because I need a lot of improvement in this event and a fresh approach might get me there. Maybe an insanity run every other day will do the trick. Well, my score was 83. I only attempted to fill in 111 names, but I DID attempt to memorize EVERY name equally well. I did RECOGNIZE all or almost all of the faces the second time around, which is a start. But that score kind of sucks. I guess If there were 200+ names and I went for the low hanging fruit ONLY attempting a score of 120 or so, I could probably break 100 pretty easily. My goal for this year was only 104, but I really want to outscore that now or at least ensure it. And I need a ton of work on poetry to get to 184. Probably I should just give that up for this year.

Wow your training is really impressive- way beyond my level, but I have two questions for you.

  1. Would you mind sharing how you “found out how to produce a whole bunch of names and faces”?
  2. I noticed that a lot of your card image sounds are quite unrelated to the image (at least to me; they might have some special meaning to you). Is this because they are the “shadow” images that sound like something they are similar to, or am I just missing something?

Yes, I do practice a lot because I really want to be the best. First in the country, and then…we’ll see. The practice listed above is nothing like the hours I usually put in because this past month I’ve been studying for my real estate exam which I am about to take next week. Keep in mind that Johannes Mallow never (to my knowledge) practiced more than 30 minutes a day (except when training for longer endurance events of course). And he’s a god among men. So it is only necessary to practice consistently and really challenge yourself in order to be great. But you need patience to do that and patience is one skill that I never trained myself :).

  1. I have a subscription to, for which I must pay. If you need N&F and it’s worth $10 bucks a month (if you sign up for 6 months, could be more or less expensive depending on your subscription), or if you need to practice WMC events like abstract images, then it may be worth your money. Otherwise be sure to check out Josh’s material on this website under the training tab if you haven’t done this. If the past is a good indicator of future behavior, it would look like he’ll design and put up even more material at some point in the future. We’ll see.

Here’s what I did on memocamp though if you ever subscribe. I generated more faces with this little button beneath the 15 minute national N&F tab. Within each categoy, there are a few different modes, usually different times for memorization, like hour numbers versus 5 minute numbers. You have to perform well, but not perfectly on each skill level before moving on. So if it gives you 100 N&F, you’ll have to get maybe 80 or 90 right before it will give you more N&F in the 15 minute period, which kind of sucks if you’re a fan of the insanity drill. However, if you are on a certain level in one subcategory (I am a high level in international N&F because you don’t have to score nearly as high to move on - a score of like 80 international N&F is like a score of 200 national names or something). But there’s this button beneath the 15 minute national N&F (and every other sub-event) that will match you with your highest level of that category of events, so even though I’m like a level 8 on 15 min national N&F, it’ll pretend I’m on level 13 just like I am with international 5 min N&F. TMI? Maybe it’ll come in handy later.

  1. In SS, I change the vowel sound in the shadow images to the long or short opposite version, as well as “ill” to “ell” and vice versa, and “er” to “or” and vice versa, so after I have trained the original images and their abbreviations, it quickly becomes natural when seeing the shadow versions to alter the way I pronounce the word in that way and think of the image related to the original image that I have come up with. Thus, the name of the shadow images doesn’t have to sound anything like what it represents. Slowly, with repetition, the name does begin to remind me of what the word means, just like practicing 1352 vocabulary words of a foreign language. Like I said, that isn’t even NECESSARY, and using the shadow images took only as long as it did to make them, which was not long at all because of the process by which they are named. However, when the shadow names start to really ‘click’ with the images, they get even faster to visualize because more neural connections are in play reminding you of the images, and because the cognitive step of associating the image with the original disappears completely. Just like when you are learning a foreign language, when you want to translate an English word, you think of the word in English and then quickly translate it. If you knew all the vocabulary, you could communicate with a foreigner, but in time the step disappears and you become ‘fluent.’ So from the beginning, I am fluent with half of the images and the shadows take a moment longer to visualize, so it slows down approximately 50% of each deck you memorize at first. This is the negative point of the trade-off for the easier and less restrictive method of naming images than the Ben System. The positive is of course the reduced stress of naming objects which would be more than hellish with the Ben System because it is already hellish even with SS, and being able to practice memorizing decks sooner, which is a big plus.

I broke 35 seconds just a couple weeks after I finished naming my objects! But ‘good’ images that I was able to see quickly came up that time, and I just happened to have the metronome ultra-high at that time. It happens every once in a while when you memorize a bunch of decks, naturally.

Kc2c = Hoag = “Hogan” (Hulk Hogan) springing off the wires and clotheslining someone (the term for holding the arm out straight, horizontally, and sprinting into someone, catching their neck and knocking them down)

K♦ 2♦ = Hog = "The Rock’ with his huge ‘championship belt’ jumping off the corner post and landing on and smashing whatever the next object in the deck is.

After knowing “Hoag,” “Hog” just arrives on the tip of my tongue naturally because “oh” always becomes “ah” and the image comes to mind quickly because it is so closely related to the original.

There are your way-too-complete answers that you had to read through. Maybe you’ll think twice next time you decide to ask me a question? (Not that I mind at all :D)

/End of Response


Jan 1st - Did not sleep this night.

Jan 2nd - Beat Nelson’s 50 Digit record of 0:19.5 with 0:18.5. Wessel Logged on and reminded me to begin with this journal. Thank God! Said he made his own palace for his. “Might as well do it right!” If I do that, I’ll have a new palace of 100 two weeks before the championship. He’s been doing it for 6 months with great success. Said it was easy. Slept this night.

Jan 3rd - Nelson logged on and beat my 50 digit record with 0:18.5. Did not sleep this night. Received 510/EGO adapter for Chi You. Marta bought mop and cleaned apt. for many hours this night for her party tomorrow night. 3LEHI8YA 4 XTEATST. I logged on and beat Nelson’s record with 0:17.5.

Jan 4th: Did the party, it was good! Told Marta I didn’t have a gift for her because I used my good ideas for Christmas. So stocked her party for $60. Later she told me a girl is so easy to buy her, earrings, whatever, and that guys are harder. She said it took her months to think of the sea horse wallet. I told her that I didn’t want to get her “girl gifts,” I wanted to get her something that would make her say “You know me!” She said, “You know me!” Told me it was the sweetest thing I’ve said or done since Noodle. Wow, I should be more thoughtful! Carolyn, Caroline, Jerry, and Chris came to the party. We played Bananagrams which I bought in Spanish accidentally because we were pressed for time at Target. Still have to dig through the trash to get the receipt back. Then, we played Taboo, and Chris and I completely rocked that game. I had like 5 Coors Lights as well. Went to sleep at about 8:00 a.m. or so. Nelson beat my 50 Digit record With 0:17.1. I logged on and beat his record with 0:16.8
Jan 5th - Slept all day til about 10:00 p.m. and watched Oddities San Francisco for the first time. Nelson logged on and beat my record with 0:16.3

Jan 6th - Saw at 2:00 a.m.that Nelson beat my record. List reviewed (visualized) all the digit images in 29:58 - Seems slow, but the images were clear so it wasn’t all that bad. Plus drank last night and you know how that goes. Kyle brought Colt Keeney home who recognized me from Joe on the Go where I memorized a deck for him like 6 weeks ago, and scored like 1:36 under the pressure. And I think I accidentally encoded Res as Roz. Yikes. I should practice more under pressure…Marta asked if I had planned to make her breakfast or dinner tomorrow. Honestly, I hadn’t. I didn’t know what if anything I was going to do or get for her and have given it almost no thought. Just terrible. Terrible. I hadn’t even done anything but the cognitive neglect and insensitivity already hurt her feelings. Did not sleep this night.

Jan 7th - Marta’s Birthday! Knew I would have to sleep in order to wake up by 5:00 and have some energy since I hadn’t slept in two nights. Couldn’t sleep so I drank six beers at like 7:00-10:00 and went to sleep. Haven’t been studying for the exam at all since new year, really… Still waiting for my ID number, but that’s a blessing in disguise and I should use this time to study. Didn’t make doctor’s appointment yet, why can’t I pay attention to life? Marta woke me up later in a beautiful blue dress and purple tights. Woke me up telling me what it was she wanted, which I was able to give to her later. We just went to Mamacita’s. I ordered the Mole Enchiladas and liked them. She ordered Verde enchiladas. David was there and we talked to him a bit, I mentioned it was her birthday and he got the waiters to sing and put a sombrero on her head. She hated it of course, but I always find it funny :slight_smile: Met David’s girlfriend he met at Bikini’s just before we left. She’s 20 and she lived an hour a way so he let her live with him. We sat in the smoking section and vaped on spinners and evod. We could tell David wanted us to invite him over later, and we told him we might, but we rarely do, so I think he figured we wouldn’t, and we didn’t. Did not sleep this night.


  1. Double deck in 1:29 - Remembered 54 cards. Well, that sucked. Now you know! It can only get better from here :D. Probably best to start double decks with SoD free. Prove to myself that I can actually memorize 2 decks without reviewing. Maybe refuse to speed up AT ALL until I memorize double deck without review 5 times straight.

Did some more list reviews today. Pretty much just going over the ones from yesterday and s9 one time. Also reviewed my 1000 images and it took 40:00!!! How in god’s name can you memorize over 300 digits in 5:00 with review and only recognize 3000 in 40:00?! I can recognize them 75% quicker while attempting to memorize? WTF is that??? Maybe all of my energy for review needs to be dedicated to speed, speed, speed. But it DID feel good to go through the s0 slowly and visualize EVERY one of the 169 objects better than I ever have in the past. So maybe just do that ONE time each for the 8 shadow groups and spend the rest of the time reviewing for super speed. In fact, I should be reviewing with a metronome to go way faster. Then I’ll easily identify any images or images groups that give me trouble and can spend some time visualizing only those. Altogether that would save a ton of time.

Digit review run at 100 BPM = 1000 images in 10 minutes. Stick with it and see how well you can do.

There are no words. Wait - abysmal is a word. After a few hundred slowed down to 90 BPM cuz seemed pointless. Only a few groups of ten were actually recognized that fast, several in the 500s strangely. So this is a drill for visualization speed, but that was NOT good for review. I only saw like half of them and so the ones that actually need review didn’t get reviewed. But I see that the speed at which I can recognize and the speed at which I can visualize are very different. That’s good info. Actually tho even 100bpm was doable on s0 s1 and s2 with far fewer errors, so I should probably go thru them at 60 or so which should take what…18 minutes? Then speed it up to 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90? That should take about hour and a half or a tad more probably which is perfect. Actually, in the same amount of time I could do all seven runs for just 100 digits at a time. That’d probably drill them in better and make the final high-speed review more useful. After those 90 minutes, take a break and try 400 digits in speed numbers and see if you’ve improved a little bit.

Ah, and on next N&F, try for the low hanging fruit with 170 N&F. That’s more realistic practice.

Nelson topped the 19 second 50 digit sprint I set yesterday with a score of 18.4 it took him 6 trials. I tried very badly to top him in under six trials and got it on the fifth try with 17.57, w00t! Hopefully he notices that later in the day and tops me again, so I can try to return the volley in equal or less tries again! Took me more than 5 tries to set the 19 second one yesterday. So the digit list reviews could be responsible for the 1.5 second increase in a day. It has been a long, long while. Gotta make sure to do a faces review today as well as s3 and s5 since I already covered the other images with the digit review. My god it has been forever. And of course words and faces…Those now have to be daily things, fml.


  1. 72 cards, free. 1:21. Success, sort of. I almost forgot a couple, and took a minute to remember them…then when I checked back through the cards, I had forgotten THE LAST TWO images. But I did remember them at first, after I put down the deck. How many times is this going to happen? Either stop doing the ‘peek at the last few cards’ thing or take some time to see that last loci very clearly before reviewing the rest. I will say that the recognition and visualization was very smooth. Those reviews seemed to help, I need to dedicate a lot more time to those. I didn’t get held up at all, and did a pretty decent job of linking between loci also. The links could have been a little better though honestly. If I let it run to 1:30, I probably could have gotten those links super solid. And that needs to be practiced more than speed at this point. When I get good at linking, it will naturally be fast, and then the time will sink back down and I’ll be where I am now but with greater certainty. Didn’t sleep last night tho and it’s almost 11:00 am…super tired, don’t want to do another run right now…

  2. 72 cards free. Went for relative certainty…but to no avail. Stopped at 1:43.9 and forgot 3 of the early images in loci 3,4 and 5. TWO were characters (dif & tig). The other was Laynd. Coincidence that these have not been reviewed really recently? Linking between loci was pretty weak. How, how, how do I get better at this??? Going fast has always been the key, but do I need to learn to go slowly now? I need to do SOMETHING differently. What is it that needs to be worked on? Maybe I need to take a step back and memorize 42 cards instead or something, and just get used to 100% success, and step it up little by little?

Speed numbers: 400 digit attempts.

3 attempts, all suck. The first two I just got lost at some point, skipped a digit and noticed it at the end of the line. Didn’t remember much any of the 3 times. Just pure suck. Maybe bring it down to 360 again? I did pass that level really, really fast. Or maybe I should be attempting 500 instead?

Cards: 52 cards, free, safe runs
1)0:59, perfect recall, but encoded mic as leek. For god’s sake. Really. What is this? How is that avoidable?? Maybe need a bunch more full reviews.

2)Record run. Allow a couple errors if can be reconstructed: 0:44s. Forgot 10 cards which I was able to reconstruct in 0:50.
3) Sub-40 run: 0:37.5. Forgot 14 cards. Reconstructed them in 1:04, but not 100% on the order of the objects in one of the loci.
4) Sub-35 run: 0:33.5. Forgot 20. Well, that’s not very good :D. But hey, 33.5s is fast! I reconstructed them all though a little uncertain about the order of one of the loci in 2:15. That’s actually not necessarily too slow because I only would have had to place 32 cards in the first 2:45.
5)Sub-30 run: (Is this insanity yet???). 29.8. Forgot 20 cards and wouldn’t be able to place them all. Yes, it was too fast, but I didn’t actually feel out of control. I just didn’t know how to link the objects in a way that made any sense at that speed. And some of the images couldn’t be formed quickly enough which was largely a recognition problem. More list reviews should smooth all of this over. Already, this sub-30 felt much more manageable than it ever has before.

  1. Record run, free: 0:53.5. Forgot 6 cards. Easy to put back. Really poorly mem’d tho. Had to go fast a lot of the time because got held up on a couple occasions.
  2. Record run: UGGHHHH. 0:53. Forgot the last FOUR images (and one image early on). I had them after I shut the deck, but I just didn’t visualize them clearly enough. Too quickly went back to review the rest. Ok, gonna try just one more thing.

8)As fast as possible while trying very hard to be consistent with speed and not forgetting ALL of the cards. Go for world record speed here: 0:21. Forgot (you guessed it) ALMOST all of them. But for the most part I didn’t feel lost. The card combos still looked incredibly familiar. I just couldn’t see them fast enough.

  1. Same speed, but with metronome: (75 BPM=20.8 seconds). Forgot seriously like all of them (remember a few imgs but not exact place, and remember a few from the end.) But I was able to SAY or think of the word for pretty much every image. I just couldn’t link them anywhere near as fast as I would need to. But if that really is a main problem, we’ll try this ONE more time, but with 2/Locus.

  2. 75 BPM. Actually was a whole lot easier. It did make a difference. Still don’t know what to say about the performance, but that is certainly interesting.

Jan 6: List reviewed (visualized) all the digit images in 29:58 - Seems slow, but the images were clear so it wasn’t all that bad. Plus drank last night and you know how that goes. Didn’t sleep last night.

Feeling quite tired today. Tried to get 50 digits under 16 seconds like a dozen times to no avail. I did get close a few times though, and seemed to do better with 2/loci at ultra-high (12-13 second) speeds.

Tried to do a full review and no joke, it’s taking just such a looooooooooooooong time today. Reviewed only 5/6 of them, got tired and am taking a break. Doing so, so fast on recog when I try to think of the suit combos as the actual first number. It makes visualization a little harder but since this can be practiced relatively quickly, it’s probably a really good idea to do it a lot. It’ll really speed up over 1/3 of the list.

Protip: When I get much faster at review and the review itself becomes less important, maybe it would be good to do more visualization of the objects at very high speed and practice leaving unvisualized images behind.

Do 400 digits without a metronome today. Last time I only placed like 320 in 3:00 while attemping to do 400 in 2:30. So I’m moving at about 70% speed without a metronome. Don’t be afraid to fail at this, just use it to practice leaving behind unvisualized images.

Random Words, 5 min:

  1. attempt: 80. Scored 70. That’s one word better than last time, excellent! One plurality error, and put ethane instead of ethanol. Almost all of the forgotten words were ones that I didn’t make an image for the first time around. I have to make an image for it the first time around, always. I need something concrete to review. Put em in the loci in 2:40, reviewed quickly in about 1:40, and then through once again for the most part. But just one review would probably be even better if I always had something concrete to review. And I really could have done that well if I had taken 20-30 extra seconds initially. Have to keep moving super fast, but also have to be able to put SOMETHING down. Did a good job of phrasing as well as making the images. That makes it really easy to recall if it can be pulled off.

I am just so tired right now, 9:30 a.m. Tired, tired, tired, but…

Doubledeck, Free:

The day before yesterday, I tried this and did 2:43 with just 1 error. Pretty good, but since this DD free is new to me, I’ll probably make a lot of improvement within a month or so. Sure hope so. Don’t expect too good of scores today, not with how tired you are. Ohhhh, I forgot but I had a couple of beers the night before last, and the night before that, too. So I’m just like 36 hours past the most recent ones, and that’s what’s going on.

p.s., Don’t forget that your subscription to memocamp expires in like 3 months, and so far you have paid $30 almost exclusively for N&F, which you’ve done like 15 times. So scrounge up some discipline.

Queso, back to the DD Free:

  1. Stopped at 2:36. Also wasted about 6 seconds near the end making sure Faiv wasn’t fiv, which it wasn’t. Actually pretty decent considering just how tired I am. 6 errors, true, but I remember that Nipr came out of an object vertically, which I wouldnt expect (vap, 15th locus - should have thought of the vapor) and that arm had something sticking out of it and then moved in a way that a person usually does (Tef, Jood, first locus - should have had tef sticking out of the helmet like Boba Fett, instead of connect to an indistinct point), and really couldn’t remember anything about the second locus, but should have taken just a few more seconds to have Multiple Lair carrying Jood, and imagining Heedsh on the tile. That’d make it all easier.

