Is there a way to combine Major and Dominic Together?

I’ve been using the Dominic system for a good while but now switched to Major as well, but the problem is I keep getting confused with the letter-number encoding when using the Major system because I kept seeing the Letters of the Dominic system.

I thought of combining both systems together but not sure how to do it properly.

Any of you using both systems together? Any tips?

I wrote a blog post about that when I switched my system: Changing a Number’s Image.

I think it’s possible to switch, but it takes a while to get rid of the ghost images.

I followed the link, and eventually arrived at page which described an interesting method of reducing the number of images needed to encode a range of numbers:

Scroll down to the comment dated 21 April 2011 10:00

The first paragraph is:

Too many people create images for every single number. That means you’ll have 1000 images for 1000 numbers, 5000 images for 5000 numbers… This seems to me a waste of time and energy. Using my system means you’ll have ONLY 3 images for any number between 1000 and 9999. And you’ll have ONLY 4 images for any number from 10,000 to 99,999. Check this out.

Thank you.

"Unfortunately, I think it’s very difficult to completely disassociate an image from a number once it has been burned into place. "

That’s where I’m at now. I started off with the Dominic system, and used it for a few years now, and all of the images from 00-99 are programmed in my head, when I try to practice with the Major system I keep seeing the images from the Dominic system.

So I am thinking of combining the two together for PA or PAO but I’ve not figured it out yet, I don’t know if anyone is using a combination of both?
My only reason is to memorise stuff at a good speed, I have no issues in memorising a piece of data using the Dominic system if I am not in a rush, it’s very effective, but as for speed memorisation, I just can’t seem to go past a certain point or progress further then I am now even tho I practice on a daily basis.

OldGrantonian, Thank you! This sounds like a very interesting system and I think it is also very effective, very easy to learn and use. I really like it!

However, I’m not sure if it’s faster. Memorising 4 digits seems easier with just a single image rather than three images as this system suggests.

I can memorise 4316 as David Copperfield WeightLifting as a single image faster than Superman + KingKing + Car where I’d have an extra step which would slow me down slightly. But for slow memorisation, I think it’s a brilliant system.

I tried to combine them in the beginning (Dominic System for persons-actions, and Major System for the objects), but I found that it was easier to switch over to a single system. It took a long time for the ghost images to fade though.

Thank you Josh.

Research on thought suppression suggests that trying to not think about something can be like compressing a spring, where eventually the thought will rebound with greater force than it had at the beginning. So for changing number images, I simply try to focus more intently on the new image, and don’t let myself get too bothered by a lingering ghost of image past.

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