Is there a way to boost/improve speed of learning?

I was using Mind Maps to taking note and memorize it but I guess I do something bad and it did not worked.

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Would you mind just be a little more specific? Like which subject or etc…

I can not because I do not know their English name specifically, but I do study; Grammar, Physics, Biology, Maths, Geometry, Chemistry.

Waiting :smiley:

Learning speed will be fastest when you use the methods that are best for you.

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Read Ramon Campayo’s book. He developed a general system of speed learning.
I improved it with other techniques, and got a more effective technique. But, it is better to start with his method.

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Which book?

Maximize your memory

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In fact, Writing subjects works on me but I do write slowly and I want to improve it so much

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Aznable- some of the best ways to improve your speed of learning is to apply the Pareto Principle (i.e the 80/20 rule) and then use spaced repetition, practice active recall, and elaboration techniques.

Rereading material is one of the most inefficient methods of learning, but is unfortunately very common.

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Specifically how long did you spend with mind mapping as a practice and what training did you use?


@metivier, in terms of training, I didn’t really have any truthfully. I used a platform called Miro and LucidChart to build my Mind maps.

In my experience, I did not find the mind maps to be very useful. I’ve found spaced repetition recall practice to be the more beneficial methods.


Mind mapping should be subjected to spaced repetition. Phil Chambers gives a cool technique for this in his 101 Top Tips For Better Mind Maps.

It won’t really work on digital mind maps, though. Frankly, I’m not convinced that digital mind maps are the same thing as paper ones, and if you’re not using a revision pattern, they’re not likely to aid memory much. They can aid comprehension at first touch, though.

The Memory Palace can be combined with Mind Maps in a few interesting ways, and the Memory Palace is perhaps the ultimate tool for refining spaced rep (and often reducing the amount needed).

Anyhow, I’d encourage anyone to explore Mind Mapping more and at least split-test digital vs analog.

And remember Metivier’s Razor: Less than 90 days of study and practice of any accelerated learning technique does not deserve the phrase, “I tried.”


Metivier- could you expand on this more, I’ve never heard this and it’s piqued my interest

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Happy to expand.

There’s quite a lot of good science showing that habit formation requires around 90 days of consistent practice.

In some experiments I’ve run with students, I’ve seen that it works quite reliably, provided they bring the vision and consistently show up for that period of time.

I’ve also reproduced it myself in many ways over the years.

Simple books that synthesize the scientific data well and make it simple to understand include:

59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman
Atomic Habits by James Clear
The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

The exercises suggested in the Wiseman book have been the most useful for me overall - but he has primacy effect in that regard. They are all good.

Does this help make it more clear?


Hi you can search speed reading in google to get more idea on accelerating your reading speed

Yes, I got free speed reading course from my teacher!

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That’s great, good luck Aznable! :wink:

Nice picture !

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metivier Tnx for expanding that ,but i have a little problems in association between images and plaes,Would you please recommend some Effictive books in this field?