  2. Couple hours later, even more tired than before. Took it more slowly, and hit the clock at 2:59. Didn’t do any better, in fact, forgot 9 images. Going more slowly never has been a very big help. So it’s probably better not to worry about the speed but just to worry about making awesome links instead, and when the links are made, move on. But no sooner, either. So tired that I probably just went at like the same speed, but several times I read an image and completely forgot what image came before it, so I had to backtrack again and again, and that probably accounted for 30 seconds. If I weren’t doing that but were linking well I could easily make a memorable story in under 3:00. And think about it - remembering 52 objects in a row quickly is pretty impressive, so keep cool if 100% success is really hard.

  3. Gonna do one more before naptime. Gonna go a bit faster this time. Closer to 2:00 or so. Might be a stupid drill because the feedback isn’t immediate, but let’s just see how it feels.

Well, forgot/screwed up 22 cards, but I did get it done in 1:48! That’s 54 seconds per deck, so not lightning but a very solid time considering I was trying to memorize well enough to potentially remember 2 decks. It was a little faster than I expected to go actually. Could have done some better linking all around, but eschewing the linking was how I was able to go so quickly in the first place.

Don’t think I got any faster at recognizing numbers, but cut down my 50s digit time like 40% over the past 6 weeks. If I did a deck as fast as I do 50 digits, it would be 24 seconds. And 50 digits = >2/3 of a deck. So put 2 and 2 together here - practice cards exactly how you practice digits! That means 5 minute mem with review and 34-card speed runs. 34 is perfect because a deck ends with 2 imgs in the last loci also.

  1. In 1:18, 40 BPM. Really, this seemed like a good time. If I were doing single deck, I would have missed 7 imgs in those 39 seconds. Not great, but not so bad either because I was attempting to remember twice as much. mostly held up by a couple face combos. Should do a full faces review daily. At least faces second and Kings, how long could that possible take? Not more than 30 minutes at the absolute upper limit. One of those every day and within only a few weeks I’d substantially reduce the number of cards that hold me up at high speed.

Speed Numbers:

How to get past this plateau? Just be thankful that the plateau is higher up than you expected.

  1. 400 digits, free: get them in in 3:00 max. Leave the unvisualized behind.

Tried this 3/loci, 2/loci, with metronome. All were just really horrible scores. Really didn’t have a chance with this. Not at all. Just bad. 320 was so amazingly good, maybe I should be shooting just to replicate right now. It’ll be especially difficult with 20 per line because you know how much the line ends mess you up. But in spite of the website, I need to do realistic runs sometimes as well as the insanity drills. Even if it’s going for 306 digits, I have to succeed every once in a while.

N&F, 5 mins

  1. Hit the LV 12 button. Amazingly, I’m actually level 13 on 5 min names international. I’m only level 7 national. So on lv 12, it was 72 names. I tried to get them all and scored a 24. Maybe next time pick the 2/3 with the neatest names and faces. If in competition I picked 2 faces per line and got them all correct, I’d score >150. Even 5 per page of 9 would put me at like 125. So just learn to be selective and you’ll do far better. Maybe for now, leave out two Faces per line of 6. Picking the right ones is a NEW skill, so I’ll improve quickly.

Speed cards: 44s.

  1. Forgot 3 imgs which I reconstructed in about 20 seconds because I definitely had time to see them. Even though I didn’t remember them all immediately, this was so easy. Really easy; it felt like I would never mess up at this speed. The reviews are helping so much, and it seems like practicing the double-deck is helping a lot too, because going back to a single deck made me feel like, “wait, it’s already over?” Linking between loci is getting better, too.

  2. Speed cards: 39s. This ought to be much more challenging.
    Accidentally tried for 58 cards, and on top of that, I realized half way thru that I didn’t know how many to do because I didn’t count the loci and it totally messed me up. So in the end I actually forgot 10 and remembered 19. I did remember the first 5 loci perfectly, and on the 6th loci I started thinking about the other thing. Could definitely fail at this speed, but could succeed fairly easily too it seems.

  3. 39s. Forgot like 6 and got a few out of order. Wasn’t terrible and a hair faster recognition would fix it up just right. Faces second almost always the problem. And such a minority, those need to be drilled to no end.

Jan 8th.

Tried 50 digits in 15.4 seconds and remembered 49. It really was 48 or 49 bc I remembered that the forgotten image started with a 3 and had another 3 in it.

Wanted to see if I could do 34 cards (=50 digits) at anything like a high speed. Tried 34 cards in 25 seconds a couple time and didn’t even get close. But it’s because of the beer like 16 hours ago. Then decided to review all face-second and kings. That’s 676 images, 1/4 the list, and it took just over 28 minutes. Wow, that is super, super slow, sir! Considering those are my weakest images though, and that I drank 6 beers just 16 hrs ago, it’s roughly the time I’d expect. But I want it to be just under 8 minutes, so that’s like 4 times as fast. I’ll need to do a little less visualization for now, probably. Just so I can get in more reviews. I’ll try it again, though.

Alright, did it again. Took 23 minutes. Pretty far from where I want to be, but about 17% faster than I did a few minutes ago. I could tell I made a few mistakes though, visualizing the shadows instead of the originals, such as in Mash I visualized Maysh, in Much I visualized Mooch. The first time around I know I didn’t visualize Meeg. So that stuff is not good, but again, remember that you drank beer yesterday. OH, and that a lot of time is spent scrolling and locating the ones to visualize with your eyes. So that would save time as well, to be able to just run thru it.

Memorizing all of my shadow images at 3/loci would only take up 223 loci. That’s just like memorizing 26 decks…right? What could be better than that? Once I have those in place, mental review would be so, so fast. At the least, I could look at every shadow image every day and wouldn’t ever get that feeling of not having seen an image in a while. I’d eventually be able to review all of those in 10 minutes. No point in doing them in actual order though. Just follow the order of the worksheet! And I’d finally get the experience of doing an hour cards run! Then, I could put all the Original Face-seconds and Kings in just 52 more loci! Then I’d have a full shadowface palace - a review of every image that is not from the original 1000 - in the format that is quickest to review, even without a worksheet handy. My god, I could do a shadowface review driving between clients! This will get me a 30 second deck with reconstruction EASILY. Maybe by March!

OK, this is going to be your next card drill:
Suit, review.
Suit, review,
Suit, review,
Suit, review,
Full review,
Full review,
Full review,
(That’ll only be 13 decks so I might be able to knock this out in an hour!)

Think of how much better you do on the days you do full reviews or even shadowface reviews?

Ok, I’m fixating on visualizing the objects well. Maybe good the first time, maybe not, but it’s taking a really long time to get them in. Still, review is super fast this way if I don’t focus on seeing them well but just remembering where they are and what they’re doing.

However, It would take 444 loci to get the job done. (D’oh!) So for the others, I have to memorize 4/4/5, 3 loci for 13 cards. That will take 300 more loci I think. Something like that.

Hey, hey, hey! Once I’m done, I can use the loci BACKWARD to memorize the originals. Link them really well and a backward journey will work NP.

Alright, I spent something like an hour on the first two suits. Reviewed a whole bunch and made sure to see pretty much all of it in great detail. When I went through the last time, I was going pretty fast down the list. 10 hours of this stuff is going to make me a whole lot better. This is how to climb on past the plateau.

Also, 13 decks in like an hour is pretty slow! Next time, do 19. Just do 6 1/2 in a row and review.

OKAY. Did 6 1/2 at 40 BPM. For passive review, it’s really, really fast. No slower than the other way, and just like with digits, able to fill in blanks well the second time around. This is the way to do it.

Just did one more passive review, making more vivid images or actiony images with better linking where necessary, and now I’m moving on. On this one, I’ll time mem and review.

Ok, did half of the s5 decks and full reviewed them in 7 minutes. I really did not go 40 BPM at all this time, lots of images didn’t come fast enough and it felt silly skipping past a whole loci or a lot of a loci, so it was much slower. This next half I’ll stick to 40 BPM strictly.

Alright, I lied. I didn’t stick to it AT ALL. I’m a bit tired and I really didn’t recognize them quickly. So I had to bail on that plan. HALF WAY THERE! Gonna do a review of the s5 again and then time a review of all four, recog, not vis.

K, well I’m still at the point where I don’t know that I recognize it unless I visualize it. Even the spades were like that way back when. But not for long, because I reviewed them like crazy. So that means I really am far behind with cards, but this really may be the answer.

Probably best not to cram all 52 decks into my memory today. 4 is enough.

Actually, I could get a little head start by sticking to 40 BPM strictly. I’ll get the rest done in 17 minutes. It’ll be sloppy, there’s no doubt about that. But it ought to count for something, and I’ll get to see what it’s like to mem 26 decks in a row without reviewing.

OKAY, well…Those 676 images took me 12 minutes to review…so that would be like 50 minutes on the whole and Ben’s about 3 times that fast. But there were instances where I was flying…I think the s2’s only took me about 2 minutes, or possibly they were even faster. About 5 minutes were used on the S5, I estimate. Also changing Leb to one of those “simulation skydiving” super-powerful fans on the floor. This is good, that’s like my most confusing image.

Just ran thru a double-deck and all this review has helped a tiny, tiny bit. The sample size is small because it’s only 1/4 the images. That’s kind of irritating, so I’ll leave off S6 today, but leave out Hewdraw for the 39 loci and do Hearts then Diamonds, those 78 of the rest on Treehouse Trail, and the 39 of s1 on Reaper. That way I can drill with a red deck just like the early spades. Use the better stories to do what I never quite could with a black deck.

Went out to V Essentials. Man, I forgot the dude’s name. Was it Jeremy? Agh, remember to remember!!

Came back and gonna review the 676 again.
s3: 2:25, RT =38:40. Just a little under a second per image.
s2: 2:21. RT = 37:34. This felt freaking fast except for a little hiccup along the way. When I can double these speeds I’ll be a god with cards, no joke.
s9: 2:42. Still averaging about 40 mins.
s5: 2:47. These last 2 weren’t very fast but let’s say <24 mins RT all faces is my quota today.

It’s fairly obvious where and when there are hiccups. Eliminating the hiccups will bring me down to 2:00. Yan said 100 digits in 30 sec and I eventually surpassed that by quite a lot actually, if only because of the 3- digit objects. That would be 50 images in 30 seconds though for the 2-digit objects. That speed would be an estimated average of about 48 seconds for 169 cards. So to hit the goal we should get it at 100 BPM and then beyond.

Cool, Let’s do s1 in Reaper. Let’s just do a 35 BPM strict mem and see how it goes.
ok, so that went pretty well actually. Only got a little lost at a couple spots.

Reviewed s1 in 2:50. Cool. These will all do for today but tomorrow the goal is RT <40:00, that’s just 2:30 so almost there.
s0 and s7, 13 decks in a row at 40 BPM and THEN review. Keep the pace and let it be. This could be considered an insanity drill.

Since these are for review/reference, I could very well change them up every week by re-memorizing them starting with the SECOND image, thus having a different order to the images in the loci, and switch up the palaces. This would ensure that I’m learning the cards and not just the story. Next time memorize them back to front.

But first, get sub-2:00 on ALL 8, in a row.

Mem’d s0 at 40 BPM strict and got almost all of them very clearly. Cool beans.

Reviewed in 2:22. cool.
s7 at 40 BPM. Cheated once or twice for good images because those instances were rare.

2:00 safe cards:

  1. I went ahead and started with 42 as a bare minimum with 100% certainty, and in the end I only memorized 48. Glancing at the clock over and over was no help. I should learn to hit my goal within an estimated time because switching gears back and forth is too distracting, Too risky. Well, I memorized 42 cards in 44 seconds, went back to the beginning and did active review. Active review made everything gel SO solid. I should make sure I have time for active review and learn whe n to peek. At the end of active review, I was at about 1:40.

" “A lot of practice”? What do you mean exactly – practice that is way above your level, or a lot of practice as in number of minutes/hours spent practicing? Do you spend a lot of time practicing? "

I’ll give some background information before I answer that. One of the main reasons that I started practicing Mnemonics so much is because I broke my foot and could not run for months! In distance running and a lot of other types of exercises, performing past my limit for a short period of time makes me completely exhausted for the rest of the day. I just find it amazing that I can practice mnemonics a lot without being completely exhausted in minutes. I was expecting the limit to the amount of time that I could practice mnemonics in a day to be much more of a limitation than it actually is.

I practice around an hour a day but I have also wasted a lot of time learning about variations in methods and theory. I don’t think that an hour is that much time to dedicate but it is enough to improve. I also sometimes have those days where I practice a lot more.

BTW I don’t think your or Nelson’s 50 digit times are that impressive compared to Nelson and your 5 minute times. I have not tried 50 digits yet (I will.) but racing the International row (40 digits) has been a competition among some people that I know for a while. My pb for that is 13.77 (from sept) and Marcin Kowalczyk has done 40 digits in 7.28.

Impressive! in order to do that you have to be able to conjure up those images without a moment’s hesitation! I believe you have all the skill that I do when it comes to digits, if not more, since 40 digits amounts to more information for you than it does for me. If you can’t keep up with speed numbers, it must only be because that excess begins to add up.

But you already have the tools for a PB of 300. Conjuring the images quickly is 60% of it. 20% linking quickly and 20% being comfortable with the pacing of a given event. Seems that way to me anyhow. If you went at just a hair under your PB pace, you would be able to put 400 digits into their loci in 2:30, and use the second 2:30 to do it again. With 2 digit numbers, that would be 80 BPM. Try it a few times with a metro moons, and stay true to the metronome. You’ll get the best score by “keeping the pace” as I say, which is moving your brain along at the pace of the metronome and NOT wasting an extra moment on an image you can’t get in time. Make a habit of lagging behind and you’ll miss a whole line, if not more. I mean, that stuff happens at high speed anyway, but when I waste time trying to remember the image from like a second ago, I mess up the one I’m on almost invariably, and then it snowballs. Better to just try to get it the second time around. You may miss a ton, but do it a few times and see if the grand total is still a higher number than your PB without error. It could be more.

/End Response

January 10. Didn’t sleep last night, but did sleep from 8-9th. Do more journal stuff when you get back from dr apt which is at 11:30.

Started with some cards today.

  1. SoD run between here and Popeye’s. I memorized 64 with no problems and it took me 1:44.
  2. SoD run: 72. Well, that might not be possible right now with this many cards. Anyway, after 64 cards, I looked at the clock to see how much time I had left, which was like 20 seconds, and even though I should be able to do that, I all of the sudden was concerned with keeping it under 2:00 and the distracting made it all weird, you know how it is. Anyway, I accidentally put 4 in one locus, so I wound up memorizing 72/74 in 1:59. The image I forgot was the fifth. I honestly saw it pretty well but tried to take the ACTION of the second person PA style, and the second person is who I forgot. So maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

But wouldn’t it be a good new year’s resolution to actually practice each day doing the kinds of things I will actually be doing in the competition? Isn’t that just so obviously what I should be doing right now? Yes, it is.

So we’ll see what we can do today.


  1. Safe run, free: THIS DID NOT GO WELL! I finished in 1:06 and recalled them 100%, though I don’t remember for sure if I recalled 2 of them in the right order. Didn’t think about it, but come reconstruction, I messed it up! Every object must link to the NEXT object and this is never an issue! Recon took me WAY too long and I made errors!! One was an encoding error (called Laynt “Loanj”) Which I figured out promptly along the way. Others were just confusing bc I was assuming I had the right cards left near the end so just didn’t think about it well. In the end, I ran out of time on recall even with a decent job memorizing. Clearly, this drill is important. If I have any confidence in my ability to do a record run, I should get a better score on this safe run. What does it matter what the time is? I’m just going to replace it anyway. So rethink this strategy here. 1:06 is practically a record. Cool your jets.

RECALLED FROM BACK TO FRONT! This is probably not a good practice since it will mess with my verbal recall potentially.

  1. NO LONGER A RECORD RUN: super - safe run: Took me 1:48 with review included/ encoded one wrong, but figured it out during mental review before recon. Recon took. 3:22. The review felt a little like overkill, but that’s probably just a good thing and I should accept it. Not reviewing could be fatal.

With both of these runs, I felt like I had a very hard time keeping the pace, and that hurt my time. I shouldn’t fear keeping the pace on the first run because I’ll do a review after, and I shouldn’t fear keeping the pace on the second one because it will be low stress and I know I don’t need a review anyway.

Score: 108 seconds = 3rd place.

With that in mind, I’m going to do two more runs but keep the original scores for today. This time:

  1. timed/review saferun(?): Here, I’ll memorize a deck quickly with a metronome and go back thru it without paying attention to the metronome. In comp I could take as long as a minute, so let’s try a 45 second deck this way.

1:35, recon in 2:40
Alrighty, this is good. Got off to the worst start possible really. Pretty much didn’t visualize ANYTHING in the first locus and then thought “keep the pace” and basically almost missed the second locus also, and then things got better, then I went thru and really didn’t get the last couple loci and made an encoding error on the seventh locus. Went back through the review, slowed down where I needed to, fixed a couple broken links here and there, actually spent 50 seconds reviewing and only 45 memorizing because it was so botched. Made note of the encoding error, adjusted, and did mental recall very easily to the end except for the last image which I totally never encoded, but recognized of the 2 remaining possibilities. Did this deck on the couch.

Increase in Recon speed came from visualizing the next cards ahead of time. Took them out of my hand in form, 2 at a time, and laid them face down on the table.
4) Record run: In practice, this ought to be 48 seconds or faster to account for a 28% drop.
Went for sub-45, got it in at about 0:43. At first, there were…8 missing images. Going back thinking about one locus at a time got it down to only 2 missing images, but at that time I was fairly unsure of the order of 2 objects, the last of the 2nd locus and first of the 3rd. I went on my gut based not on the STORY, but on their location in the locus, and that is what worked. The one seemed a little closer to the stairs so I said “that’s the end of the second locus.”

When reconstructing, I made a couple silly errors that came from not being able to quickly visualize card pairs. I fixed those fatal errors along the way, and recon’d the whole thing in about 4:00. Then I double checked through it and found that one of my images near the very back was out of order, and I got it in place with only 0:20 to go. You cut it close, but set an American record 20 seconds faster! You know, it sure would be killer to be able to break the record twice…then I could shoot for a really awesome time like this the second time around…But that’s dangerous thinking, isn’t it? Maybe, just maybe, if sub-45 second decks are a regularity with no error…then maybe.

Went for a really fast free time. Got 0:30.1 and recon’d in roughly 5:00 it’s hard to be sure but it was down to the wire. Thing is, I didn’t have a second deck ready. But still…

No more metronome can I get an amen?


