Jan Zoń - A New Revolutionary Cards Method

I use simple system with 100 images. I developed it to 1000 but I’m still faster with 100. It is not major system. Just a random word with no big reason. 55 soldier, 46 ball and 616 skateboard, 964 Santa Claus etc.
Yes, I use the same images for numers and for cards. I didn’t need to create new ones

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What are your times like with numbers? It sounds like there is only one image per number 00-99 and they are objects and people? I am curious about the comparison in effectiveness of a simple 100 object system to PAO. What do you think?

You can see my times on memory league. This system is good for speed numbers but useless for long numbers.

Same here.

I also use 100 images for memorizing numbers and similar images for cards .

I never tried to memorize long numbers but now I think I have to try it.
I also tried 1000 system but my speed is very slow in 3 digit system.

So currently i am using 2 digit system.

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Being “exceptionally good” with 52 objects is possible as well.

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I almost did this exact same thing a few months after learning about mnemonics, which was how long it took me to learn to hate PAO.

I don’t remember the exact reason that I didn’t follow through. It isn’t that the idea seemed bad. Probably, I couldn’t figure out a way to map it onto 1000 digit objects that I was happy with. Plus, it doesn’t look easy.

It’s a weird enough method that I never expected to see anyone take it seriously, if they did it at all.

But I love that you’ve demonstrated how effective it can be. And as you say, the barrier for entry is rather low. That is an enormous selling point.

Best of all is the significant advantage it affords its adopter for filling gaps. The reason it surpasses all other methods for filling gaps is that the information per card is distributed. No other method distributes the identity this way.


I know this is a card system post but it really is amazing that you can get those times in speed numbers with 100 objects, when some athletes have 10 or even 20 times that… as a beginner I wouldn’t have considered that possibility.

How long is long? Considering that memo league is 60 seconds.

The longer the event the worse. 15 minute is already bad.

Yeah. Exactly my point.

Hi Jenny. You’ve been puzzling about this question for a month. Your paralysis before selecting a system for the long haul is understandable. The best thing for you is to use the remainder of the time that you would have spent wavering to begin building this:

The system takes a lot longer to build if you aren’t building it. That’s the trick: don’t not build it.

Credit to Jan, but the significant advantages that the shadow system affords extend through almost every discipline and are decisive. Go, go, go!


Interesting because i use to feel the same way until a friend of mine sent me this video and my life has changed tremendously

What video do you mean?

Hey Jan. I’m going to have a go at your system.

Can I ask a couple of questions?

  1. You mentioned heart-spade is R, heart-diamond is N, spade-spade is Z and diamond-club is H.
    Can I ask what other letters you chose for the other combinations or if that you don’t think it is of too much importance. Should I choose letters which feel best for me and my images or did you have specific reason for choosing them?

  2. What images did you choose? Did you choose a certain percentage of people and objects? Did you link every image it to your 1000 peg system or do you think it is better creating new ones? If you did link them how did you do it?

  3. You have two separate pools of images available to create your final image. 256 for suits and 169 for the values. Did you choose people for the 256 and objects for the 169 or is it a random mix? My though is that it could help in deciding how you build your image. As Finwing mentioned you have control on the order of which pool you can draw from. For example, if you chose the suits first then the two values you could create a Person-Object-Object. In this instance you would always know that the person is the suits and them making two objects interact is the values. Or Value-Suit-Value could be P-O-P or O-P-O depending on what images you have assigned. What are your thoughts on this? (I understand that you look through the cards suit first as you feel this is most comfortable for you.) Do you think it is a good idea or should it be more random?

Sorry for the wall of questions. I’m looking forward to building this system.



Hi MrLongbaugh

  1. I don’t know what is your native language. I think you should create your own set that correspond to your language and you feel that you can create best words from those letters. For example in polish we have letter Ł. Sometimes its hard to find words starting from this letter so I didn’t include it in my system. You should think this way but in your language.

  2. It was randomly, I tried to create more objects than people. Finally it is more or less 1/3 people and 2/3 objects. But you don’t have to follow this rule.
    You can use words from your systems that you are currently using. You don’t need to create new ones.

  3. Random mix. You can do whatever you want. My system is just an idea of how to turn 4 cards into 3 words. The rest depends on your style and preferences.

Good luck and thank you for choosing my system!


Master Jan,
I had made a card system summary table, in which ur system is included.

Could I ask you a question?
How quick you can do the recall, and the average time for it? As rank and suits are separated, some rank pairs might be hard to tell, won’t?
:pray: Thanks!

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Thanks for your response Jan. Really helpful.


Usually recall takes me 3 - 3,5 minutes. Sometimes 4 minutes is not enough but then the problem was in memorisation part. If I look at cards two times then recall is between 1 - 2 minutes.


Everything is now the same I don’t have a pair which is harder or easier than other. Sometimes I can memorise pairs faster if they are in a certain combination for example four 2 in a row, or two same pairs for example AJ AJ.



Jan, do you have any problems with real cards with your method.

Because memorizing cards in real deck is totally different experience than online cards like memory league.


I don’t memorize real cards so I can’t tell.
I also have one card system which I use when I need. I can do 25s with this.