Names and Faces, 15 min:
Points: 360
Evaluation: 72
correct: 72
wrong: 23
Abzug: 0
attempt: 95
Rank: Tied for 22/50.
I had my metronome set for:
300 names in 15 minutes (3 seconds per name)
But that really meant 300 “faces.” But it was more like 500-550, because I got to see all faces 3 times and half of the faces 4 times. It was overwhelming. Will try again tomorrow at half-speed.


  1. Safe run: 3/4

Rank: 2

Couple things to say about this…1 is that this is the first run without a metronome in a LONG time. So it’s no surprise that I took it so slow. At loci 14 I was on schedule, 1:31 when I peeked, and then by the time I got to loci 20, it was at 2:44, so I slowed considerably in the last 6 loci, mostly out of fear I assume for missing any. actually encoded 880 as 388, and in recall typed back 880, but then realized that wouldn’t be the right image and missed that line. So if you make a natural-type mistake like that, it is probably better to go with the first instinct because your mind was already in “mistake mode.” This should be true for safe runs because there’s so much time, but not so sure about speed runs. Marta came in and I have to do the speed run later.

This score was good enough for the finals even with that mistake, so this method should strongly be considered. also 3/3/1. One run is the run to get into the finals, and one run is to get a high score. Don’t forget that.

Jan 13:
15 min N&F:
Raw Score: 66.
Score: 43.4%
Rank: 23. Take a deep breath.

Notes: I tried to memorize all 170 names. That’s like trying to memorize 500 digits at this point. That must account for something.

Well, that was utterly pathetic. Worse than yesterday, in fact. Nothing is bad enough to keep me out of the finals on its own, but if I botched any other event, I would just go straight home. How am I supposed to rock this with just 2 months training? Think, man!

Ideas to suck at N&F less:

  1. Memorize names ONLY in loci. Try to get faster at this, and it’s half the battle.
  2. Memorize first names only.
  3. Practice it every day, of course. Just like I would in competition. So few people actually practice 15 mins N&F daily.
  4. Practice poetry daily. Then I can chill out because it won’t matter how bad I am at N&F :slight_smile:

Speed Numbers:
Safe run: 201.

  1. Mem’d 162 in 3:00 and review was so fast I did 1 more line carefully. Then I carefully reviewed the whole thing one more time. Recall was really easy, however, I did make an encoding error, and using yesterday’s advice, I went with the digits my eyes saw, and not the image I used. It worked. Recall took like 3 or 4 minutes. Almost forgot an early image actually, but figured it out quickly, before even moving on. Thing is I thought I mem’d 200 and went back and made it 240. In reality, I mem’d only 160 the first time. But if I picked up the pace just a little bit, I think I could do 240 pretty safely. We’ll check on that tomorrow.

Record run, attempt at 306:
K, I’m going to have to move here at like 170% speed. Without a metronome, you know that’s really hard to do. So really focus on speed here, as well as keeping the pace and letting it be. Don’t check the clock until it’s time to review.
2) Alright, the score was 194 for this one. If I would have spent the time to look over my recall sheet, it would have been 237 because one was a recall typo. That happens rather frequently so I should always save time to double check the sheet. An error on the next line was an encoding error - encoded 653 as 635. I didn’t get to that line during review, but if I had, I would have caught it, and I would have scored 257. But in review, even though I had 2:11 left,
Good Job:
Getting them encoded in time. Encoded all of them in under 2:30, great! Even though I rushed a tad in the last locus. That locus counts too!
Improve at:
Save enough recall time to double-check recall. That’s so, so important.
I would say pick up the pace in review a little bit but the truth is that I did have to take a few extra seconds to make sure I fixed a couple errors. Didn’t link between 2 loci at all at one point and that cost me. The fact is even though the score was lower than the safe run, the errors were small and the score could have been very high if I were only a tad more careful. Maybe I should go for 324 in these record-runs and 306 for the real deal. If I really can master 324 at home I’ll have a great chance at 306 when it counts.

Speed #s:
Raw Score 201:
Score: 100%
Rank: 1

For someone to be equal to me after this event, they would have had to have averaged 83% on the first two events, so I would probably be in the top 3 after the first two events anyway.

Instead of doing poetry for now, (I should at least do 5 minutes today though), I’m going to do a little SS review to keep all that fresh and get that sub-30. Cards are still the most important after all - cards and tea party…Only 2 months for Tea Party practice, up against people who have had six years. Well, look at what I did in just ONE month with cards when I started working on that.

Tried s3 at 90 BPM which is a hair over goal time. Probably only recognized like half, so should do a slower review first.
2)4:43. OK, so this review ought to take 40 minutes? Need to cut that to 16.
3)2:22. Cool, nearly there.
4)2:07 So close! So far, this has been 10 minutes very, very well spent. continue this pattern and I could do all 8 very thoroughly in under an hour and a half.

Running out of energy. Don’t really want to continue this right now. The real reduction in time came between the first and second run, so efficient review dictates two runs per group which should put me at just under an hour for now. Far from ideal, but 2 shadow reviews at a time could bump me all the way to 26s by March.

Cards: Still don’t want to believe that the review is as crucial as experience tells me it is.

  1. safe run: no review, but visualize the last 2 imgs.
    1:36. Recon WAS easy…And yet. 1:36 is so slow that I’d be better off reviewing. Let’s do a different style of saferun:
    1b) Safe run 2; 36/16: now THAT’S more like it! Moved along at a very comfortable pace and got 1:05!! One image did slip my mind, the third to last, and I didn’t visualize the last 2 before dropping the deck, and not well after that which almost screwed me. Made a suit error in recon which was very easily correctable when I came to the spot where I needed that particular card. Recon in 3:00, after review, 3:35.

I’d say if a lot of improvement can be made in the next 2 months to go ahead and shoot for the record with this method. If it’s going too slow for the record, that’s fine too as long as you succeed, but this was a safe run moving along at sub-40 speed, so that also could be a little fast for competition.

1c) Got it in under just under 1:00 but forgot SEVEN images, so don’t be stupid; safe run = safe run. Even if I wind up at 1:30, that’s still awesome for a safe run!


  1. 36/ (54% Goal) Yick. Really a bit strange bc I did get all the way through it, (JUST) in time, but forgot one image. I didn’t link it to the previous last-locus image at all, so that actually does explain that. Would have been really easy to do though, +2 seconds maximum. That’s a luxury I have with 2:00.
  2. Triple, 42% -> BAD, BAD! tried to pull it up to 48% at the end and that could have been a serious mistake Did a 2:1:1 Ratio and maybe I should cut that down to 2:1 or even 3:1 for better linking.

11:00, then 1:30 PM
Test confirmation: L6377652
Two forms of ID are required. One ID must be government issued (Driver’s lic., State ID or Military ID) and must have a picture or a complete physical description. Both must have a signature and pre-printed name, which matches the name in our records.
After 16: _______68.75%
23d X A
26.c NOT first instinct X B
29d X C
36a X D
50aX C

score: 80. good enough for now :slight_smile:

Jan 14:

Dr. apt. Tues. Missed the one last tues. Went on Fri. closed.
SS Review.

Target review is 85 BPM. Did s5 a couple times then at 84 almost succesfully then bumped it to 100 BPM and didn’t get lost, though I missed a couple.

Went thru s6’s with some intermediate reviews and on the first time fully through, got 2:00 exactly!

Digits, safe: Not sure if 240 is actually safe, but let’s give it a go.

  1. Not sure I even made it to 240 even with like 1:00 left. Don’t go slow intentionally; it really doesn’t work that way. If I get the 240 digits in in 2:00, so much the better. I can do active review or go thru twice. By the 8th loci I was forgetting stuff and it just went downhill fast. Could be because I used all those loci on reviews today. I was fighting those ghost images. Maybe after they are so totally ingrained, they’ll stop being a hassle…hopefully! I do need more loci though!
    NOTE: I didn’t sleep last night and my brain feels very much like mush! A personal best in any event is inconceivable right now, so don’t be hard on yourself, here!

What might be cool at least to try would be a very, very quick 200 (max speed), then review, then 40 more, then review again starting from the beginning. That would be covering 680 digits which is just above my PB top speed but I’d be getting double reviews so the second one would be faster.

One other thing that has gotten me moving in the past is doing 2/locus. I always go back to 3/locus, but this exercise helps to divide the task by eliminating some linking while learning to visualize top-speed.

DD Cards:

  1. Trying to shoot for PB, went pretty fast kinda like digits. Got hung up here and there but mostly kept the pace. Did 92 in 1:33, went back to review and finish the last 12, didn’t finish til 3:23? Review took much longer than encoding. That means I have no idea what I’m doing. Plus, made a bunch of errors. Clearly, the PB here will come from a run without review.

Jan 16:

  1. safe run: 1:02, instant recall.
    All I did was make sure to keep the pace. That’s really all that matters. Don’t get ahead of yourself and link every item. Bada-bing!
  2. Record run, free: 0:48, success.
    Didn’t remember everything perfectly, but that was NOT the reason I recon’d this deck in 4:30. It was an error in deck reconstruction. Would have been apparent sooner if I had been reconstructing face up from the back, but I DIDN’T, because I forgot some at the end and don’t have a system for doing it that way!


Names and Faces
Attempt: 99
Rank: 12th!


  1. Marleen Lucie Castro
    oct 25 1945
    Ronwald, Missouri, 64092
    Brown Canary Margarete
    Geocaching, Home Movies, Shooting Sport
    XXXXXXX brown toyota scion Xb
    Sushi, crepes, dark chocolate

2)Christian Alfonzo Carter
Oct3 1991
Otto, North Carolina, 28763
White cat Roberto
Association Football, Metal detecting, Cubing
1948 tan BMW mini cooper S
Chicken, Lobster, Fajitas

3)Maxina Nanette Cox
July 19, 1935
Belpre, Ohio, 45714
Orange Dog Aurelius
American Football, Cooking, Audiophilia
1998 black mazda 3
chicken wings hot dogs chili

  1. XXXX johnathon xxxxx
    April 29, 1917
    olympus, washington 98512
    Blue Bunny Felisa
    Meteorology, Element collecting, baseball,
    XXXX brown bmw mini cooper convertible
    Bananas, apples, turkey

  2. Wanda Yvonne Bowen
    August 21 1992
    Cataract, Wisconsin 54620
    Silver rat, Kam
    Lapidary, XXXXX, Chess
    1942 Green Ford Navigator 2wd
    peanut butter, cantaloupe, iced tea, XXXXXX <- JUST “TEA”

  3. Hunter Vern Pollard
    August 29, 1917
    Martinez, California 94553
    Pink ferret XXXX
    Vintage clothing, woodworking, XXXXX
    XXXXXXXX -> Intentionally omitted
    Banana Bread, Cucumber Salad, XXXXXXXX

Memorized in 8:00, reviewed in 2:45, then again in 2:00. Should I have used active review?
SCORE: -9. Don’t have anything to compare that to. HYPOTHETICAL DIGIT METHOD WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS! It’s risky, but do a better job linking ALL of the information and it won’t be so bad.

Words, 15 min
Attempted 160, got 148 in the right place. 3 mispellings, 2 plurality/case errors, 4 “out of place,” ONLY 4 FORGOTTEN. That’s really, really, good! The ones that had out of place errors were ones where I didn’t stay true to the edge-placement rule. I didn’t even use storytelling here, just images!

Score: 21


  1. Safe run: Do the same here that you did on cards above: Don’t think about slowing down - just go at a pace where they can all be linked and then keep the pace.
    Attempted 240:

Score: 240,
Rank: 2.

I lost the pace a couple of times, and stopped memming at 201 at about 2:47, thinking that would be good for a safe run. I reviewed in about 1:30. With the remaining 40 seconds, I decided to memorize 39 more digits, which I did with the rest of the time, except the last 3 seconds I reviewed the first 5 imgs, then after time, I gelled the last 2 imgs better, then reviewed the last 39 digits. There was not a single image that I was ‘iffy’ about - this was super easy.

  1. Record run: Distracted in the middle but that only would have added 5 - 10 seconds.
    Mem’d 306 in 3:15. Got a couple out of order with bad linking and started checking clock near the end of mem. But this was actually ample time to review and I only forgot a few. I think this could definitely be made consistent by March.


Jan 17 didn’t sleep last night. Up all night studying for RE exam at 1:30. Feeling more and more confident. Marta’s off today (Friday). She’s gonna cook me omelet w turkey bacon in a few hrs. For the first time I just experimented with the Chi You adjustable airflow with the iclear 16 and finally I’m getting grade-A performance out of it.

Good training yesterday! Felt really good about the safe run. Let’s extend that a little and see what happens:

60 cards, safe:

  1. 1:31, perfect. It was a little slow but I was just making sure to link every item, so it’s cool. Didn’t always keep the pace, though.
  2. 1:10.5. Kept the pace like a badass. Unfortunately, I didn’t really visualize the last image…and forgot it immediately :(. This run was fast, but I would say it was pretty safe. I was able to see each image uniquely and in order…almost lost the pace once, but just kept moving, maybe a HAIR slower, and it snapped into place in time.

Note: I just checked - on the last three images, I actually DID visualize the last one. Then I had to take a moment with the phonological loop to reconstruct the two before it, and I didn’t link them to the last image assuming I would remember it…

  1. The lender’s right to call in the loan in case of default and put the property up for sale is based on the mortgage document’s
    a. alienation clause
    b. acceleration clause
    c. defeasance clause
    d. equity of redemption
  2. The assessed value of a property is 450,000, and the tax rate is .823 per hundred of value. What is the monthly escrow deposit that would be needed to assure
    having enough money on hand to pay the annual tax bill?
    a. $3,703.00
    b. $308.63
    c. $370.35
    d. $450.00
  3. The alienation clause found in most mortgages states that the full amount will be immediately due and payable if the
    a. borrower is late with three monthly payments
    b. property is sold to a new owner
    c. hazard insurance policy is allowed to lapse
    d. homeowner borrows more money on the property
  4. Governments have the ability to regulate the construction and use of buildings through their right of
    a. police power
    b. escheat
    c. eminent domain
    d. condemnation
  5. Within the typical exclusive right to sell agreement, there is a clause stating that if the listing period expires and a buyer that was shown the property during the term
    of the listing becomes the purchaser, the broker is entitled to compensation. This clause, inoperative if the property is subsequently listed with another broker, is
    known as the
    a. automatic extension clause
    b. broker protection clause
    c. purchaser identification clause
    d. time is of the essence clause
  6. The correct formula for estimating value using the cost approach is
    a. cost to replace + depreciation ­ value of land = value
    b. depreciation + value of land­cost to replace = value
    c. cost to replace ­ depreciation + value of land = value
    d. value of land + cost to replace + depreciation = value
  7. The payment that is due in full on a specific date, regardless of the number or amount of payments that have been paid, is called
    a. a balloon payment
    b. a fully amortized payment
    c. an accelerated payment
    d. an interest only payment
  8. The agreement signed by the owners of House A and House B to share a common driveway is a form of
    a. an encroachment
    b. a party wall
    c. an easement
    d. a homestead
  9. No federal fair housing laws are violated if a landlord refuses to rent to
    a. children
    b. Vietnamese
    c. deaf persons
    d. students
  10. The Sinclairs needed two different loans to buy their first home. The mortgage that will have first claim on the value of the house in case of foreclosure is the one
    that was first
    a. negotiated
    b. signed
    c. recorded
    d. satisfied
  11. Under the regulations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA),
    a. a broker may collect a fee for referring the buyer to a lending institution
    b. the seller may require that the buyer purchase title insurance from a certain title company
    c. the lender must provide the borrower a good­faith estimate of settlement costs at least an hour before closing
    d. controlled business arrangements are permitted as long as the consumer is informed and notified about the availability of other providers
  12. The term ''APR" stands for
    a. annual percentage rate
    b. appraisal procedure regulations
    c. associate property reviewer
    d. average purchase ratio
  13. The management agreement does all of the following EXCEPT
    a. identify the parties
    b. authorize the manager to make personal deals resulting in outside compensation by suppliers
    c. describe the manager’s responsibilities and authorities
    d. state the owner’s overall goals for the property
  14. While the objective in the cost approach is to estimate the value of any improvements, the land is appraised using the
    a. income approach
    b. gross rent multiplier approach
    c. comparable sales approach
    d. option approach
  15. A broker lists a property for sale. As time goes by, it is evident that the property is not very desirable. The broker and a partner observe that with a rezoning and
    some modest remodeling, the character of the property could be changed to make it more valuable and salable. The partner purchases the property without revealing
    the plan to the seller or identifying his relationship with the broker. Which of the following is true of this transaction?
    a. The broker has acted appropriately, since the property was ultimately sold.
    b. The seller received all of the benefits of having an agent.
    c. The buyer should have offered the seller the opportunity to participate in the venture.
    d. The business relationship between the broker and buyer should have been disclosed.
  16. The seller accepts an offer to purchase in the amount of $395,000. After paying a brokerage fee of 5.5%, paying off a loan of $300,000, and various settlement
    fees totaling 4% of the sale price, what are the seller’s net proceeds?
    a. $57,475
    b. $73,275
    c. $58,344
    d. $373,275
  17. Tenancy by the entirety is a special form of ownership available only to
    a. sole owners
    b. corporations
    c. married couples
    d. limited partners
  18. Don Bottelli’s family has run a little corner grocery store for 50 years in a neighborhood that has been newly zoned for single­family homes only. Don may continue
    to operate the store as a
    a. variance
    b. conditional use
    c. nonconforming use
    d. buffer zone
  19. George Brown owns 150 acres of farmland and has posted “No Trespassing” signs on the fence surrounding the property. He can enforce this notice by virtue of
    a. constitutional privilege
    b. right to exclude
    c. obligation of disposition
    d. surface rights
  20. For an agency relationship to be valid, which of the following is required?
    a. The principal has the power to do what is being assigned.
    b. The principal has the funds to pay the agent.
    c. The agent has ulterior plans for the subject of the assignment.
    d. The agent is a real estate licensee.
  21. The term PITI refers to
    a. the designation of a graduate of the Property Insurance Training Institute
    b. a participation mortgage
    c. a broker’s proof of procuring cause
    d. the various sums that make up a monthly mortgage payment
  22. After delivering an offer to purchase to a seller, the buyer arranges to have the seller’s family pet kidnapped and held until the seller accepts that offer. After
    ratification, the
    a. agreement is firm
    b. seller is required to perform
    c. participating agents are entitled to their compensation
    d. contract is voidable at the option of the seller
  23. An appraiser estimates annual rental collections on an investment property of $99,000. The vacancy factor is 5% and operating expenses run 30% of gross
    income. A similar investment should generate a return on investment of 15%. Using the income approach to value, what is the market value of this property?
    a. $462,000
    b. $627,000
    c. $429,000
    d. $660,000
  24. Which of the following is a requirement for a valid agency relationship?
    a. written agreement
    b. compensation
    c. mutual consent
    d. brokerage license
  25. The applicant for a mortgage may NOT be asked about his or her
    a. national origin
    b. source of income used for repayments
    c. number and ages of dependents
    d. immigration status
  26. A disabled tenant must be allowed to make necessary alterations at his or her own expense, but the landlord has a legal right to
    a. determine who performs the work
    b. require the tenant to restore the property to its original state when acting
    c. collect a security deposit from the tenant to ensure compensation for any damage
    d. increase the tenant’s rent
  27. A buyer obtained a loan of $135,000 with a 9.25% interest rate for the purchase of a home. After paying the first monthly payment of $1,111.05, the remaining
    balance will be
    a. $134,929.58
    b. $133,888.95
    c. $135,070.43
    d. $135,000.00
  28. Once used, the veterans entitlement is unavailable until
    a. the veteran returns to active duty
    b. the financed property is sold by assumption without substitution
    c. Congress extends the period of eligibility
    d. the guaranteed loan is paid off or the veteran is released from liability
  29. A contract in which an owner promises to pay compensation to a broker for providing a buyer, but the broker is under no obligation to prospect for that buyer, is
    known as
    a. an exclusive right to sell contract
    b. a net listing
    c. an open listing
    d. a personal service agreement
  30. What happens if the agent has not located a buyer by the end of the listing period?
    a. The listing is automatically extended for an additional 30 days.
    b. The listing price is reduced by 5%.
    c. The agency expires.
    d. The broker can sue for reimbursement of marketing expenses.
  31. Tenancy by the entirety differs from other forms of co­ownership in that
    a. neither owner can force a sale
    b. each owner is free to devise his or her share to chosen heirs
    c. shares may be acquired at different times
    d. the property must be a principal residence
  32. A buyer has paid the required number of monthly payments and the owner conveys title to the property to the buyer. This transaction is known as
    a. a lease with an option to purchase
    b. an installment agreement
    c. a sales agreement with a delayed settlement
    d. a wraparound contract
  33. If a contract for real estate is vague in its basic terms, a court would hold that it is
    a. binding on the offerer
    b. unenforceable
    c. valid against all parties
    d. invalid until rewritten by an attorney
  34. The buyer at a foreclosure auction is usually required to
    a. pay all cash within a short period of time
    b. bring proof of pre­approval for a mortgage
    c. assume the defaulted mortgage
    d. recompense the lending institution for any loss on the sale
  35. A salesperson has earned $120,000 in gross commissions this year. If the average commission is 2.6% per transaction, and the salesperson receives 60% of the
    commission from each transaction, how much sales volume has that salesperson settled this year?
    a. $7,200,000
    b. $4,615.380
    c. $7,692,300
    d. $8,000.000
  36. The sum of money a buyer may submit with an offer to purchase, as a demonstration of the buyer’s good faith, is known as
    a. an earnest money deposit
    b. liquidated damages
    c. a warranty bond
    d. a limited liability premium
  37. When evaluating the priority of liens against a property, which of the following has the highest priority?
    a. income tax liens
    b. property taxes
    c. recorded mortgages
    d. judgments
  38. Jerry Wright, the owner of a commercial building, estimates the depreciation of the physical plant at $15,000, the furniture and fixtures at $8,000, and the
    machinery at $7,500. If he is in the 40% bracket, his tax savings would be
    a. $12,200
    b. $30,500
    c. $18,300
    d. $1,220
  39. A property owner sold her principal residence for $750,000. It had been acquired establishing a cost basis of $300,000. Assuming the cost of sale is 12% of
    contract price, what is the taxable gain to this owner?
    a. $750,000
    b. $660,000
    c. $410,000
    d. $110,000
  40. How many acres are contained in a parcel 121 feet wide and 240 yards deep?
    a. 1
    b. 1 1/2
    c. 2
    d. 2 1/2
  41. The manager protects the owner from financial loss in all of the following ways EXCEPT by
    a. being discriminatory in the selection of tenants
    b. aggressively enforcing reasonable policies and rules
    c. being overly attentive to insurance coverages
    d. paying close attention to maintenance problems
  42. A conventional fully amortized loan features
    a. equal payments of principal and interest
    b. fixed principal payment with interest deferred to a future date
    c. interest payments only with principal due at a future date
    d. constant payments with earned interest collected and any remainder applied to principal
  43. A landlord is NOT allowed to charge a tenant extra rent because the tenant has a
    a. dog
    b. second car
    c. RV
    d. child
  44. Under RESPA regulations, fees in connection with a sale of real estate may be paid to brokers for
    a. directing buyers or sellers to certain providers of settlement services
    b. arranging for property inspections
    c. the referring of prospects by another licensed broker
    d. obtaining the necessary insurance policies
  45. The death or incapacity of the principal will
    a. terminate the agency
    b. accelerate the payment of the fee
    c. cancel any purchase agreements in effect
    d. extend the expiration date of the listing to an indefinite date
  46. The lender’s underwriting criteria would accept a payment to income ratio of 33% and a ratio that includes debt service of up to a maximum of 38% of monthly
    gross income. The applicant has an outstanding college loan payable at the rate of $250.00 per month and a car payment of $450 monthly. Gross annual income is
    established at $100,000 per annum. What is the maximum PITI the lender will approve?
    a. $2,750.00
    b. $2,566.67
    c. $3,166.54
    d. $2,16.54
  47. The fiduciary duty of obedience includes
    a. following legal instructions
    b. delegating tasks to other agents when possible
    c. avoiding overburdening the principal with all the details about the sale
    d. giving legal interpretations of documents
  48. Jeff and Alexandra Clancey have paid a total of $10,500 in mortgage interest and $1,500 in property taxes in this tax year. If they are in the 28% tax bracket,
    their tax savings is
    a. $12,000
    b. $1,000
    c. $294
    d. $3,360
  49. A single­family property located in an industrial area has minimum value because of the principle of
    a. diminishing returns
    b. contribution
    c. competition
    d. conformity
  50. The first step in the appraisal process is to
    a. establish the fee
    b. determine the purpose of the appraisal
    c. collect data
    d. estimate the value of the land
  51. Mills are often used in calculating
    a. mortgage interest
    b. property tax rates
    c. real estate commissions
    d. fire insurance premiums
  52. A seller receives an offer to purchase and puts forth a counteroffer to the buyer. Until the buyer notifies the seller of her acceptance or rejection, the seller
    a. is legally bound to the terms of the counteroffer
    b. may accept the buyer’s original offer
    c. cannot accept another offer from a different buyer
    d. may produce a new counteroffer
  53. The method of financing with minimum exposure and liability to the seller is
    a. purchase money mortgage
    b. new financing
    c. purchase subject to the mortgage
    d. assumption of the existing loan
  54. All of the following are purposes of the secondary mortgage market EXCEPT to
    a. circulate the flow of money in all markets
    b. standardize loan requirements
    c. counteract disintermediation
    d. set minimum and maximum interest rates
  55. In constructing her financial report, Noel Carpenter estimates that her real estate holdings have appreciated by 18% since purchase. If the original value was
    $585,000, what would her balance sheet show now?
    a. $690,300
    b. $585,000
    c. $479,700
    d. $526,500
  56. A broker enters into an agreement with a tenant to secure a sublease for the operation of his unlicensed beauty salon, which has recently been closed down by the
    city. The buyer signs a document allowing her to take over the business. Which of the following statements is true in this situation?
    a. The buyer can now open the doors for customers.
    b. The sublease is void because it is for an illegal purpose.
    c. The broker is entitled to his fee.
    d. The tenant is released from his lease.
  57. When a borrower defaults on a mortgage, the lender proceeds to cure the default by invoking the
    a. default clause
    b. acceleration clause
    c. prepayment penalty
    d. power of sale clause
  58. The provisions of RESPA are applicable to all of the following EXCEPT
    a. deferred purchase money loans
    b. loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration
    c. mortgages guaranteed by the Veterans Administration
    d. loans sold to FNMA
  59. RESPA requires all of the following EXCEPT that the
    a. buyer receives the HUD information booklet from the lender
    b. lender makes a good­faith estimate of closing costs for the buyer
    c. buyer is offered a loan that is 1/4% below market rate
    d. closing will be conducted using the HUD 1 Uniform Settlement Statement
  60. A junior mortgage is a mortgage placed
    a. by a person who is technically still a minor
    b. on property that already has a first mortgage on record
    c. as security for a loan of less than $25,000
    d. on property by a lender who pledges not to enter the document in the public records
  61. The purpose of the management agreement is to
    a. delegate to the manager the authority to purchase adjacent properties
    b. hire the manager to find a buyer for the property
    c. define the scope of responsibilities and authorities of the manager
    d. create an opportunity for the manager to earn additional income through solicitation and acceptance of gratuities from suppliers of goods and services
  62. Capacity to enter into a contract is legally diminished if a person
    a. is unable to read the terms of the transaction
    b. is overly anxious to proceed to completion of the contract
    c. does not have the assets to perform
    d. is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  63. Of the following, which lien has the lowest priority?
    a. property taxes
    b. a mortgage or trust deed
    c. an unpaid water bill
    d. a special assessment
    Part II—
    Texas Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  64. What is the stated purpose of the Texas Real Estate Recovery Fund?
    a. to reimburse licensees for legal fees
    b. to permit debtors to recover property lost by foreclosure
    c. to protect the public from monetary loss due to the illegal acts of licensees
    d. to provide inexpensive liability coverage for brokers
  65. What body or agency is charged with the responsibility of licensing and regulating professional real estate inspectors in Texas?
    a. the state inspector committee
    b. the department of licensing
    c. Texas Real Estate Commission
    d. the public works department
  66. Which of the following must be disclosed by a licensee when offering a seller’s property for sale?
    a. that the current owner has HIV or AIDS
    b. that the previous owner committed suicide
    c. that the deceased owner died of cancer
    d. that the deceased owner was murdered
  67. A Texas landlord of residential property is required to
    a. change the locks within 7 days after a new tenant takes occupancy
    b. provide functioning smoke detectors by periodically replacing batteries
    c. provide double cylinder dead­bolt locks on each exterior door
    d. change the locks prior to granting possession to a new tenant
  68. A recorded homestead may be released by filing a
    a. homestead release
    b. homestead waiver
    c. homestead denial
    d. notice of abandonment
  69. To record a document it must be acknowledged. Which of the following people is NOT authorized to take acknowledgments?
    a. a notary public
    b. a state judge
    c. a clerk of district court
    d. an attorney­in­fact
  70. How does the Texas Real Estate License Act define the first face­to­face meeting?
    a. when a licensee first meets a prospect
    b. when a prospect is ready to sign an agreement
    c. when substantive discussion occurs
    d. only when a specific property is being shown
  71. The Texas Real Estate Commission is made up of
    a. six brokers and six attorneys
    b. three public members and six brokers
    c. three salespersons, three public members, and three brokers
    d. six brokers and three salespersons
  72. A landlord failed to return a security deposit within 30 days to a non­delinquent tenant who has provided a forwarding address. How much money may be
    awarded to the tenant in Texas?
    a. three times the wrongfully withheld deposit plus $100
    b. four times the deposit plus any accrued attorney fees
    c. three times the wrongfully withheld deposit only
    d. an amount deemed appropriate by the court
  73. What entity promulgates contract forms for mandatory use by licensees in Texas?
    a. the state bar
    b. Texas Real Estate Commission
    c. the legislature
    d. the Broker­Lawyer Committee
  74. Which of the following words describes a cooperating real estate firm that is showing a listing to a customer?
    a. subagent
    b. buyer’s agent
    c. intermediary
    d. dual agent
  75. To limit the damages that might be awarded, the person named in a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act suit should make an offer of settlement within how many
    days after receipt of the certified letter informing the accused defendant of the problem?
    a. 30 days
    b. 60 days
    c. 45 days
    d. 15 days
  76. In order to receive a real estate salesperson license, an applicant must
    a. have been a resident of Texas for at least 6 months
    b. obtain a score of 75% or better on the exam
    c. be a person of good moral character
    d. be endorsed by two brokers
  77. If a broker maintains more than one place of business in Texas, what is it necessary for the broker to do?
    a. obtain another broker’s license
    b. file a written statement with TREC
    c. transfer his or her broker’s license to the newest place of business
    d. obtain a branch office license for each and every location
  78. If a Texas landlord changes the locks on the premises leased by a commercial tenant for nonpayment of rent, when must the landlord give the tenant a new key?
    a. when the tenant pays the rent
    b. upon request for access by the tenant
    c. only during normal business hours
    d. only when ordered to do so by a court
  79. Under the Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct for brokers and salespersons, as promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, what is the primary
    duty of real estate agents?
    a. to treat all parties to a transaction fairly
    b. to represent the interest of their clients
    c. to use prudence and caution
    d. to reveal any latent defects
  80. Can a person hold a broker’s license and a salesperson’s license at the same time?
    a. only under certain controlled conditions
    b. only if the sponsoring broker consents
    c. yes
    d. no
  81. Your seller says that he doesn’t want to accept any offers from buyers who are represented by a buyer’s agent. As the listing agent, what should you do when a
    buyer’s agent brings an offer on the listing on behalf of his client?
    a. present it to the seller
    b. send it back to the buyer’s agent
    c. throw it away
    d. file it and forget about it
  82. What amount of damages is awarded to a prevailing plaintiff when a judgment is awarded under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act?
    a. actual damages plus court costs
    b. actual damages plus $1,000 punitive damages and court costs
    c. varying amounts, as determined by the court
    d. two times actual damages plus costs
  83. What entity licenses and regulates property tax consultants?
    a. TREC
    b. the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
    c. the Texas Department of Taxation and Revenue
    d. the county tax assessor

Monday, January 20: (PASSED EXAM FRIDAY, 17th) Ran the ecig up to Marta today “Darth Vapor”

  1. Safe run: 240. Mem in 2:15. Active review in 2:10. In final 35 seconds, reviewed 171 digits, then reviewed the rest mentally before recall. Wonder if it’d be better to have reviewed through twice totally instead? At this rate, I could mem 306 digits in just under 3:00!

2)Attempt 400 digits w metronome set to mem in 3:00 and then review in 2:00. The encoding went fairly well, but I only got through about 340 in the review. Hence, missed a whole lot of the end.
Got 322/400. “Eh.” Haven’t made any progress with digits in a while. Maybe I should just memorize 360 until I actually succeed?

  1. 360 w/ metronome, 50/50
    This one was really bad. Might help to use an audible metronome so it would actually cycle after 360, but I more or less did it at the right pace anyway. Dunno why, just wasn’t any good. Maybe if I work on 100 digit sprint, I can learn to link better? Maybe all this metronome stuff is a waste of time…

  2. In Numbers Free, I can customize everything! So, I just tried 480 digits in 5:00, 50/50. I only got 69 correct :D. But it didn’t seem all that hard!! It felt about the same as 400, actually. Certainly didn’t feel like near-world-record speed! Seemed totally doable.

  3. World record run: 501 digits in 5:00. Got 83 right, but it was probably closer to 200 really. I just got off a little during encoding. Now THIS felt insane. Made a big difference from 480. I think I should practice this speed a lot.


  1. 5 min., national: 49/58. Best ever - ALL I DID WAS STUDY THE FACES QUICKLY, (~2 seconds per person), and on the reviews I would kind of try to think of images from time to time, but for the most part I didn’t use images at all.

That’s a 15 minute equivalent of 118 according to memocamp.

Tea Party Review:
Went thru states and cars, it took a long time and I made many mistakes. Be sure to keep up with this and it’ll save a lot of much needed time.

Need many, many more loci. Take some time today to check out that youtube video.

Jan 21: Didn’t sleep last night.
Did a sample of 480 speed numbers 2/locus and it did help visualize them a lot. That’s usually what I do when moving up to the next level to get used to it, so let’s do a couple legitimate, 67-locus attempts at 400 digits, 2/locus.

  1. 50/50 - disaster. But isn’t it always? I"ll try 400 again, but free this time.
  2. 400, free, 2/locus: EXCELLENT timing! Got the 400 memd in 3:00 and reviewed in 2:00. total correct was 309. There were a bunch missed along the way, but evenly spread, and I did a good job at the end.


  1. Safe run: after 1:15, decided to go ahead and review. Set down the cards at 1:40. Forgot a lot during recon. -> hence, the review was pointless because I rushed it bc I felt like it sucked to get a slow time. But this time is just about GETTING INTO THE FINALS. It’s basically just a run to take the pressure off of the second run.
  2. Tried it at 0:32.0 and failed. Mind isn’t working too well today. Dunno wuzzup, but cards are really tricky right now.

15 min N&F PB: 105. Up from 104, I think :slight_smile: Progress is progress. But why am I standing still with digits and cards?

Digits: attempted 326. got 291, score 268 (missed 1 img b4 288) No progress on digits = try something new. In this case, just try to get new PB. 324 is just a TINY improvement, however it is the ideal amount to attempt in March.

Attempted 78 cards, SOD. That’s be 117 digits. 1 1/2 decks. Clocked 2:40. Perfectly fine - almost didn’t even time it. Disappointingly, I forgot 2 images! They were both people - Cayj and Mes. Guess I didn’t do enough to make them distinct. Cayj is certainly not. Make him Weird Al.

Jan 22

5 min words. Did with a metronome and NOT good, not even close to good.

Remember last year I entertained dreams of winning but then realized I wouldn’t make it past the random words anyway? And how N&F was really, really bad? This year has to be different. The most important things to work on are tea Party and words, HANDS DOWN. And I have so little time… And I’m about to have so much less. And I need practice getting a safe poetry score.


  1. safe run: 1:30. Whatever, it’s a safe run. Took 4:00 to recon right. Keep practicing recon. Beating record is not that important compared to victory. Not even close!
  1. speed run, free; hit the phone instead of timer but had started it early. So it read 1:08 but it was actually
    More like 1:03. Not very speedy… Forgot the location of several images. Recon took 4:00. Didn’t keep the pace, especially at first. The second half I did at like 0:45 second speed and it was fine. Actually the first half was worse, harder to recall. Because I didn’t keep the pace out of lack of confidence. Need to practice succeeding under 0:45 or 0:50 with free runs if I’m going to get the confidence I need to do this without a metronome. Or 0:40 WITH a metronome, whatever’s easier. And some slow runs with a metronome too to practice better encoding at a slower pace.

  2. Faster, free: Went a little faster. Sucking today. Took 0:50, but I was trying to move more quickly than that. Actually forgot 7 images, took me 1:36 to reconstruct them.


  1. Record run (Barely): attempted 324, got 260. I dunno wassup…just tired. Just really, really tired.

Jan 23:

Nothing official right now, been tired recently, but I’m moving freaking fast with relative comfort. Forgetting them yes, but also visualizing them. Keep reviewing, even if just faces or anything.


  1. Tried to expand my safe score to 276. Accidentally tried to encode over 300 maybe over 320 even, then didn’t have met. for review.
    correct: 243. Score:180. For a tragedy, that’s really not bad in competition.
  2. Attempted 400. Gave up in recall cuz I got lost but I remembered a lot of them really well and if I could go without getting lost at all I could do quite well.

5 min words:

  1. attempt 80. Got 41 right, fml

5 min N&F

  1. attempt:58, got 39, fml and fN&F

Jan 24, morning: Did not sleep yet.
Int. 5:00: 2:28h
Nat. 5:00: 2:06h
Nat. 15:00: 11:22h

5:00: 4:06h
15:00: 6:54h

5:00: 14:50h
Fun 50: 4:20h


Note: I’m still improving. Got 15.1 seconds for a 50 digit sprint last night on my first try without a metronome. It was easy. Allowed myself to stay cool and see everything and then REALLY rushed the last 5 images, but I remembered them this time so it worked well. Shaved off almost 2 seconds without even giving it extra effort. I shaved off that time because of the game Nelson and I were playing, so there is surely value to practicing just a hair beyond your skill level and moving up patiently. On an equally good run, I should improve enough every day to put one extra digit on average in a 5:00 trial without even noticing. So in the next 8 weeks, I should be able to get to 360 this way.

  1. shot for 324, free. Made some mistakes but it felt quite good. It was a lot to keep track of, but I wasn’t rushed. If I’d kept the pace, I could have done a full 360 in those 3 minutes. Once I get this, I can go for 333 and keep the increments small.


Ben almost never successfully memorizes an entire deck. Furthermore, his process of filling in remaining cards is 20% - 25% as efficient as mine. So I need to memorize cards with some CONFIDENCE! I should be able to reconstruct a second deck EVERY TIME that there are six or less images missing. I’ve never put a deck together in 2:00 or even close, so I need practice doing that in order to make this easier to do.

  1. Comfortable pace, free - 0:49. Success. I moved along with haste but not so fast that I missed any of the images totally, and I encoded the last five well before putting down the deck. Slowing down isn’t going to help me much. Quick deck reconstruction will. I was missing 4 images.and it took me until like 4:15 to have the deck back orderly. Over 3:00 to put the remembered ones in order back to front. By the time I double checked, it was almost 5:00. Let’s do one more, picking up the pace just a tad:

  2. Hasty, but not silly, free: 0:39s. switched the order of two contiguous images. Otherwise, perfect. Got the deck reconstructed in 3:05 IN SPITE of having 5 blanks and 2 imgs whose placement I was unsure of. That was super freaking fast recon from the back.

Excellent job going the pace that you wanted to without a metronome both times!

Jan 26:

Digits: 334/360. Make a path full of sentient characters and be able to run through them QUICKLY.
Only did one run so I can spread practice time among disciplines.

Practiced raC’s and eattS’s. I see I could use much more work here! But that’s a good thing.

DD: Encoded cards 25 and 26 as Hud instead of Hood, and didn’t notice until the third review!!! Forgot the 99th and 100th cards! AND COULD NOT REMEMBER THE FIRST 2 CARDS FOR 40 seconds!!!
Did 50/25/25 free. Wow. Not just a failure, but an embarrassment. On the upside, verbals were perfect.

DD IS really different, so next time try 4/locus…just for the hell of it.

MAN, I REALLY WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!!! So, I must make myself earn it…by putting in equal time to random words.

Words, 15 min:
Attempted: 130
Score: 125/130.

The good news is that the forgotten words really did have images that were between nonexistent and total crap. And I had PLENTY of time to break apart those words and make better images. At least when memorizing only 130, there is just a whole lot of time. So take the time to do that the first time through, and see it the second time through. Even then you should have enough for at least one more quick run-through which should be more than enough.


Gender: Female
Name: Thora Lindy Langley
Date of Birth: January 29, 1931
Residence: Huntington, Oregon 97907
Telephone: 506-2906
Pet: gray bunny named Seymour
Hobbies: Vintage Books, Vintage Car, Musical Instruments
Car: 1960 Gold Bmw 325i
Foods: Cucumber salad, Fajitas, and Lobster
Gender: Male
Name: Oliver Williams Anderson
Date of Birth: August 28, 1970
Residence: Houston, Texas 77001
Telephone: 619-1596
Pet: white hamster named Alexis
Hobbies: Sculpting, Knapping, Drawing
Car: 1935 Mauve Bmw 325ci Convertible
Foods: Pasta salad, Miso soup, and Mashed potatoes
Gender: Female
Name: Arianne Maxine Morton
Date of Birth: July 19, 1949
Residence: Baltimore, Maryland 21203
Telephone: 294-5209
Pet: orange spider named Ross
Hobbies: Swimming, Squash, Shortwave Radio
Car: 1969 Yellow Gm Daewoo Forenza
Foods: Hot dogs, Green olives, and Garlicky pickles
Gender: Male
Name: Isaias Sal Stout
Date of Birth: April 16, 1986
Residence: Reserve, New Mexico 87830
Telephone: 126-8433
Pet: green snail named Lenna
Hobbies: Bonsai, People Watching, Fishing
Car: 1981 Puce Nissan Frontier V6-4wd
Foods: Cake, Ramen noodles, and Celery
Gender: Male
Name: Sol Jefferson Mcintosh
Date of Birth: March 17, 1923
Residence: Willards, Maryland 21874
Telephone: 475-7317
Pet: pink mouse named Humberto
Hobbies: Fishing, Canoeing, Ice Hockey
Car: 1942 Blue Chrysler Town & Country 2wd
Foods: Grapes, Cantaloupe, and Pinto beans
Gender: Female
Name: Travis Scottie Abbott
Date of Birth: June 29, 2001
Residence: Murrayville, Illinois 62668
Telephone: 523-4954
Pet: brown parakeet named Deja
Hobbies: Basketball, Badminton, Seaglass Collecting
Car: 1936 Tan Porsche Cayenne S
Foods: Pickled eggs, Steak, and Brown rice


1)THORa Lindy Langley
2) January 1931
3( Huntington, Oregon, xxx07 ELAPSED
5)Gray bunny Seymour
6) Vintage Books, Vintage Car, ELAPSED
7) 1960 Gold BMW 325i
8)Cucumber salad, fajitas, lobster
-2 = -14

  1. Oliver Williams… ELAPSE
    2)August 28, 1970
    3)Houston, Tx, 77001
    5)White hamster Alexis
    6)Sculpting, Knapping, Drawing
  2. Pasta salad, miso soup, mashed potatoes
    -2 = -12
    !)Arianne … ELAPSE
    2)July 19, 1949
    3)Baltimore,Md, xxx03 ELAPSE - PAY ATTENTION TO THESE!
    4)294.5209 -
    5)orange spider named Ross
  3. X,X, Shortwave radio ELAPSE
    7)1969 yellow GM Daewoo Forenza
  4. Hot dogs, Green olives, garlicky pickles.
    -3 = -10
  5. Isaias Sal S… ELAPSE.
  6. April 16, 1986
  7. XXXX new mexico, 87830 ELAPSE
  8. 126.8433
  9. Green Snail Lenny
  10. Bonsai, PPl watching, fishing,
  11. 1981 Puce Nissan xxx V6-4wd. ??? fRONTIER
    8)Cake, Ramen noodles, celery

-3 = -7
1)Sol Jefferson McIntosh
2)March 17, 1923
4) x31.7757 XXXXXXXXXX
5)PinkMouse Humberto
6) Fishing, canoeing, ice hockey
7) 1942 blue chrysler town & country 2wd
8)Grapes cantaloupe, pinto beans
-2 = -4


  1. Travis Scottie Abbott,
  3. Murraysville, IL, 62668 XXXX
  4. BROWn Parakeet named Deja
    6)Basketball, Badminton, Seaglass collecting
  5. 1936 tAN pORSCHE cAYENNE S
    8)Pickled eggs, steak, brown rice



  1. Zip, Car
  2. Name, Car
  3. Name, ZIP, Hobbies
    4)Name, city, car
  4. Zip, Phone
  5. Name, zip


4 names,
4 zips
3 cars

SCORE = -14. Congratulations, that is your lowest score ever. You did not make it to the final round - maybe next year :frowning: Now you know one more thing NOT to do. For the zip and phone, just do this: zip: 12345 = 123 +345. Phone 123.4567 = 123 + 456 + 567. Those are the images you’re used to and in the case of the phone number it will provide STRONG context clues with the last 2 images.

I feel like the car information is totally crushed together also. Try doing the Year + color + Make on one locus and then the Model + extra info on the next locus. That’ll be a lot less crowded.

Memorized 50/25/25. Maybe try 67/33

Early morning Jan 28 - Didn’t Sleep 26-27 or 27-28

5 minute words:
1)60/60, sweet! 4/locus
2)63/66, 3/locus. This was the MOST comfortable, I think.


  1. Safe: 1:03.6. Trying to link EVERY object, and still forgot 4 imgs somehow. Memory not serving me well today. Easy to reconstruct.
  2. 0:44 deck with metronome: I FORGOT NINE IMAGES! A couple came back kinda during reconstruction, but I WAS dealing with 18 spare cards there at first. And I got them all in place in time!!! Just had to be super organized and have room. Had like 6 piles or so. If I woulda thought about it better ahead of time I could have had those piles down a LOT quicker, also. I knew that recon practice would be worth it!!

Then again, so would accuracy practice…

  1. digits safe, 270 (30 loci) or 3:00 (whichever first), free:


Score: 60
ALMOST forgot more

Went 3:00 then reviewed twice. Then memorized a little more!
WTF?! WHY can’t I remember anything!? Is a metronome a necessity for digits?
Should I have done just a single, active review instead of two passive reviews?

15 Minute Words:

1) NEW PB! Yeehaw! got 139/140 attempted. Missed the 118th word - I said “bundle” when it was “bundles.”

4/Locus - relied heavily on storytelling per locus to keep moving quickly. Got images in there, ESPECIALLY when plural or special form of the word, but storytelling was the main thing that got me through. Did a review after the 68th word - the half way point. It was kind of like an active review but I was peeking 90% of the time. It’s like I was trying not to peek, but had to peek at almost every moment. I think it primed me for the second, more active review.

Then I did the next 72 words and reviewed them the same. Now I think I was at about 6:00. I went straight through and again tried to do the active review. At some loci where I was more comfortable, I was able to say 4 or 5 or 6 words in a row without peeking, then I’d peek just to make sure the forms were correct. Here, I also tried to put some links in between loci, especially linking into those loci where I had NO clue what was coming next. At the end of this, I had 2:xx left. I was able to do an active review at this very high speed where I only had to peek maybe…half of the time. Maybe a little more or less, I don’t remember exactly, but it felt this time around, the fourth time seeing these words, like I would have been able to recall them albeit with some errors.

Doubledeck; No review

Use this exercise to improve at certainty. Sharpen the blades and hone the form. But don’t slow down too much, because “flow” is one part of good form. Focus on linking and keeping the pace.

  1. 2:28.47. Forgot 5 images including 1 of the last 3, and once I went back from the beginning to the end in review, I HAD FORGOTTEN ALL OF THE LAST 3! SEE them, just like any other images, they must be seen… This was an excellent time. Not rushed, not dragging, just nice and easy. See if we can get a perfect score in about 2:30. But don’t look at the clock til it’s over. Just let it be.

  2. Really picked up the pace this time. Guess I was just curious. Now I’m done and I have no clue if I’ve learned anything. Doubledeck in 1:38.48, and remembered 35/52 images. Not good enough, but not bad I guess, but what does it matter? This is a drill about certainty, everything ELSE I do is about speed.


Super cool idea!!!

It’ll give me more direct feedback on tea party technique:
Using 9 or 10 loci, memorize the information for ONE person as fast as possible and then recall it, just like speed cards!

  1. 0:56.72 Remembered everything but first name.
    2)1:12.96. Forgot middle name and 2 foods. Spent an extra 20 seconds on the name, which I ended up forgetting…I am allowed to miss 2 after all - if I choose them wisely, I can save a lot of time.
    3)0:54.73 - Forgot first and middle name, zip code. So far, missed name EVERY time.

Experiment with reviewing after 2 people & reviewing after 3.

4)45.28 - forgot last name and one hobby. Pretty darn good considering I did it 30 seconds faster than #2
5) 0:53. - Forgot first name. Forgot one food. potentially forgot birthday. Everyone else is good at names. Should I even do em?

Idea: review name after foods, then review food again. It’ll just take a few extra seconds and should greatly reduce error.

  1. 1:08.56 Forgot ONLY 2 elements of the car (reviewed city too instead of wasting a ton of time on it). But will the memory be sustained for 17 minutes?

The car was hard and took a long time “2007 Green Jaguar Cars Inc Jaguar S-type 3.0 Litre”

Start splitting cars into year/color/make, and on the next locus model and whatever else.

  1. 0:50.36 - forgot ONE food. Silly me. Reviewed everything but the numbers. Separated make and model. Went fast. At this speed, it’s 6 people in 300 seconds or 5 minutes. I’ll only get faster over the next 6 weeks… :devil:

3 nights up out of the last four. That’s a decent explanation for what’s going on, but…I did set PB’s in N&F and words…But I rarely work on them. That’s probably why. I’ll rock the Tea Party drill above tomorrow or the next day, as well as random words.


1)Just tried a compromise with the metronome. Set it to 27 BPM and listened to it for a bit while tapping my foot. Then I turned it off and put on sound blockers. I did a deck in 1:00.x, and forgot THIRTY-TWO cards. Just couldn’t remember what they were. So…don’t do that ever again.

  1. went a bit quick, reviewed after 30 cards. Deck was “memorized” in 1:05.x.
    Spent 6:30 on reconstruction and was left with a dozen cards in my hand, perplexed.

New that Taik was the 4th image, but I would have had to move all kinds of stuff around like a chain reaction to get the King of diamonds. But in that situation I should ALWAYS go with the one I’m more confident in because only then will I hold the cards from the blanks again.

Tea Party drills, cont’d.

  1. 0:53.1 - missed third food and there’s a difference between a bunny and a rabbit. If I took a second to encode the foods the first time around, the microreview would have been enough.

  2. 0:50.18. PERFECT, Finally. Am I improving already? :wink: did it fast, in 0:40, took just a moment on the digits to be sure they’d stick. took ten seconds to review EVERYTHING really fast.

  3. 0:58.4. Said a food was pickle when it was banana. Forgot car year which was 1975 :smiley:

Pick up the pace, FOR REAL:

  1. 0:46.48. Forgot Zip only. Not that bad considering how fast it was.

Two People then Microreview.
If you can get this under 2:30, then at the 7:30 mark, you will have placed everything and reviewed everything once. That’s killer.

1)2:49. Slow, AND, forgot a lot of stuff. Inclined to say try again after I’ve slept, but the other way allows all to be encoded and reviewed in 5:00 instead of 7:30. So who cares? May not be done perfectly, but only 1/3 done with time. Just come up with SOMETHING for the names. Then I have something to review and I won’t sink.


  1. 1:01.38. Forgot first name. GD!!!

  2. 0:36.04. DANG that was fast! wasted no time on the digits - blew threw them, and that was important I think. Only thing I forgot was the name of the city. If I can go THAT fast, I should review everything maybe?

3)1:01.84. Yuck. forgot zip and called AK rag.

  1. 0:47.88. Forgot pet’s name and car year. Eventually, forgot middle and last name also.

My goal here is to get clean images microreviewed in 0:40 or less. If I can do that, then all of the info will be memorized in a mere 4:00. Then I can do a deep, inquisitive active review followed by runs through.

5)0:50.31 - forgot car model and year, birthday, and first name. Sucked. Think if I weren’t so tired, it would be fine?

Jan 30: slept last 2 nights.
Cards: 1:05.25 success
Cards: 0:41.25 success

Digits: Score of 240/280 with 3/3/1 method, free. Got 274/280
Digits: two failures of different degrees exceeding attempts of 300
One was 330/360

Random Words:
15 minutes: Tried for 141 with 3/locus and this was NOT a good idea. It made storytelling nearly impossible and in most cases I didn’t even try. It was almost all about images. 60, review, 60, review, 20 more, full review, then tried another full review that I didn’t finish. Score 121/141. No more of that nonsense :slight_smile:

Also, I was getting shadow interference from a DIGIT run that I did 90 minutes ago. I NEED MORE LOCI!!!


More LOCI!!
More LOCI!!
More LOCI!!
More LOCI!!
More LOCI!!
More LOCI!!

Even if I just cleaned up the last 50 of Road to River, and revisited and practiced the Phone Booth 50, it wouldn’t be enough for ideal training, but it WOULD be enough for the championship, which I don’t even have right now!

Doubledeck, verbal recall:

  1. FAIL. During the 2:00 Hiatus, mentally review the images, not the cards. I forgot cards 91 and 92, which were Pooms. That’s a weird, newly adjusted image so I really didn’t link it well at all to the card before it OR after it. Encoded Rolp as Rol, but remembered the card visually, and called out what my eyes remembered, which was correct. But it’s ridiculous that I should be encoding cards wrong at this point. But this means I need to review the newly adjusted images THOROUGHLY.

Took me 2:30 to memorize, then I went through twice reviewing. Should I memorize faster and review slower, or vise versa?? I should probably memorize faster and review more slowly so a) I can catch initial mistakes, and b) I don’t use the time wisely ANYWAY when I slow down memorization. I should probably memorize both decks in 1:30 and then do a full active review. If I spent 3 seconds on every image, the active review would be FINISHED at just over 4:00. I won’t actually spend that long on active review because I’ll only wait 3 seconds for the images I can’t remember. At the end of all this, I’ll have time for one last passive review.

IMPORTANT NOTE: is 3 seconds enough time to recall the image AND visualize the card combo? If it is, I won’t have to worry about the verbal, either…

Tea Party:

Method: Full microreview after each, then at half way point, same for second half, then total. It landed me at exactly 15:00. Don’t know how I feel about this method. But it could be better. All I know is that I do best at long events when I can do active review, and that was totally absent here. Since the championship is coming up, it might be best to just do straight through then multiple-reviews. I got a perfect score that way once.

8 errors:
Name: 2
Date of Birth:
Residence: 2
Telephone: 1
Foods: 3.

Foods and name are still the hardest. Incorporate smell and flavor into food items.
Still have a month to learn how to do that. That ought to help quite a bit.

Splitting cars in half was a good idea, and the digits went FAIRLY well I think, given the amount of time I spent on them which is almost none. How could Boris think that the digits would be the hardest part? They’re the ONLY easy part. They’re the only part I can prepare for!


FAST mem, Active review:
Mem’d in 1:20 and I remembered a LOT in the active review. A whole lot, though I don’t know the exact number. Perhaps 80 cards. Maybe even more. After active review, I had only like 40 or 50 seconds left. Active review is SO inefficient…But then, recall was easy.

In the hiatus, it took me 1:30 to mentally review back through the 2 decks. THIS is an excellent indicator of how well they were memorized.

I took 4:30 on the verbal, and made a verbal error along the way :frowning: I usually do.

Next time practice for perfection rather than speed with verbal.

Jan 31. Did not sleep last night.

Tea Party:

Birthday: 2
Residence: 1 (zip)

Mixed up the order of people to answer for.

Here’s how I did better:
Foods: tasted each one. Also tasted Kringle’s beard and a GYROscope
Split cars
Went straight through all 6 before reviewing, which took 7:50. It was a bit slow, but it did work out just fine.
Linked hobbies

Was able to review twice through, leaving 90 seconds. I spent that time going through all 18 names, then all 18 foods, then names, hobbies, and foods really quickly.

What I should have done better: used active review for Birthday, address, and phone. Might have gotten a perfect score if I had done that. Next time.

Josh’s are a lot harder than what is typically given at the actual championship. 20% harder? I would say so. That would mean that I ought to expect the same scores that I get in practice during the actual competition. But, Josh’s script repeats. Since the Tea Party at the championship is new info, I would say we have to subtract some more from the score. So in order to go in with certainty, I should consistently be missing no more than one.

15 minute N&F: 105/120

AWESOME! I only tied my PB of 105, but there were 7 minor misspellings, just 1 letter off, and a couple other close spellings and close mistakes. There were only maybe 4 Names that I actually blanked on!!!

Method: Went straight through Trying to get a GOOD, explanatory image for everyone, and link it to a feature or distinct part of the picture. Just like everyone says to do. It took 9:00 to get all 120. Then I went back to review, and made sure I SAW ALL of the original images. It took me a little under 4:00. then I got to speed through them one last time. I made the mistake of not linking the image to a distinct feature sometimes. I can tell that I’ve been doing this a lot - but you wouldn’t memorize a string of digits and just NOT encode digits that you found difficult. You just have to do them. You have to. And you’re just now getting good enough to be able to do that for all of the faces.

Yippee – you are really improving at this!!! Finally! Just in the past 2 weeks you’ve come a really long way with N&F! Do the same with Words and Tea Party and you are set, sir!! Keep practicing 15 minutes - 5 minute drills aren’t helpful for our purposes. They aren’t part of the competition.

February 1 (down to the wire) - drank with Carly and Pablo, Marta made Mango Curry Burgers on her new George Foreman Grill. I slept last night.

Tea Party: The day before yesterday, I got a good score spending 7:50 on encoding.

I think I could do better by spending only 6:00 on encoding. I believe that 1:50 can be eliminated straight away by pushing through names and other difficult images. I also believe that I’ll remember better if I have time for an active review. This run will be dedicated to having an honest active review, even if it takes the rest of the time.

I DID NOT DO THIS AT ALL. Which is a good thing because I failed so MISERABLY that I have no more desire to change my strategy. Stick with what works!

How bad did I fail? On the Person I started with, Person 4, I MISSED 6/9 PIECES OF INFORMATION. Yes, I did drink last night. But come now…

Here is what I did and what never to do again: I memorized 3 people, then went back and reviewed them. The first person I did in 1:15, though my name images were HORRIBLE. Thought I was going fast? The memorization plus two half reviews took exactly ten minutes. 5:00 is just not enough time for an honest active review, which I realized after the first 3 people took me 3 1/2 minutes and the active review wasn’t very honest anyway. Rushed through the next three and forgot everything. Never again!! Never, ever again!

But since I have gotten 100% and 95%, I should be attempting to memorize more information in the same time period. That’s what I do, and it’s what I tell everyone else to do. From now on, memorize SEVEN people until I do it once with 8 mistakes or less. That’s 10%-20%. Then move to 8 people.


  1. Free: Pretended this was the first run but tried to go fairly fast. at most times, I DID go fast. But at 2:45, I had only memorized exactly 240. Since 240 is supposed to be safe, I attempted to score a little higher than that, maybe closer to 280. What sucks is that I couldn’t remember one person and the last image. So my score was 213, but it COULD have been 72. Safe run should perhaps be SAFER than that. It is supposed to be SAFE after all. Then in the second run, I could just go for a little more and try to make sure I get first in that event. Notions of breaking the national record before I was prepared to do it and then botching the safe run is EXACTLY what happened to me on cards last year. Even if I had taken TWO minutes, I still would have gotten like 3rd place in that event. Then if I tried to be a little safer in poetry, Maybe I’d have gotten into the finals. I CAN WIN THIS THING. Just get into the finals. That’s what safe times are. They’re times that will get me into the finals.

BY THE WAY, if I went at the speed I can memorize cards, I could put over 300 digits down in 2:40. So practice speeding it up this way on the speed run. And practice safety on the safe run.

Actually (DUH) do 3/3/1 on the safe run! The time you’ll lose is not that significant. And it’s safer than you could do even if you slowed down, which is never that helpful anyway.

Try to get as many DIGITS correct as you can, regardless of the number of errors!

Tried that free ^^^^^^ANd the first time I wound up trying 440 in like 3:45 and just totally botched the whole thing, so maybe that’s slightly too many. So this might direct me to try something closer to 380 or so, which could be just ideal by being a more personalized memocamp standard.

Bump for moving the blog to the top. I write in here daily.

Memorized a deck blaring rancid with headphones. Made me uncertain about the speed I was moving and of course was just annoying.

Memd the deck in
1)0:48.5. Very fast for a safe time but the music threw off my rhythm. Had to move some stuff in recon and it wasn’t done til 4:30. Way too slow. Maybe try reviewing CARD images once then CARD images for the first half over and over so that’ll be quick. Also try to realize where exactly each card will be in the ordered deck before you need it.
2) speed run:
I said I wouldn’t. And I shouldn’t. But I really tried to push it today. Wound up at 35.2 seconds…With 8 images blank. Remembered 2 more randomly during recon. Thing is, I actually had time to reconstruct the deck. But I couldn’t be fuse it was like I didn’t even think about much less visualize the blank images with any clarity. The obvious sign that I’m moving too fast, with the obvious solution of doing a full list review now and then. Definitely want to do it 5 more times before the championship. But wouldn’t that time be better spent on 10 more tea party runs ?! Yes, I think so! Still badly must review list before the championship. Maybe 3 times? I would be SO on the ball after that. Record guaranteed. That’s a big victory, so is worth a little reduction in chances of overall win…

Even one full review and one face-second review would be huge.


3)I’m still not quite good enough at words or tea party, and I need to spend a couple hours on poetry. Prioritize…or AM I good enough at words? 140 and 120 is a BIG difference, especially when the USAMC words are so easy. And the USAMC tea party is not as hard as Josh’s either. I’ll do the 2010 one or whatever ASAP to see where I really stand on this. Still, do a 15 minute words every day. On this run, I found myself wishing there were a few missing images during recall. You know the rule - EVERY word must have an image. It’s like N&F: Do it right, and the speed will come.

Words, 15 min:
125/140. I’m not getting the job done today.

Feb 2, Morning: did not sleep last night.

  1. Doubledeck: missed 3 images, starting at the 83 card. YOWCH! This clearly needs to be practiced daily. Method: one deck (1:10), review, 2nd deck, full review. First of all, going slow doesn’t help and you know that. Secondly, memorizing the full string and then reviewing has always been easiest for you for some reason. So do that. And rethink random words method, too. I may have just gotten my best score because I’m getting better, not because the new method is better. Why would it be?

The beginning felt like the championship last year. I just couldn’t see the images well. That’s what happens when you try too hard. Just take it easy :slight_smile:

  1. DD, 4min. First mem was FAIRLY fast as far as comfort goes, but fairly slow compared to my usual speed. I’m just not on the ball today is all. Forgot cards 73-78 :(. Cards 73 and 74 I actually had to return to the INDEX locus to remember. That means there was no natural linking to the prior image. Leaving the palace is NOT GOOD. Cards that are hard to recognize don’t just slow me down, they greatly reduce my accuracy. So full system reviews ARE a priority. Especially shadowface - the image was Viz, btw.

Spent a ton of time getting binary set up. But WHY?! Could have reviewed my full system twice ?! And need more loci so badly to keep working on things like random words, but maybe I can just keep training Words WITHOUT loci. I’d still improve a little bit I think…

Tried a 15 minute run. Took over 13 minutes putting the 140 into place very carefully. I rushed the last 20, also. I made an image each time that totally would remind me of the word if I remembered the image. But I only could review through like half of it and I didn’t remember much at all.

Tried 400 really hard and really did okay without a metronome. Not very good actually but I DID get through the 400 in 2:58. Poor recall but at least I got there in time. Maybe slow it down JUST a hair and go for 360 without a metronome because that’s realistic. don’t worry about the time until you get thru the first cycle, then peek.

  1. attempted 324, free. It took about 2:40. I did pretty well here. Knowing how much time is saved by keeping the pace allowed me to slow it down just a tad so I didn’t mess up or get ahead of myself. There were a couple rough spots and on the review I had to rush to make it all the way through. the last line was sloppy in encoding, barely reviewed, and sloppy in recall. I almost got the first like 260 perfect, one dumb mistake, got 297/324. Maybe the score I should be going for at this time is the score I want right now - 304. No reason to try to get some awesome PB right now, it’s all about the championship. Next time try 306 or 309 or 312.

Random Words:

  1. I tried doing another 15 min words without loci at all, just going thru real fast trying to link all 141 words into a nonsense story. There were enough blanks since the segments were uneven that I would have missed almost all of them if I tried to recall any more. Probably scored like a “4”

Feb 3rd:

  1. semi-safe: 0:50.81. fail.

Note: there is no such thing as a semi-safe run. The speed of the safe run is dependent upon my cognitive speed on a given day. Safe feels safe, and it might take time to get there. Especially in a competition, it might take time. The ONE THING you learned from cards last year is to do a safe run first. Anything else? NO, that’s pretty much it. So don’t mess this up by refusing to keep HUBRIS in check. Same with final event.

Need to do full card review. For now, I’ll do shadowfaces. It takes only half the time.


Don’t just make a path for digit people… write down every forgotten image that you can remember something about - both digits AND cards for future reference - in an independent file. Write down what you can remember about the item. Do this hundreds of times. Find properties that repeat. Pick a property, and during a full review, identify every example. Make paths for these. Paths that you DON’T use for memorizing digits or cards.

I just did about 1/4 review, and it took me 25:00. I’m not even going to continue the review right now because it’s taking SO much time.

I messed up a 50 second deck today. Review frequently. Do 1/8 vocabulary sometimes as well. Don’t totally neglect it. Even tonight, a deck at 0:26 looks a whole lot easier than a 0:40 deck did 3 months ago. If I did a full review every day, could I hit 0:26 by March? Undoubtedly. If I did a full review daily and knew the vocabulary, could I break 0:20 in a year? Yup, for sure.
Now review is just so slow because I never do it. Do it all the time and get it down under 20:00 then you can do it every morning and set a world record within just a few years.


  1. Face Second : 26:04. Wowee!!! THAT’s like a 1:45 review. Good to do these reviews in order.
    5 minute Names Only: 19/36. Whatever.
    5 minute Names Only: 34/36. Holy cow! Mem for 2, review thrice. Went REALLY quick with the mem. That’s less than 4s/name total. I could probably do this at double-speed if I was able to go through and pick all of the low-hanging fruit.
  2. Face : 37:01, BUT would have been more like 35:00 if done right.
    Tea Party - 43/48
    5 minute Names Only
    Pay The Troll Toll - Couldn’t get it done…
    3) Shadowface: 0:55:24.56 God that was long. But in the championship I’ll be glad, very glad, that I’ve been doing these.
    Tea Party
    15 minute words
  3. Full

Tea PARTY 1:

  1. Name: Alva? XXXXXXXXX
    2)n 23 1950
    3)Got this

  2. got this
    5silv sal carey
    6 asso football scrap XXXXXX

  3. WM somethng

  4. DUNNO
    6)CAR ?!?!?!?!?!!


AUG 10 XXX???
3) MEDINA WASH 98039
4)392 0526


april 6 2000
ashevile nC ??xxxxxxx
2)got phone
Pet chek
ppl watch slot car race comp prog
4)1954 natural…what???
foods:got em.

frieda danyelle pope
dec 05 1933
??? MS 39404
208 got this
red chicken jack got it
surf sculpt airsoft
1935 fushia toyota camry solara convert. got it.
food got it

Courtney got name
march 09 1940
973 5409
yellow frog elmer
bus spotting fencing scrapbooking
1988 black gm dae
food dunno
wtf, that’s it?!

Unfortunately, this TP was impossible to score due to not even being able to remember what QUESTIONS to ask. But the score wasn’t good.

Took 8:20 to memorize. That gave me time to review twice and then look over the names a little more. Unfortunately, I forgot almost all of the names again.

The information from the last couple of people was a lot more clear than the information from the first couple. Don’t know if I should incorporate this because sometimes I have high scores…

Usually I make improvement in an area by alternating between trying to handle too much and succeeding. Though I have had some good runs, all of this should qualify as “taking on too much.” And yet, it doesn’t feel like insanity, either.

Insanity drills have enabled me to see that I had been wasting time all along. I really think that I do that with this event.

Name: Melanie dottie tamatha
Date of Birth: oct 12 1937
Residence: lacey wa, 98509
Telephone: 965 8215
Pet: gold duck thomasina
Hobbies: running seaglass collecting tennis
Car: 1929 tan merces benz cls55 amg
Foods: garlicky pickles, hot dogs, pickled eggs

7/8, yeeaaaah!

Name: mabel tamatha stephans
Date of Birth: ???
Residence: ??
Telephone: ??
Pet: brown lizard, kyle
Hobbies: backbacking fishkeeping, machining.
Car: ???
Foods: hot dogs stuffing garlicky pickles


Name: Marcus Lonnie…???
Date of Birth: ???
Telephone: 751 6689
Pet: black from dana
Hobbies: ??? driving figure skating
Car: 1937 red landrover (pause) all weel drive
Foods: steak cream cheese hardboiled eggs.

3/8, just need a LITTLE more speed in recall. Don’t sweat it :slight_smile:
Name: Phillis elsa craig
Date of Birth: dec 2 1945
Residence: petcaa, nm…???x
Telephone: 0128969x
Pet: black snake carey
Hobbies: antiquing fossil hunting leaf collecting and pressing
Car: 1998 mauve audio tt…???x
Foods: peanut butter, turkey legs, toffee


Gender: 1
Name: Jerrie My XXXXXXXX
Date of Birth: oct 17 1938 Lineville alabama, 362…??xxxx
Telephone: 924 9614
Pet: Red goldfish Jamey
Hobbies: shortwave radio, BOARDgaming, mineral collecting xxx
Car: 1999 orange toyota LS 430 ???
Foods: creamed corn, steak…???

Name: Walton Ramon Shephard
Date of Birth: ? NOT FAST ENOUGH
Residence: pine meadows ct o6061
Telephone: 611…? NOT FAST ENOUGH
Pet: no idea?
Hobbies: vint cars vint clothes basketball
Car: 1957 gold volvo xc 70 awd
Foods: pad thai crepes muchroom gravy


Name: xxx jordan mcdaniel
Date of Birth: oct 24 1975
Residence: lake gen wisc 53147
Telephone: …
Pet: Orange pig JULIO
Hobbies: machining volleyball microscopy
Car: xxx pink mercedes cls 500
Foods: apples sushi miso soup


Name: xxxxdannie boone
Date of Birth: April 9, 1997
Residence: MO…
Pet: gold parrot…???
Hobbies: Auto restoration, XXXX, rockclimbing.
Car: …been TOO long.
Foods: XXXtomatoesXXXXX


  1. 4
  2. 4
  3. 1
  4. 5
  5. 5
  6. 5
  7. 7
  8. 3

Except for the last one, when I had to change paths, there was a + correlation between late memorization and success, but also a strong + correlation between early recall and success. Which is good, because


This was a good drill. I HAVE been wasting time. I got done with the first 3 people in a mere 1:30. Then the next 5 took me just over 5 minutes. But memorizing all six in under 3:00 and getting to review them each 4 times is a distinct possibility. However, the 2:1:1:1 would be 6:00, 3:00, 3:00, 3:00. But can I even review it in 3:00 the first time? Next time, set a metronome to sustain 3:1:1:1.

Note to self: You’re still bad at converting Tea Party digits. Horrible, actually. Much time could be saved with improvement in this area. 144 digits should take about a minute to encode and a minute to review. I just spent 3:00 encoding them. Keep trying.


Name: Millard ross grimes
Date of Birth:march 09 1987
Residence: Madison heights, VA, 24572
Telephone: 414 9117
Pet: Tan Cat Jan
Hobbies: RC cars, record collecting, figure skating
Car: 1975 aubergine BMW x5 4.8Si (IS?)
Foods: mushroom gravy apple cobbler DAMMIT TIME,

Name: Val Olin Lamb
Date of Birth: August 21, 1969
Residence: Dudley, MA 01571
Telephone: 550 1415
Pet: Blue Toad Henry
Hobbies: Singing tai chi airsoft
Car: 1966 puce aston martin db9 coupe
Foods: caesar salads, cream cheese, tea

Name: Latarsha Licia Waller
Date of Birth: Jan 21 1941
Residence: Holyok CO 80734
Telephone: 2883020
Pet: Gray Rat Cameron
Hobbies: Record collecting rock climbing, vintage clothes
Car: 1980 white land rover range rover
Foods: Pasta salad, Toffee turkey

Name: X alica sosa
Date of Birth: June 14 1984
Residence: FEntress Tx 78622
Telephone: 965 7855
Pet: Gold Parrot Joye
Hobbies: Sandcastle building tai chi handball
Car: 1986 Tan Ford Escape Hybrid FWD (messed this up - didn’t say escape. The image wasn’t orderly
Foods: Green olives, crepes, grapes.

Name: Ileana Stacey Norton
Date of Birth: Nov 4 1930
Residence: Kipling NC 27543, SAID TOO SLOW!
Telephone: 991 6382
Pet: White chicken tommy
Hobbies: Record collecting, badminton, rock climbing
Car: 1962 fuschia nissan quest
Foods: Bisquits and gravy, stuffing, teriyaki beef jerky

Name: Elijah Val Key
Date of Birth: September 13, 1993
Residence: Hedrick IA 52563
Telephone: 9100962
Pet: Black sugar glider Dede
Hobbies: Camping surfing freerunning
Car: 1982 orange toyota rav4 2wd
Foods: Sauerkraut guacamole, cashews.

43/48. I couldn’t think of a couple things in time, but would have gotten them all correct if I had a few more moments. I REALLY liked this method.

I did 4 people, then reviewed them, then the last two people, then reviewed them, and at that point, I was at 10:20. I was trying to move pretty fast but I think each person was averaging just under a minute or so. That gave me just enough time for an active review for the last 4:40. It was really freaking good. If it goes this smoothly next month you won’t get eliminated, no way. Then at the very, very, end, I was able to review the first 3 or 4 names again, just barely. A lot of the information I didn’t even read the third time because I could remember the images, but that probably isn’t safe. I do have to get a little bit better at active review timing, but


  1. 4/3 safe run: 192. Good enough!! That’s what the safe run’s all about.

missed images
1)small and jugglable (454)
2)small enough to fit several in a donut box; edible (744)
3) 074, 360, 303. Jesus, all of the characters need consistent actions.

If I had more loci, I could get 360 today. What am I doing ruining all my scores by not having enough loci??

Words, 15 min:

  1. 125/141, score:31.
    Tried this one like Boris’ suggestion. 2 per locus, looking away from the screen to get more clear imagery, etc.
    This was really bad, just don’t do it.

Dominic reviews:

Good images make for quick recall. The perfect speed is the speed at which mental recall + memorization total time is the shortest. That’s the fastest speed that has a very high degree of accuracy.

cards, 15 images/5 loci + mental review:

  1. 1:11.09

I may not have much time for this drill, but isn’t it worth something to know that I am memorizing well? Isn’t that a skill worth learning?

…Later, maybe. For now, I must focus on speed and quantity.

Name: Duncan Noah Robles
Date of Birth: april 9 1960
Residence: Mohamit IL, 61853
Telephone: 9277563
Pet: Pink snail Jerrie
Hobbies: Kayaking, baking, sailing
Car: 1983 tan GM escalade esv awd
Foods: pickled eggs homemade fudge pasta salad

Name: Mable Sharan Hansen
Date of Birth: Nov 17 1994
Residence: Abileine OH, 45710
Telephone: 2807280
Pet: Gold Hedgehawg lashawnda
Hobbies: Jewelry making, cart racing, leaf collecting and pressing
Car: 1951 blue toyota 4 runner 4wd
Foods: Smoked salmon PB cream cheese

Name: Felishia Natashia Langley
Date of Birth: May 13 1928
Residence: Fort Wayne IN 46852
Telephone: 8639739
Pet: gray fish Jerod
Hobbies: Surfing figure skating squash
Car: 1968 Yellow nissan maxima
Foods: Teriyaki BJ hot dogs turkey

Name: Pilar adaline X
Date of Birth:

Residence: Cleveland OH 44128
Telephone: 6969743
Pet: Blue toad Brock
Hobbies: Disc golf backpacking darts
Car: 1922 green GM equinox FWD
Foods: Garlic cupcakes apples

Name: Truman Lee levine
Date of Birth: march 01 1974
Residence: Thomaston maine, 04861
Telephone: 930 7290
Pet: White rabbit cathi <-----IT WAS A BUNNY.
Hobbies: driving cheerleading backpacking
Car: 1923 mauve jaguar cars inc, jaguar x-type
Foods: Uncertain

Name: Pasquela Harlan Lawrence - 1/2.
Date of Birth: May 1, 1952
Residence: House springs MO 63051
Telephone: 150 1883
Pet: Brown Sugar glider LORNA
Hobbies: Element collecting paper football locksport
Car: 1936 white toyota avalon
Foods: strawberries sauerkraut pickles.

Score: 43.5/48. You have gotten so much better at this in the last 24 hours.

Mem’d 4 and reviewed in a little over 6 minutes. Mem’d and reviewed last two in just under 10:00. There was enough time for a very successful active review, followed by a tad more food and name glancing.

Keep adding peeps; let’s make this a party. I need to account for nervousness as well as the novel foods and cars and hobbies that I’ll get in NY.


Date of Birth:

Feb 5, early morning, did not sleep last night.

Tea Party.

Let’s do 7 today.

This will be number 7:

Gender: Male
Name: Dorian Philip Saunders
Date of Birth: May 29, 1951
Residence: Woodbridge, VA 22191
Telephone: 357-7119
Pet: black parrot named Bernita
Hobbies: Reading, Jewelry Making, Gymnastics
Car: 1964 Black Volkswagen Passat Wagon 4motion
Foods: Avocado, Chicken soft tacos, and Hot dogs

Name: Jonas Arden Franco
Date of Birth: Sept 29 1944
Residence: GILTner Nebraska 68841
Telephone: 1790522
Pet: Yellow frog hedwig
Hobbies: Art collecting Seaglass collecting amateur astronomy
Car: 1946 gray ford explorer 2wd
Foods: S S chicken, tea, banana bread

Name: Erlene allegra maxwell
Date of Birth: may 24 1918
Residence: KS 67566 XXXXXXXXX
Telephone: 287 3695
Pet: orange canary Stephany
Hobbies: XXX cricket runing ?
Car: 2001 gold kia motors corporation kia sorento 4wd
Foods: asparagus pinto beans cashews

Name: Dorian philip saunders
Date of Birth: 5 29 1951
Residence: Woodbridge va 22191
Telephone: XXXXXXXX
Pet: Black parrot bernita
Hobbies: reading, making jewelry, gymnastics
Car: 1964 black VW passat wagon 4motion XXXXXXX
Foods: Avacad, chick soft, hot dogs ???

Name: Alissa Judie Andrews
Date of Birth: July 28, 1947
Residence: oddessa tx 79764
Telephone: 294 5259
Pet: Gold Pig Emerald
Hobbies: People watching, ???, Geneaology
Car: 2001 mauve volvo s60 awd ???
Foods: Lobster, dogs, celery

Name: Nathaniele BRICK WHO???
Date of Birth: Jan 17, XXXXXXXX
Residence: XXXXXXXXX 57380
Telephone: 6341849
Pet: Blue tortoise shayne
Hobbies: Parkour tennis baseball
Car: 1997 puce aston martin db9 coupe
Foods: gyros, chicken soft, AVACADO???

Name: MaryJane Shawnee Humphrey
Date of Birth: NOV 9 2007
Residence: Newbury CA 92365
Telephone: 2637583
Pet: Brown Bunny Rupert
Hobbies: DRiving Surfing, UMMMMMM XXXXXX
Car: Wish I knew who made the commander.
Foods: mashed taters, cottage cheese, cantaloupe???

Name: Clarence…uhhh XXXX
Date of Birth: jUNE 1 1958
Residence: Cumberland OH 43732
Telephone: 106 4301
Pet: Silver dog julienne
Hobbies: Amateur radio sandcastle building bridge
Car: 1975 red BMW 750li
Foods: Coj cheese cantaloupe cucumber salad.???

GOT 42/56 HERE. RHINO ON A LEASH IS MY BASELINE not bad at all :slight_smile:

Int N&F, 5 in:
ALMOST leveled up to level 14. Scored 585 points. Did those names FAST and was able to remember them. But with a couple of exceptions which I KNEW were exceptions that were just too hard, I did make an image for every first and last name. And I did it fast.

Nat N&F, 15 min:
101/120. Not even close to leveling up to level 9. I’m so far behind on this event but I can feel change brewing. Try again, this time go FASTER and review every 40 names.

Int N&F, 5 mins:
36/45 515 points. Not so hot.


I’m going to try to do 306 digits reviewing the first 200, latter 106, then ALL of them. Impossible? Yeah, maybe.

  1. That didn’t really work. But then again, what does? Maybe I should memorize 324 digits carefully, in like 3:30, then sprint through the review.

I’m gonna try that. Metronome at 650 in 7:00. Once I hit 324, go back and sprint.

Alright…That didn’t quite work either this run, but I haven’t slept in days.

That was a lot of fun though. It felt really slow so there was plenty of time to embellish the linking. Review time was just a little bit tight. It is so important with this method to keep the pace and let it be. Then the review can be a skim until little holes need to be repaired. If there are full loci missing because the pace was not kept, nothing can be done during the review because there isn’t enough time. I really believe that I could do 360 with this method today. First I’ll check to make sure I can in fact review 4 digits per second (360 in 1:30)

Oh yeah, I can go a LOT faster than that. If only I could do that with cards…In the future, I will. But I must become fluent first.

Did a few N&F Runs. Didn’t beat any record. Did some digits runs. Kept getting lost. Did some words, forgot em.

Tooka lil’ nappie. Feelza lil’ better.

Random Words:

5 min:
Right now my PB is 60 (score = 480)

Oh wow, I just tried for 60 and thought I was shooting for a PB!

The coveted “600 points” is at 75 words here, and 165 words for 15 minute. I am better at 15 min words relatively speaking, but it’s still my weakest event. Worst than N&F. So be sure to hit that goal of 165 by mid-March. Being consistent there is even better.

As you know, review pacing is crucial. So practice with 5 minute words may not actually be that helpful except for some fundamentals.

Because you don’t have many loci, you can JUST use the storytelling method here, adding a hair of vividness to the items you link with the stories. Between stories, always make a huge, vivid link.

Double Deck: Dominic review

Forgot cards 25-30. NEVER again. 2 dec


1)219/330. Reviewed after 90 for some reason. only mem’d 304.

Here’s another cool idea for safe-run. Memorize a whole lot 3/3/1 and then review the first half or so; as many as I can in 60-90 seconds. It’s safe because at least I’ll be able to review the beginning, and then with a little luck I could get a really high score.

Less givitagoh!

3:30 is probably safer, but this first time I’ll mem for 4:00

  1. Forgot to do 3/3/1 so restarted after 80 digits. I took the extra moment to see stuff pretty clearly though. You can take an extra moment if memorizing for an extra minute!

  2. OMFG forgot to do it again. Though going a little slower to see things more clearly or link more creatively, keeping the pace is still the most important thing.

857020522537- - -16427

SCORE: 92. Lame beans. Maybe I should just do what I do best: 150/150 but at 3/3/1 set to…306 perhaps? That’s slower than 41 bpm, but faster than 40.

Less Givitagoh!


          • -44262326763950
    • -78752377067978333
          • -86730401791779
            168948- - -32539478295
            132493443411- - - - - -36

Dont even know. Can’t even say why.



Remember what Ben did to his rote memory at first? That’ll complement my storytelling method quite well. So let’s see what it’s like to go fast.

This time, we’re just gonna link em all. 100 in 5 minutes, 150/150.

1)45/100. That’s a baseline score – don’t know what to say about it. 100 is an incredible amount, so don’t know what to expect. Note that I got 25 of the first 26 correct, and between 40-80 I got almost none.
Now I have to ask about the serial position effect, if a list is repeated twice beginning to end, the middle terms will fall twice in the 25% and 75% sections, averaging out to 50%, and the same goes for the first and last terms, which while beginning and ending the entire set, fall at 50% in the center. One would think they average out but they did not, so the rules of SPE change when the list is repeated. The effects only seemed amplified.

This time, after the first cycle, begin to review from the 50th word.
2) 16/100. That schedule was weird. But also these words didn’t fit together as well, or maybe I was just confused.

My magic schedule has been to review at 67% then the final 33%, ending at 67% time limit, then using the final 33% for a full review. In this case, that would require 300 words in 5 minute metronome. Let’s do it.


Block decoding.

I figure I should be able to quadruple these scores by the WMC or more. That would mean 720 digits per minute.
(720 digits = 3 packs +4 extra cards, or about 19.5 seconds per deck. Totally feasible. EASIBLE actually.)

180 digits:

  1. 0:55

90 digits:

4) 0:24.33
5) 0:16.53. (these checked out)
6) 0:16.36. felt slow.
7) 0:18.32
8) 24.18
10)0:16.4. Best of all ten! I must practice this daily on the ipad. Memocamp is incredibly inefficient.

I wouldn’t quite say that this is a waste of time, but the time really should be spent learning these correctly. Right-brain approach. Or maybe I should just review them 64 at a time until I’m a boss at all 8 groups.

You can begin to memorize binary when you are consistently under 1 second per image.

Also, during each recheck, take note of the configuration.

I need a way to improve like this at Words and Tea Party.

Tea Party…That’s easy. Race to perfect recall on one person.

Race to remember 10 phone numbers perfectly. And 10 zip codes. And ten on N&F too.

Start doing teeny, tiny drills. That must be the way up past this plateau.

N&F 15 minutes:

Moved it up to level 12. I always should.

Memorized about 50 names at a time, did three internal reviews, landed right at 10:00, which was just enough time to do a final review. Pacing was excellent. There were a lot of names I memorized and could have remembered if the faces would have clued me in. Not linking the names to the faces was the sole reason my score wasn’t much higher. It takes a moment I know, but it must be done. Not as important in 5 minute faces, so don’t develop the bad habit.

Got 99/120 correct, 120/170 attempted. Would my scores increase after a name review? I’m stuck here at 100.

So as not to wear out the faces by becoming too familiar, I should do a bunch of name runs without faces. That will also help me with the slowest and most uncertain part of the Tea Party. If I could rock names, what would hold me back?

I just reviewed 210 male names in 8 minutes by simply reading down the list instead of using flashcards. Know these names like the back of your hand or so help you at the tea party. It’s going to be HARD, harder than practice, if I’m anything but overprepared, I’m going to be straight blindsided.

Block reference:

0 0 0 000
0 0 0
0 0 0

0 0 0 001
0 0 0
0 0 1

0 0 0 002
0 0 0
0 1 0

0 0 0 003
0 0 0
0 1 1

0 0 0 004
0 0 0
1 0 0

0 0 0 005
0 0 0
1 0 1

0 0 0 006
0 0 0
1 1 0

0 0 0 007
0 0 0
1 1 1


0 0 0 010
0 0 1
0 0 0

0 0 0 011
0 0 1
0 0 1

0 0 0 012
0 0 1
0 1 0

0 0 0 013
0 0 1
0 1 1

0 0 0 014
0 0 1
1 0 0

0 0 0 015
0 0 1
1 0 1

0 0 0 016
0 0 1
1 1 0

0 0 0 017
0 0 1
1 1 1


0 0 0 020
0 1 0
0 0 0

0 0 0 021
0 1 0
0 0 1

0 0 0 022
0 1 0
0 1 0

0 0 0 023
0 1 0
0 1 1

0 0 0 024
0 1 0
1 0 0

0 0 0 025
0 1 0
1 0 1

0 0 0 026
0 1 0
1 1 0

0 0 0 027
0 1 0
1 1 1

Ten Ten Blocks

2)0:40. ?
3)0:28.48 Twice as slow as a few hours ago.
4)0:23.55 God why?
6)0:17.34 good

These last two – look at middle digit only
9)0:40 and cheated a little.



  1. attempt 306. 306 took 3:30. Reviewed through 260-280 or so. Score 40.

I can not think and I am involuntarily falling asleep right now. Caffeine, audible digits, try not to fall asleep within the first 100. But I do need sleep, otherwise just more BS scores that mean nothing and do nothing for me. Instead of 12-18 hours, I have been awake for 75 hours. It is no wonder I cannot think.
Work begins tomorrow. Say goodbye to consistent training. The Tea party…JB is guaranteed to beat it. That means I must be in the top 2 out of 4 competitors. Is that really something that I can do? Am I even in the top 5 of random words? All I can do is cards. What was I thinking? Over 5 hours in the past few days on binary. What am I doing?

That does it. I’m finding the previous tea parties to see just how hard the real ones are. I’ll just watch it straight through, type it out as said, then mem the rest of the time.

General Competence requires a minimum of 20 hours. I have 40 days, and I really suck at this stuff. I went from NOTHING to second or 3rd place in cards in 20 days. I am better than nothing, and I have twice the time. Recall is not practice. That means I must Do 2 15 minute words and 2 Tea Parties per day for the next six weeks.


15 min:

  1. (That’s one down!) Scored 115/144. Many shifts, so that’s misleadingly low. I am not using loci at all right now. pure story, and the story is continuous. For that reason shifts may happen unless there is 1:1 linking

  2. 1:1 linking this time, and just hope it doesn’t slow you that much. But don’t cheat.

2010 Tea Party

a) Type out information as spoken
b) study for 5 minutes more
c) recall in order requested.

Name:gregory stephen mcguyver
Date of Birth: 1947 Nov 21
Residence: Clifton Park NY 12065
Telephone:907 9056
Pet: Siamese Cat light and dark brown wilson
Hobbies: tree felling books on cd, remodeling
Car:2000 VW passat silver grain
Foods: Filet mign, salmon filet, bearclaw icecream (short)
Name: Sammy Lennon
Date of Birth: June 1 1998
Residence:Largemont ny 90538
Telephone: 333 1843
Pet: dog golden mut sandy
Hobbies: pottery broadway plays horseback riding
Car: jaguar 2010 blue
Foods:chinese food chocolate chip cook brownies (ala mode?)

Name: Bill patrick preac 10 15 1945
Residence:long is ny 11701
Telephone: 516 455 1420
Pet: Lab black lady
Hobbies: golding, writing, racketball
Car: 1967 chev corv red
Foods: Bill von john lasagna pork chop
Name: Cathleen sherwood forest
Date of Birth: aug 31 1944
Residence: Becky MA 00123
Telephone: 243 6646
Pet: domest short hair cat black max
Hobbies: cooking wood coloring reading
Car: 1969 jaguar xke lemon yellow
Foods: Cow chocolate pears
Name: Edmond Malcom Pinzer
Date of Birth: july 6 1932
Residence: Wyoming penssilania 19483
Telephone:294 5789
Pet: snake black lightning
Hobbies: scuba dive gator wresling cricket
Car: 1957 chevy corvette baby blue
Foods: Ritz Parogies Prime rib.

Dunno, whatever. I encoded a small amount in the first ten mins so tried to do it all in 5 mins. Didn’t work out but the fact remains that this information was stupid easy. TWO Jaguars and TWO corvettes?! I need to make images for some car models for Chrissake! Bet they’ll pick all 6 from a list of 100! We’ll Start with every model of Josh’s.

Words, 15 min: Read This

My mind is still so tired and shot, yet I did REALLY well on words this way --> Recall was easy. Time distribution was 7:30 for encoding and internal review of the first 80 words. That left a disproportionate 3:30 for the encoding and internal review of the next 64 words. It took me about 4:45 though, so I did my final review in the 3:45 remaining, which was actually enough time to review 144 words meaningfully. The trick is being able to place images effortlessly so you are able to focus on storytelling. You’ll get better and better at that.

I used Beaumont. 4/locus. Relied purposely mostly on storytelling, trying to make sure to get an image for every word, which did not exactly happen initially. If I can tell that I’m about to waste a lot of time on an image and I know I honestly can’t help it, then if it’s my first go-through, just make sure it fits with the story. But on my second go-through I HAVE to put something visual there. The gamble is just that you see it twice instead of three times. Other than 2 plurality errors, the one word I missed was Falsity. I put Following because I remembered something about “Fall” but never took the time to make the word “city!”

I TECHNICALLY scored 131, getting 140/144 correct. Really, I spelled Ophthalmology Opthalmology, and that pulled down my score, which should have been 141, maybe. right now PB is 139 and level up is 140 so that sucks.

Tea Party:
Fell asleep for like a minute in the middle. Then time was up and I had forgotten so much I stopped trying to recall after this first locus. Time management was typical, 67/33 @ 10:00.

Outside I noticed that my opinion had changed.
“If I really want it,” I thought, " having a decided advantage over the others in the Tea Party is well within my reach." It seemed kind of obvious. 6 weeks is a long time for Lance Tschirhart. If I can only get pumped up about it then I’ll know what to do next. Just a quick daily review For starters though, make a solid list of pets, cars, hobbies, foods, and pet names, as well as reviewing the names I already have. I really think I could get comfortable with an extra 1,000 pieces of information for the Tea Party by late March. And also do it a ton. Simon, Hannes, Jonas, Ola, Nelson — these guys consistently make the most improvement PER MONTH on memocamp. They have less room to improve and yet improve the most. How do they keep doing that? My performances have remained flat for so long.

Before digit breakthroughs, I have always had stints of memorizing with 2/locus. I just tried that with 240 digits and today which is you know the WORST day for my brain, I missed maybe 40 or so, but I stopped the clock after the review and it was at exactly 3:21 – 67% of 5:00. At that speed, I could have done a third review at the same speed or if I had been just a little slower I still could have done a fast third review. I kinda like being able to do it with just one review though, so maybe I should keep working on it like this – seeing how fast I can get 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 digits instead of always going for 5:00.

By the way, 2/locus velt really nice and natural of course, since it was so easy to go at that high speed. with 3:20 initial encoding, that would have been a 480 digit attempt! That’s fast!

Words, 15 min:

  1. Storytelling, focus on visualization links, but no loci. Shot for 160 in a row then review, which I got to do then another fast review of maybe 100 or so. That was so many words and being unsure if there was a missed word eventually there would come a point after which every word would be counted wrong. If only you had more loci, you could practice the REAL way and you wouldn’t have to do this stuff.

Wait. That is something those champions have that I do not have. Is that it?

Feb 8: Drank last night.
1)0:57.07 fail
2) Slow + full review = 1:45.69, of course success.

Names review :

  1. Reviewing 225 female names and the 100 “new” M&F names took about 20 minutes. 10/minute? That’s quite slow because I’m still in the learning phase. Soon it’ll be ALL names in 15 minutes, now tell me that isn’t worth doing for a guy scared by names… These names are so unfamiliar that even encoding the name “Monica Lynn Kelly” took me about ten seconds. Such an easy name - what would I do about a tricky name? Note that food and hobbies at the USAMC are going to take longer to encode and review. If I can get better at names, I can maintain and even increase my scores.

How stupid would I feel if I could blame a failure in tea party on spending the last month of training more on digits, cards, or N&F? That is the kind of BS I am prone to doing. JB told me “Three months is not a lot of time to train for Tea Party.” I’m working in half that timeframe. If I did nothing but tea party from now til the end of March, it’d be a damn good use of time.

Tea Party:

  1. Used 6 faces from memocamp to link to the names. It did definitely make identifying the person harder and more uncertain, so it’s a necessary addition.

Owing to the alcohol, I finished 4 + review in I think a little over 10:00 and the last 2 with like 13:00 and didn’t even have enough time for one more full review. During recall, I STOPPED during the 4th name because it was just SO bad - it was like a murder I couldn’t bear to watch. As in all other things, after practicing more than you can handle, it’s better to take a step back and identify your limits. So now, we’re just going to practice with 5 people for a little while. Until you can do it with certainty. Then We’ll be ready to take it to the next step.

And also: I might have done well with those 67% reviews, but I did well with full reviews even earlier. In fact, I even did that and was able to do a mental review straight through once. Full review has always been your style…is it time to start changing things up right now?

An important note on performance: Don’t divert your eyes from the page. It only slows you down and has never helped.

  1. 5 Profiles: Score 44/48, errors extremely minor, better linking needed.

This time, I didn’t divert my eyes. I made the images quickly and without fear, as digits or cards. All 5 profiles took me about 5:00. I did maybe 5 or 6 full reviews afterward. It got to the point where my memory pushed me through the images faster than the page did. The reviews got SO fast. After the 2nd or third review, I was able to alter the images slightly as I went through, making them more vivid.
Going faster made it all so much easier…Where does the curve reverse, because I COULD go faster than this if I needed.

the 15s time limit did not feel restrictive this time. I KNEW this stuff. Furthermore, I felt finished at like 10:00. I almost stopped the clock at 10:00 just to experiment.

Improvement needed:
Didn’t do a great job linking names to faces. Also, I SHOULD have been focusing on the linking overall, especially during reviews. That’s what makes it happen. Going faster made it so much easier.
Take note of when something funny or unexpected happens. The black guy’s name is “Jackson Michael Tito,” and his favorite food is “BBQ Ribs, fried chicken, and collard greens.” Or when a little girl likes obscure foods or hobbies, or when a female does manly things, or when a guy with a southern accent is from the north. All of those things will stick better.
Go even faster, even when an image eludes you. Those will be the problem children, and there will be a limited number of them. The important thing is that there are no OTHER problem children. Nothing unexpected will be forgotten. The problem children can be attempted during every subsequent review. Images tend to come to mind faster during reviews.

  1. 38/48
    Reviewed straight through. Stick with the 67/33 review. It works…the reason why is because 6/10 questions that I missed were from the first person. So obviously I stretched too far before the initial review. If that person was chosen, I’d have lost. If that person were not chosen, I’d have moved on. That’s 50/50%. Should I fly to NY for 50/50%? Must say though, I’ve been remembering those digits really, really well. Quickly and on the money. Hobbies, too. Cars, almost perfect again. It’s names and foods. Names and foods.


  1. This is a new safe-run style of 2/2/3 where the last 5 digits are memorized zipcode style. But I’m going for a quantity of 400, Free.

Ok, I actually quit after 80 digits because they took SO long. The 2/locus were quite nice, and the 3/locus took forever and a day to memorize. There are TWELVE of these in the Tea party.


          • -597686510584491
            120490247407- - - - -851
            182392- - -388…

Quitting time. I got all 400 in in like 3:15 and then reviewed through maybe 300 and many of those sloppy. Perhaps this isn’t the way to achieve a “safe run” after all?

N&F National, 15 mins:

91/120. Why? Why can I not do this?

I reviewed after something like 3 lines, then 4, then 4. Had 5:00 left for full review, and I got to zoom through 50 names in like the last 30 seconds or so, which seemed like a smart thing to do. But how should I know?

Maybe I rushed through the cognitive phase. Maybe I have no fundamentals. Maybe I need to be just edging out my PB’s day after day. Next time, try to score 106.

Attempt: 321, 2/locus. correct = 304. Didn’t bother to go through and try to figure out the ones I missed. I couldn’t remember 27 digits. But that’s not bad. Soon I’ll get 321 and go for 324. Bump all of these PB scores up little by little. 1 Locus at a time. That’s what I need to be doing til USAMC. I’m about as good as I’ll be, so tiny stretches will just sharpen me up.

Tea Party: Get 5 profiles perfectly and then bump it up to 5 profiles+ Name, then 5 + name + BD, etc.

Random words, 15 min: 80 then 60 then full, total 132/140, didn’t stick around to fill in any gaps afterward.

Tea Party: 5 Profiles: 40/40 = Perfect. Perfect spelling, perfect everything.

Check this sweet math out: Did all 5 in about 6:00. Then I did a fast, cheating active review. Then I did an ACTUAL active review. The active review ended at 12:30. That = 2:30 per profile, at a rate of 15:00 per 6 profiles! The extra passive review afterward did help too, but if I can speed up just a tad then I can get one of those in even with 6 profiles.

Next TP: 5 Profiles + Name

b)1:50. Is this a good thing? Why did it even happen?

Active: Encoded Tom as Sin!!! Without active, I may not have caught this at all! I’d have a score of 16!! ACtive is a must then. Had to rush the last half minute, so the last 20 or so were passive, and then glanced at the first 10 1 last time.
V: 4:50, perfect.

Followup: 60 + active.
AR: 40
V: 1-38. CAreful…
M: 1-52

Feb 9: Early Morning, did not sleep last night.

Digits: 306 Record Run 2/locus, 51 locus Apartment:
986785016018- - - - - -69
64068388- - - - - – - - - - -
2827485700035886402. Forgot next., no need to carry on.

Pacing: 306 in 2:58. Absolutely perfect.
Score: 179. Lower than my safe score, so it is of no use. My scores with mistakes are almost always under 200. My safe scores usually have mistakes, too.

Random Words:

Attempt: 130
Score: 128
Called one plural when not only was it singular, but so was its image :
And encoded pendants as pedants, which is why I missed that one. Don’t misread. My god that would be sad. First 60 in 5:00, second 60 in 4:10, then did 8 more, full review then added 2 more. Had time for review and active review, but clearly my method of review is not set in stone which is both a good thing and a problem. It needs to be fleshed out, is all. The two missed were 66 and 82, both in the red zone.

Cards: SafeRun: 0:57.5. Forgot 2 imgs. recon was fine. However, I got ahead of myself frequently rather than keeping the pace. It screwed me up and slowed me down.

Random words: 15 minutes – score: 140/140! PB. Good job sir, good job. It didn’t count because I misspelled acetic…ascetic. But I got these 140 words with a very high degree of certainty. I don’t remember the times exactly, but I relied almost totally on storytelling and got through 120 of them FAST. If I couldn’t come up with an image, so be it. In the review, I was able to remember many of the words, and many others I forgot. I just went fast and tried to predict. At the end of this one, I think that was when I added 8 more at the end. Then on the NEXT review I think I added 2 more at the end, then after the next review, I think I added the last ten, and then I got to review them all again. It was in these many reviews that I was able to figure out where potential plurality errors, etc. were. I think even better would be just picking the total amount, zooming through and then reviewing over and over. If I could heavily incorporate storytelling into Tea Party…the world would end. Maybe it isn’t necessary, but I ought to play with it. Next Tea Party, I’ll use storytelling for all hobbies and foods.

N&F 15 min National:

1)114/118/120!!! PB! Finally movin’ on up in the world of N&F!! 570 points!

Strategy: Basically, I read through all those N&F as fast as I could. I read through all those 60 faces like ten times, each time adding imagery and filling in more blanks. Having all of the first names perfectly natural and being able to slap them all down the first time through would just be incredible. The first name would become such a part of that face after all that reviewing that the last name would be a lot easier to link in. If you’re at a plateau, just make sure you’re going fast, fast, fast. Knowing all of the first names like the back of my hand is what will get me past the next plateau, so don’t neglect that. Also, I started going vertically one time through to mix things up.


  1. Tried the next level of 130 names. Utter failure. I’m sure I didn’t handle the pacing or timing right because I’m not used to it yet. I really didn’t have many actual images for the people because my objective was pretty much to see their faces as many times as possible. And it didn’t work, I stopped early during recall because it wasn’t even worth wasting the faces by thinking about them more, it was pretty bad. That’ll be one for another day :smiley:

Tea Party:
5 + Name.
38/41. Went like LIGHTNING this time. Kinda like what I’ve been doing with words and names today. Reviewed like a zillion times. The truth is that I did remember 40/41, but didn’t have a good image for Sylascauga :). And 2 of them took a little over 15s to spit out completely. One cool thing about this method nonetheless is that I wasn’t scared to start talking to give stuff away because I knew that I knew it. I did the first 5 Profiles in under FOUR minutes. It was fast for sure. But if I could have come up with better images for the towns and especially peoples’ names, the time would have been better spent. Nevertheless, it was close. Maybe a tad too fast just because I was lacking a few images, but the zips and phones and foods and cars and hobbies and pets were rock solid.

This might be the way to go for the real deal because
a) the reason it DOESN’T work here is simply that the names are so difficult, but in the real tea party, they aren’t.
b) the best advantage it DOES give is the massive review quantity, which is more important the more novel the material is, and the foods and hobbies might be very novel at the Tea Party.

Strategy for N&F, Words, and Tea Party are all going to sync over the next few weeks.


V:Minor error. Careful.
This was a little less comfortable than others, once again thru and then half way; the rest covered in a quick review from memory. So what…take LESS time initially, or more? Let’s try them both.

E: Shooting for just sub-2:00
V:4:20, perfect
During active, I must say that some items that I felt I was seeing for the first time made me very uncomfortable, and I wanted to see them again. 20 BPM or 30s per image makes 1:18x2= 2:36. That’s a very slow speed to go to wind up with such a nice time. What you rarely do on these is keep the pace. You can go as slow as you want just as long as you keep the pace.

Random words:

15 mins:
1)143/144 score: 134. Put marriage instead of wedding. Still, got all the tenses and stuff right! used method above.

Tea Party:

  1. 5 Profiles + Name and Bday and address.

Heh, Got a perfect score on the first 5, then couldnt dredge up the 6th guy’s last name in time and encoded his address NC when it was SC. Rarrrrr. Took about 6 minutes to do all 5, but only 1:40 to do the first 2. So things really started slowing along the way.

But I do think I have the chops for 5 Profiles + Name, Bday, Address. It’ll just take a couple more tries.


  1. Safe:
    110109907281631861- -
  • 0828893253294976661

At 7:00, still dont know the blank. Will call it a fail. Safe = 138. siiighhhh

OK - What I should have done is moved the 861 before the blank over to plug the gap, just in case. I actually was thinking about doing this before but just left it in place to try to figure it all out. Anyway, I would have been right in this case, and the score would have been 220.

Mem’d in 2:16, reviewed slowly once then focused on the beginning. Kind of poor time management actually. What If I ran through this in 1:40, 1:40, 1:40? thats 80 images in 100 seconds or 48 imgs/minute. Let’s try it.

27- - -286104949803693

forgot 041… Anyway, that’s 220. a good score but I have to say that this did not feel very safe. Oh, digits. What to do, what to do? The third time through I rushed through because it was so obvious along the way and I wanted to be able to get back to the beginning again.

Practice the 40 new mario loci. Mario 3ds loci possibilities, too. Could do much longer paths with that one. Did Pablo ever get that back to me…?

When doing safe runs, the focus is on LINKING. That is what makes a “safe” run “safe.”

Feb 10: Early Mornin’!

Tea Party: 5 profiles + Name, Bday, Address.

-4. Including +Address.

It’s these names. They are wasting ALL of my time…


+1,000,000 points strategy!
+1,000,000 points strategy!
+1,000,000 points strategy!
+1,000,000 points strategy!
+1,000,000 points strategy!
+1,000,000 points strategy!

  1. Print out a zillion faces and cut them out.

  2. On each face, write a 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 and keep the faces separated into sets of 6.

  3. Print out the Tea Party profiles onto individual pages.

  4. At the beginning of memorization, Flip over a face and link that face to the name on that page #.

  5. Every 1:40, a timer will go off, at which time the face is flipped back down and a new one is flipped up and again linked.

This will simulate the entering actors who may enter in an order not represented on the scripts.

If I can keep the actors from troubling me, that’s the very last hurdle.

Pretty sleepy today, and performance has been unexceptional across the board. However, I did just shoot for 324 and beside not encoding the final 2 images, there were only 3 other images forgotten from the very start of recall, all after digit #270. Didn’t try very hard to fill em in. I did it free, and it took just slightly longer to get all those digits than I wanted it to take. About 3:15. But it was good that it did take that long. I was able to identify the time I need in order to make good-enough-images, and then just HOPE there was enough time left over for review. And yes, 1:45 is more than enough time to review 324 digits if they were all encoded in the first run-through.

Maybe I can learn something about cards from this. Started my Tea Party Mega-Project last night. It feels good. K.

One more digit run, record run = 306, hewdraw. USA format.

96848341828- - -408572
55381747934884839 <-------> Perennially, the “Case of the missing last images” reopens.

Note something really important here – My linking was really good. And at some points I was probably a little too sluggish even then, but I finished up that 306th digit at something like 3:50. So I reviewed through all 306 in about a minute. Linking was a priority in this run!

Which may imply two things:

  1. Review time is relatively unimportant compared to encoding time, as long as I can see them all again.
  2. I am already capable of much higher scores with more precise timing…

Followed up with a double deck with this model in mind. I’m not used to linking as well with cards because I usually memorize only a few at a time. So I put the energy into linking and let it go as as sloooow as it hard to be. It was right around the 3:00 mark. I was expecting and perhaps hoping it would have been slower. It was quite vivid and lively imagery! Then I just went back to the beginning and did active review through. When I couldn’t remember the next image, I zoomed up and did a crystal clear mortal-combat-close-up-linking-cut-scene, and then moved on, at every image recognizing how it linked to the ones before and after it.

Those who become the best always have to move slowly in the beginning because they have chosen to sharpen a tool that is for now an unwieldy encumbrance. Hone it.

Even if you practice it for the tea party, it could be worth slowing down…

Tea Party: all 6:

  1. 140/148. Spent so much freaking time on those names…and had a few, 3 maybe? instances where I should have said the answer but it took a moment too long to verbalize. I need to speak up right away. get some digits or words out in the air and it frees up the mind for the next ones. I’ve made that mistake a bunch of times and it can’t continue. Encoding was pretty much slow all around. But where linked effortlessly, solid recall followed. There were many spots with no linking at all, though. Hate these names.

Did a good job remembering food when I linked to the first food, made an item with the first 2 foods, then an even bigger item with the 2+1 foods, then linked out.